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Verizon’s EMR Noise Pollution and National Grid’s Dirty Power

We are still waiting for the noise to be turned off!
Americans are being exposed to “KILLER” ELECTRO POLLUTION

8 31 2009

Dear Fellow RF-EMF Victims (we are all victims whether aware of the effects or not), It is time for the “Humane Beings”, while still able, while still capable, of thinking independently; able to recognize the truth and discard the lies being fed by our corporate driven government who we have entrusted to protect us. We will stand as one, indivisible and united for justice for all living things and for the right to live safe and free from RF-EMF Pollution. We need people to get involved in one of the most serious and relevant issues of our lifetime. My family and I have been fighting every local, state and government authority for over 2 years and have witnessed repeated abuse of our civil and human rights, while trying to seek help and assistance in mitigating serious health threatening exposure to RF-EMF in our community. The same thing we have come to find out is also happening to others in their communities. It is time to choose sides and fight against the corporate take over of our Government and fight for our constitution and the preservation of human life. Because of the nature of the beast that has invaded our lives, our homes, our bodies and has threatened our very existence; we must do what is prudent by joining forces and having our voice ring so loud that we will not and can not be denied. The force of good must triumph over the forces of corporate greed and manipulation. Individuals who are not suffering or experiencing discomfort or not aware of the direct effect it is having on their body, are less apt to step up and get involved. I have lost much faith in my neighbors and even some of my friends and feel at times alienated because they don’t take this issue seriously when it is brought to their attention. The other factor is that the illnesses that people are enduring are not being appropriately related to causative factors such as dirty electricity and RF radiation. Drs are treating only the symptoms and not seeking preventive measures. There are many things I would much rather be doing right now. I never thought in my wildest dreams that this is what I would be doing approaching my retirement years. None of those dreams will ever be realized or enjoyed co existing with this insidious RF electromagnetic serial killer.

We believe there are several claims against the State of MA as a result of them knowingly and repeatedly failing to do their jobs.   Being that the State of MA DEP, DPU, DPH, DTE closed the investigation without completing their own protocol of testing, they are guilty, at the very least,  of the following violations  of the laws:

Under English law, misconduct (or misfeasance) in public office is an offence at common law.[1]

The offence carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. It is confined to those who are public office holders, and is committed when the office holder acts (or neglects to act) in a way that constitutes a breach of the duties of that office.[2]

The Crown Prosecution Service guidelines on this offence[1] say that the elements of the offence are when:

  1. A public officer acting as such.
  2. Willfully neglects to perform his duty and/or willfully misconducts himself.
  3. To such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder.[3]
  4. Without reasonable excuse or justification.

The similarly named malfeasance (or misfeasance) in public office is a tort. In the House of Lords judgment on the BCCI Malfeasance Case it was held that this had 3 essential elements:[4]

  1. The defendant must be a public officer
  2. The defendant must have been exercising his power as a public officer
  3. The defendant is either exercising targeted malice or exceeding his powers

“Misconduct in public office” is often but inaccurately rendered as “misconduct in A public office”, which would mean something different.

In a $25,000-a-copy official Handbook EPRI advises the electric utilities to do remediation of their systems that would prevent electrical pollution, but the actual advice given by one of the authors, who addressed a gathering of national utility representatives shortly after helping write the Handbook, was “Stall as long as possible.Prepare for litigation.” (As recorded in a PowerPoint presentation.)  This paragraph sums up the dysfunctional and criminal minded behavior our Government and Industry is poisoned with.  Gov’t employees enforcing this mentality are guilty of crimes toward humanity.

Until every living thing is living in harmony with our environment and our very existence is not threatened; my walks on the beach hunting for sea glass, enjoying the sun setting and all the things I have worked so hard to enjoy will have to wait until the radiation in our environment is mitigated. It is to choose sides for we are out of time if we don’t act now.



§ 241. Conspiracy against rights

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any inhabitant of any State, Territory, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured –

They shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results, they shall be subject to imprisonment for any term of years or for life.

    If you would like to donate to our Legal Fund you can contact us.


    Please sign and pass on to friends and family. This is a Global initiative that must be stopped!

    President of the United States
    U.S. Senate
    U.S. House of Representatives

    April 1, 2014

    I am signing this petition because I am adversely affected by the Global AMI (automated metering infrastructure) for the following reason(s):
    1. I hear the ongoing noise pollution 24/7 causing deleterious…

    April 1, 2014

    I am signing this petition because I am adversely affected by the Global AMI (automated metering infrastructure) for the following reason(s):
    1. I hear the ongoing noise pollution 24/7 causing deleterious effects.
    2. I am experiencing physical symptoms impacting my daily life and ability to function in my daily life.
    3. and/or I do not want to be exposed to harmful, unhealthy, EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) pollution. I demand my government to halt these emissions immediately and mitigate the public Health hazard causing deliberate illness and increased mortality to humans and wildlife….. read entire letter and sign by following the link



  1. RF disturbances produced by transmission power lines
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    I need a book or paper that contains “the effects of transmission lines on the radio frequency transmission and disturbances”. Could you help me find a useful textbook?

    electromagnetism electrostatics electricity resource-recommendations radio-frequency
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    Before answering, please see our policy on resource recommendation questions. Please write substantial answers that detail the style, content, and prerequisites of the book, paper or other resource. Explain the nature of the resource so that readers can decide which one is best suited for them rather than relying on the opinions of others. Answers containing only a reference to a book or paper will be removed!

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    Here is a link to a paper by Patrick C. Crane on the transmission line disturbances to RF: I didn’t read the paper, but it seems to be an extensive analysis, and mentions at least 3 other references on the subject.

    On page 3, you’ll find a summary of effects on three types of RF:

    The phenomena associated with corona have been described quantitatively by Chartier (1983): radio noise (RI) over the frequency range 0.1-20 MHz (i.e., AM radio, ham radio); television interference (TVI) over the frequency range 10-1000 MHz, which includes VHF and UHF television and FM radio and, coincidentally, is measured in the radio-astronomy allocation 73.0-74.6 MHz…

    Another source is the textbook Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution The linked page (from Google Books) includes a list of references on electromagnetic interference.

    The consulting firm Kevin Kennedy Associates website has an Opinion On The Impact Of High-Voltage Power Lines On Communication Services. But this opinion is not a peer-reviewed paper. Here are the conclusions:

    The 60-Hz electromagnetic waves radiated by the power line are weak because of the inherent cancellation of waves generated by individual phase currents.

    For a power line acting as an effective antenna for 60-Hz waves, it would have to be 2,500 km long.

    Harmonic pollution of the national grid may result in electromagnetic interference within the frequency spectrum up to 1 MHz. Thus, a “static” can be heard on a car radio when passing a power line as the AM stations operate in the general area of that frequency. However, the cell-phone networks utilize narrow bands of the frequency spectrum near 0.9 GHz and 1.9 GHz. Respective values for the wireless Internet are 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Thus, the noise generated by the power line occupies a place in the frequency spectrum that is extremely distant from spectral locations of the said communication services.

    Inductance of the wires in the power line have the low-pass filtering effect on currents, drastically reducing those of high-frequency content.

    In contrast to the radio, today’s cell-phone and wireless Internet services are provided in the digital rather than analog format, which greatly reduced the vulnerability to external interferences.

    I don’t know how reliable these conclusions are, as their work is not available online.

  2. Psychotronic Weapons and Behavior Modification

  3. hello, I am in the UK and I can hear this too. My Local Authority landlord love to play “the nutcase game” and blame residents ; ie; “you must be sensitive to noise, so we can’t help you.” They claim they cannot do anything if a sole person complains, but I have told them my nearest neighbours are 80+ and 70+ (adjoining walls) and the third neighbour with adjoining wall works in a noisy shopping centre so they are all likely to have worse hearing that I. I have not worked in such noisy place, nor am I anywhere near 70. Being an introvert who enjoys and needs quiet I find myself ridiculed and berated by my Council landlord (here in Pocahontas country) who claim in their Mission Statement: “Delivering for the Community” – seems that Community does not involve people who do not want 24 hours a day noise. Sorry if this detracts from your issue, I felt it was a little similar. The hum, as we all experience it, is tormenting and I too stand with you in getting a solution! Not sure if I can sign the Attorney General petition being over this side of the pond, but I wish you every success! I shall share your link at twitter next time I log in (currently on a dimmed screen due to migraine so will do another day). Best of luck to you both, and to everybody around the world who is tormented by this horrible noise. kind regards, Shar @twilight7609 at twitter, in case you are there too.

    • Thanks for your input.

  4. Spiritual people believe that the Earth is ascending, and changing its vibrational frequency. I do not agree with them. First of all, the only ascension I know occurs in death, or after death. I believe in electromagnetic toxicity and I see electricity itself (and the uses of electricity) as being one of the primary environmental pollutants, and health hazard. I think climate change is very real and I think it is caused by electricity ( Scientists have said that Earth’s electromagnetic shield / field has been “weakened by 10% in the past 200 years”. That coincides perfectly with the arrival of electricity on the planet. The poling & wiring of the planet began in the mid 1800’s.

    I have experienced numerous major environmental events (I have acute hypersensitivity) in the past decade, which I am still processing. I’ve recently honed in on Thermal Radiation and I do believe that it is a significant factor in realizing the state and condition we and our environment are in. There has been FAR too much focus on CO2.

    ** Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation generated by the thermal motion of charged particles in matter. All matter with a temperature greater than absolute zero emits thermal radiation. **

    Electricity generates heat. Electricity creates vibrational energy, which we can feel and hear.

    For an even broader perspective, please read this:

  5. From: Dafna Tachover
    Date: Jun 8, 2014 7:53:50 PM
    Subject: The Amicus Brief I submitted on EHS in Firstenberg v. Monribot
    To: undisclosed-recipients:;

    Hi All,

    On Monday, June 2nd, 2014, we submitted the Amicus Brief to the Appellate Court of the State of New Mexico in the case of Firstenberg v. Monribot. Usually an Amicus Brief is submitted in support of one of the parties. In our case, the brief intends to support Arthur Firstenberg’s position.

    In this case, Arthur Firstenberg, submitted an action against his neighbor for nuisance, claiming that her use of wireless gadgets was harming his health and forced him to leave his house. The first instance ruled that EHS is not a real condition but a psychological problem and the brief was submitted as part of the appeal of the decision.

    The brief was submitted on behalf of 94 (!) organizations from 22 countries (!) which have decided to join the brief. We did not expect such overwhelming support! I want to thank all of you – the organizations that joined and everyone who helped us get organizations to join and there were many!

    Please find attached:

    The Amicus Brief we submitted on behalf of the 94 organizations.

    The list of the 94 organizations and a short description of their activity as submitted to the Court.

    Arthur Firsteneberg’s appellant’s brief.

    You may publish the briefs.

    I also wrote a post in my blog:

    Explanation of the Amicus Brief

    As many of the organizations are neither from the US, nor from English speaking countries, I’ll use simple language and as little legal jargon as possible to enable everyone to understand our action.

    I’ll start with the technicalities – in the US, an attorney can practice law only in the state where she took the bar exam and was subsequently admitted to practice law. She cannot practice automatically in other states within the US. I am licensed to practice law in the State of NY (and in Israel). Since Arthur’s case is in the state of New Mexico, I had to use something called “Pro Hoc Vice”- I submitted an application to the New Mexico Bar Association to be allowed to practice law in New Mexico only for this one case. In order to be able to do that, a New Mexico Attorney had to ‘sponsor’ me. Ms. Stefanie Beninato, a New Mexico attorney agreed to sponsor me. Therefore under my signature, she is signed on the brief as well.

    Consent of the parties and the court to accept the Amicus Brief

    Since the 94 organizations, who are called the ‘Amici’, and I, Dafna, as their attorney, are not party to the lawsuit – we are not the Plaintiff and not the Defendant, but we are merely asking the Court to be

    allowed to join the case in a status known as “Friend of the Court” – we had to ask for the consent of the Plaintiff and the Defendant and for the consent of the Court to submit the amicus brief. I sent the request to the parties and both parties, the Plaintiff and the Defendant, agreed, and the brief was submitted to the Court with the parties’ consent. Now we have to wait to learn whether the Court agrees to accept the brief. The fact that both parties consented increases the chances that the Court will agree to accept the amicus brief.

    The content of the brief that was submitted

    When you read the brief that I submitted, you may think that many other points could have been raised, that more studies exist to indicate the existence of EHS etc. and you are right. But we could not write it all as we were limited by legal restrictions, and we did our best within the limitations.

    The limitations as to what we could argue

    Arthur’s case was not heard in the district court. It was ‘dismissed’ without the Court hearing Arthur’s evidence and experts as to EHS. Therefore, the appeal is not asking the Appellate Court to judge the science on EHS, but instead, focus on the law, on the legal arguments asking the Court to order the district court, which ruled that EHS is not an acknowledged condition without properly examining the evidence and dismissed the case, to hear the evidence on EHS before dismissing the case.

    For this reason, Arthur’s appeal brief is focusing on technical legalities, on why the decision of the trial judge to dismiss the case without hearing the evidence is legally wrong. Therefore, his appeal brief is not dealing with the evidence regarding the existence of EHS but rather, it is focusing on legal arguments.

    As a result, we could not discuss the evidence as to the existence of EHS. We could not bring new evidence (with some exceptions), we were only allowed to use the evidence which was already submitted, and we could not argue as to the existence of EHS, the false WHO decision, the flawed Rubin papers etc.

    The Content of the Brief

    What we could do, and should have done as the Amici, and as we did, was to focus on two things:

    (1) Show that EHS is not only Arthur’s problem but a widespread problem in the US and worldwide – We did it in two ways – the first, the fact that 94 organizations from around the world, all organizations which deal directly and/or indirectly with EHS, joined the brief, by itself indicates the extent of the problem; the second, by using studies as to the extent of EHS and which were already submitted into Evidence by Arthur.

    (2) Show that EHS is a recognized medical problem – As the trial Judge dismissed the case and said that EHS is not recognized, we showed the Court that the trial judge was wrong, as EHS is recognized.

    We also could have contested the legality of the trial judge’s decision but since Arthur did it so thoroughly in his brief, I did not see any point in repeating his arguments.

    What Next

    We have to wait and see if the Court decides to accept the brief. I’ll let you all know once I get the Court’s decision.

    Once again, thank you all for joining this action and thank you everyone who helped! I’m glad we all joined together in this action and I hope we continue to support each other in this important and urgent work.

    I will not submit an Amicus Brief in Arthur’s second case

    When I was looking for organizations to join the Amicus Brief in support of Arthur’s cases, I was considering trying to submit an Amicus Brief in both cases. Unfortunately, I will not be able to submit the brief in the second case. About a week ago, Arthur was informed that the brief in his second case will be due this month. This does not allow me enough time to work on the second brief, especially as I have to continue work on the case in Israel. If another attorney is willing to volunteer to write the brief that would be great.

    I hope New Mexico’s Appellate Court accepts Arthur’s claims and orders that an examination of the evidence as to EHS be conducted.

    On a personal note – in order to submit the brief, we paid about $2,000 for various expenses, not including the time for my work. Any donation would be appreciated. You can donate in my blog:

    I will keep you posted with any development.

    Thank you,


    Dafna Tachover Esq. (NY, Israel), MBA

    EHS Fight Back

    Sent from my WIRED internet connection

  6. Can Radiation From Wi Fi Cause Fertility Problems, A.D.H.D. & Cancer? Hear Dr. Martin Pall (of Portland) & U.K. Microwave Expert Prof. Barrie Trower Speak
    Wireless Education Action

    October 10, 2013 — Dr. Martin Pall, Professor emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University, has just published a paper in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine that has resolved a long-standing puzzle about how EMFs can influence our bodies. It shows that EMFs act by activating some channels in cells known as voltage-gated calcium channels. He will explain how activating these channels can act along a pathway that is thought to be involved in several diseases that we are all concerned about.

    Dr. Pall is also the author of the book: Explaining ‘Unexplained Illnesses’: Disease Paradigm for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Gulf War Syndrome:

    Professor Barrie Trower has met with a wide international community of government officials, universities and medical professionals. With extensive knowledge of microwave weapons, Trower is well suited to address this issue. In Portland he will present, for the first time, his new paper that asserts the reproductive systems of girls and boys is being adversely affected by exposure to microwave radiation from laptops and wi -fi routers.–Barrie-Trower,15,3333

    Referring to thousands of, Soviet, British, European and U.S. Military studies, Trower makes the astonishing claim that school girls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (WiFi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, fetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children when they give birth.

    Professor Trower and Dr. Pall are among a growing community of scientists, government agencies, medical and parent advocacy groups that question the safety of our children in schools where they are exposed to 7 hours of microwave radiation from wifi routers each day.

    Wireless Education Action is an organization dedicated to furthering public knowledge of the biological effects of wireless technology and “non-ionizing” radiation.

  7. Dementia and Depression: Our future in an RF polluted world

    RF exposure (modern sources: wireless radiation and electrical pollution) has long been documented to cause cognitive decline including short-term memory loss and brain fog. Links have been found between EMF exposure and rates of Alzheimer’s Disease. Depression and anxiety have also long been noted to be linked to RF exposure so, unfortunately, to those of us who are acquainted with the literature the rapid increase in neurological and cognitive disorders and depression and suicide is not unexpected. It is tragic. Especially since it is so preventable.

    Watch this video for just one visual example of the profound neurological effects RF, in this example from electrical pollution, can have on our neurological systems. Pharmacological results of treating MS that were this outstanding would have been trumpeted from the rooftops. Do your friends a favor pass this information along. People with MS who recovered by cleaning up their electrical environments have found wifi worsens their symptoms. MS and dirty electricity 5:42 Dirty Electricity explained

  8. Please read the bill below that is in committee for study and review regarding any risks to health that may exist from exposure to electric and magnetic fields. The regulatory agencies involved are the same agencies that reviewed our power quality report, same agencies that felt compelled to launch a multi agency initiative back in 2009, same agencies who ignored the issue of dirty electricity including noise resulting from the dirty electricity, flicker, transients,
    surges, harmonics almost double percentiles allowed by the standards of the IEEE. Same agencies that ignored the affidavit of a forensic audio engineer recommending an RF engineer investigate the issue. Same agency who did not discuss how the power quality issues in our home and community would be resolved and what would be done to mitigate. Instead, they closed our case without any reasonable or common sense explanation.
    Our communications with these agencies were not acting as an advocate for its citizens because the outcome would have been different, our conversations over the course of 4 years would not have been condescending and patronizing. There would have been transparency and open dialogue comfronting the obvious issues we were inflicted with on a daily basis. I speak in the past tense being that our dialogue has ended with these people for now, It was an exhausting, emotionally draining physically and psyhologically experience dealing with those who pretend to be on your side. Again, if that were the case it would not have been such a fight and we knew all along because of their demeanor what the outcome would be.

    EMF and the dirty electricity issue has always been ignored. Pioneers working to udpgrade the power grid were faced with the same stonewalling. What is so revealing about all this is that being that the issues needed to be addressed before the wireless was added to the hazards of electro pollution; why did the corporate government/utility mafia add to what was already a problem, knowing this would exaccerbate an already serious health issue? The public needs to realize that, yes they would do this to you, they don’t have your back. This simply would not be happening to us. Ignorance is only ignorance when one is totally unaware. It is not a good excuse when made aware! In this instance, to continue to ignore health issues where the public is aware of what is going on, but continued to be patronized and dismissed and pretending to believe there is no evidence to act. This is a corrupt and unlawful, willful act upon the American people. It has to stop and it will as long as we stand together demanding that our government officials be accountable and to do their job they were hired to do by the American people.

    December 2012 submitted Bill H.2022 In Massachusetts

    SECTION 1. Not withstanding any general or special law or regulation to the contrary, a special commission hereafter referred to as the commission, is hereby established for the purpose of investigating the public health effects and safety of electric and magnetic fields emanating from overhead or other electric transmission wires. The commission shall investigate but not limited to assessing any risks to health that may exist from exposure to electric and magnetic fields.

    The commission shall be appointed by the governor, shall consist of twelve members must have the follow individuals: the House and Senate chairmen of the joint committee on telecommunications and energy who shall serve as co-chairs of the commission, one member of the House of Representatives, appointed by the Speaker, one member of the Senate appointed by the President of the Senate, a representative of the Department of Environmental Protection a representative from Department of Public Utilities, a representative from the Department of Public Health, a representative from the American Cancer Society, a representative from the Environmental League of Massachusetts, and a representative from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

    The commission shall meet and may hold hearings and invite testimony from experts and the public. The commission shall report to the general court the results of its study, together with drafts of legislation necessary to carry such recommendations into effect, by filing the same with the clerk of the House of Representatives on or before December 31, 2012.

  9. The continued crimes of fraud and willful neglect toward citizens of this country is across the board being committed by every civil servant and elected officials who is advocating, supporting, endorsing the perpetuation of the wireless smart grid network as well as where wireless is implemented to include every public and private building, court house, schools, churches, workplaces, hospitals to name a few!!!
    We do not need to prove this exposure to pulsed signals are not safe. Our elected officials have to prove this is safe and they will not be able to do this without deceit and lies. This is FRAUD. There is no safe level of exposure to pulsed radio frequency waves. The crimes will continue to accumulate as victims continue to get sick and and our animals, wildlife and plants disappear!
    Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    The end of the institution, maintenance, and administration of government, is to secure the existence of the body politic, to protect it, and to furnish the individuals who compose it with the power of enjoying in safety and tranquility their natural rights, and the blessings of life: and whenever these great objects are not obtained, the people have a right to alter the government, and to take measures necessary for their safety, prosperity and happiness.The body politic is formed by a voluntary association of individuals: it is a social compact, by which the whole people covenants with each citizen, and each citizen with the whole people, that all shall be governed by certain laws for the common good. It is the duty of the people, therefore, in framing a constitution of government, to provide for an equitable mode of making laws, as well as for an impartial interpretation, and a faithful execution of them; that every man may, at all times, find his security in them.

    We, therefore, the people of Massachusetts, acknowledging, with grateful hearts, the goodness of the great Legislator of the universe, in affording us, in the course of His providence, an opportunity, deliberately and peaceably, without fraud, violence or surprise, of entering into an original, explicit, and solemn compact with each other; and of forming a new constitution of civil government, for ourselves and posterity; and devoutly imploring His direction in so interesting a design, do agree upon, ordain and establish the following Declaration of Rights, and Frame of Government, as the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  10. Cindy Sage interview

  11. Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez speaks on cancer and cell phones

    • MOBILE phones CAN cause brain tumors, according to a landmark court ruling. October 19, 2012

      Italian businessman Innocente Marcolini, 60, fell ill after using a handset at work for up to six hours every day for 12 years.

      Now Italy’s Supreme Court in Rome has blamed his phone. Experts have predicted a flood of legal actions from victims.

      Stricken Mr Marcolini last night warned: “People must be told the risks.”

      Innocente Marcolini
      Warning … Innocente Marcolini

      He was diagnosed with a brain tumour after complaining of head and chin pains.

      And yesterday his country’s Supreme Court stated there was a “causal link” between his heavy phone use and the growth.

      British scientists have claimed there is insufficient evidence to prove any link to mobiles.

      But after the Rome court ruling, Mr Marcolini said: “This is significant for very many people. I wanted this problem to become public because many people still do not know the risks.

      “I was on the phone, usually the mobile, for at least five or six hours every day at work. I wanted it recognised that there was a link between my illness and the use of mobile and cordless phones.

      “Parents need to know their children are at risk of this illness.”

      Respected oncologist and professor of environmental mutagenesis Angelo Gino Levis gave evidence for Mr Marcolini — along with neurosurgeon Dr Giuseppe Grasso.

      They said electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile and cordless phones can damage cells, making tumours more likely. Prof Levis told The Sun: “The court decision is extremely important. It finally officially recognises the link.

      “It’ll open not a road but a motorway to legal actions by victims. We’re considering a class action.

      “Tumours due to radiation may not appear for 15 years, so three to five-year studies don’t find them.

      “We’ll only realize in years to come the damage phones can cause children.” Mr Marcolini’s tumour was discovered in the trigeminal nerve — close to where the phone touched his head. It is benign but threatened to kill him as it spread to the carotid artery, the major vessel carrying blood to his brain.
      His face was left paralysed and he takes daily morphine for pain.

      Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch, which campaigns for more research on mobile use, said: “This is an interesting case and proves the need for more studies.

      “People should limit mobile and cordless use until we know more.”

      The World Health Organisation urged limits on mobile use last year, calling them a Class B carcinogen. But a spokesman for Britain’s Health Protection Agency said: “The scientific consensus is that mobile phones do not cause cancer.”

      International radiation biology expert Michael Repacholi said: “Studies show no evidence of cancer. But if you are worried, use a headset, hands-free or loudspeaker.”

      Media lawyer Mark Stephens said the verdict could “open the floodgates” — even though there is no direct obligation on British courts to follow the Italians’ lead.

      He said: “It is possible people will begin legal action here, but I think the chances of success are less. I think they’ll join any class action in Italy.”

      Read more:

    Joan Vennochi

    October 14, 2012

    Springing thousands of drug dealers from prison because of tainted evidence at a poorly-run state lab is bad enough.

    But now, a lack of oversight by the same Massachusetts agency responsible for the drug lab may have also contributed to an outbreak of fungal meningitis that killed at least a dozen people around the country.

    And where is Governor Deval Patrick on this?

    When he’s not prepping for Sunday talk shows, he’s blaming “a rogue chemist” for 10 years of tainted evidence. When he’s not traveling, he’s accusing the Massachusetts pharmacy linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak of “misleading regulators and operating outside its license.”

    Governor Patrick’s trips for Obama draw fire

    Isn’t it his job to make sure his appointees are watching the chemist do her job? Isn’t it his job to make sure regulators responsible for public health are regulating?

    This isn’t about giving speeches or going on “Meet the Press.” It’s about governing.

    Quote Icon

    This isn’t about giving speeches or going on “Meet the Press.” It’s about governing.

    Speaking to Democrats in Charlotte last month, Patrick denounced Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a failed Massachusetts governor who was “more interested in having a job than doing it.” Lately, Patrick seems more interested in reelecting President Obama than answering for troubling developments on his watch.

    A scandal of historic proportions rocked the now-shuttered state lab. Thousands of drug samples were mishandled over the past nine years by chemist Annie Dookhan. The tainted drug evidence lead to the convictions and jailing of suspects who will now go free. As many as 34,000 cases may be affected.

    Patrick pledged a full investigation. But he also ducked personal responsibility.

    Dookhan was arrested after she told State Police she “messed up.” John Auerbach, the commissioner of the Department of Public Health, whose department oversaw the drug lab, resigned. His boss, Judy Ann Bigby, the secretary of Health and Human Services, reports to Patrick.

    It would be interesting to read all the memos and e-mails over the last year between DPH, HHS, and the governor’s office concerning this matter. As always, the key question is: Who knew what when?

    David Tuerck, executive director of the Beacon Hill Institute, a conservative think tank, described the drug lab fiasco to the Boston Herald as “a total failure of the chain of command. The governor has to know his appointees are doing their jobs and the appointees need to watch their own people.” Added Tuerck: “A scandal of this magnitude calls into question the leadership of the governor. It’s a systemic failure.”

    What happened at New England Compounding Center, the Framingham company whose injectable steroids are at the center of another crisis, also sounds like systemic failure. The Massachusetts pharmacy has been linked to an outbreak of fungal meningitis which, as of last week, sickened at least 137 people and killed 14; about 13,000 people across the country have been injected with the steroid.

    Patrick tried to get out in front of the bad news by accusing the pharmacy of misleading regulators and operating outside its license by shipping large batches of drugs across the country. Maybe it did. But this also raises questions about oversight by the state DPH. A New York Times report about one of the victims who died noted that Massachusetts has only five inspectors for more than 1,000 compounding pharmacies that make drugs.

    On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Patrick recently called out Romney for “turning his back on half the country.” But isn’t Patrick turning his back on voters who elected him?

    As the Lowell Sun’s Peter Lucas wrote in a recent column: “Patrick, on the taxpayer’s dime, has traveled the world on so-called trade missions promoting the state and himself, written two books with hefty cash advances, roamed the country promoting them, has accepted political speaking engagements across the nation, and is now raising money and campaigning nationally for President Barack Obama. In the meantime, he governs Massachusetts — sometimes.”

    Yet Patrick remains popular with voters — a recent poll gave him a 57 percent favorability rating. Perhaps voters are distracted by the presidential contest or mesmerized by the fiery showdown between Senator Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. Or maybe, Bay State voters just expect their governors to seek the national spotlight and leave their troubles at home.

    If it works for voters, it works for Patrick, too.
    Try today and get two weeks FREE. Joan Vennochi can be reached at Follow her on Twitter at Joan_Vennochi.

  13. Official trailed released:
    Take Back Your Power (a film about the smart grid)

    …please share & repost!

  14. WiFi, EMFs : Electrosensitivity (ES, EHS) physiologically explained at last – 15/03/2012
    > FRANCE

    > In 2007, a number of libraries employees in Paris complained about headaches, nausea… right after massive installation of WiFi emitters in their offices. This led to a fight between Paris’ city hall and worker unions (giving way to the set up of a citizen conference on proliferation of EMFs in Paris)

    > At French National Library BNF, and more recently in Paris subway transport company RATP, it is in the same deleterious conditions that the debate takes place between unions and corporations, relative to questions about health implications at work relative to the in-flow of those new wireless technologies in businesses. Everyone in this file has now access to a first medical answer relative to intolerance to EMFs published in Canadian Newspaper ” La Maison du 21ème Siècle”

    > French researchers have just shown that Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) does notably modify blood and brain physiology in ES people, and that the impact on those biological markers rises and falls with intensity of the exposure. “We do know with certainty that Electrohypersensitivity is not psychosomatic”, tells us Oncologist Pr. Belpomme in a telephone interview. “EMFs do trigger major effects in the brain. The most important effect is the opening of the blood-brain barrier. This allows mercury, organochlorates and other toxics to pervade through the brain, where they cause diverse ailments and neurodegenerative diseases.” Pr Belpomme records having 20 new patients per week.

    > An Oncology Professor at Paris Descartes University, Pr. Belpomme is president of the Association for Therapeutic Research Against Cancer (french acronym ARTAC,, which shifted to cancer prevention from 2004 on. Since may 2008, his team studies what he named Electromagnetic Fields Intolerance Syndrom (french acronym SICEM). “I have 450 patients and I see up to 20 new patients each week, including children with headaches, memory loss, attention or language troubles. We have the biggest cluster in Europe of electrosensitive patients. This is a major problem in public health.”

    Read more at:

  15. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on Smart Meters and EMR

  16. Power line communications for smart meter networks
    Varun Nagaraj, Ravi Pragasam, Echelon Corporation
    7/23/2012 5:06 AM EDT

    Why PLC for smart meters?
    In general, the distribution network made up of power lines are a hostile environment that makes the accurate propagation of communication signals difficult as they were designed to carry power and not data. When transmitting data over the power lines, there is a lot of exposure for this data to be negatively impacted because of the presence of many electrical devices connected to these lines. These other devices connected to the power lines are noise sources or noise impairments that can have an adverse effect on the communication of control data. Other factors that can impact the performance of a power line network is number and types of devices on the power lines and their switching functionality along with the distance between the transmitter and receiver of the PLC network. These factors have to be addressed to ensure that the PLC network is reliable and dependable. By overcoming the challenges of communicating over a PLC network, the data that is being communicated can now be used effectively to render the grid smart and make it work for the utility and the consumer.

    Power line challenges and PLC
    Intermittent noise sources, impedance changes, and attenuation make the power line a hostile signaling environment. Power Line Communications technology incorporate a variety of technical innovations to ensure reliable operation such as:
    • Unique dual carrier frequency feature that automatically selects an alternate secondary communication frequency should the Highly efficient, patented, low-overhead forward error correction (FEC) algorithm to overcome errors induced by noise;
    • Sophisticated digital signal processing, noise cancellation, and distortion correction algorithms integrated into the Power Line Communications transceiver that correct for a wide variety of signaling impediments, including impulsive noise, continuous tone noise, and phase distortion;
    • High output, low distortion external amplifier circuits used on the transmission that can deliver 1Ap-p into low impedance loads, eliminating the need for expensive phase couplers in typical applications.
    • Location of simple high-pass filter located between the Power Line Communications Transceiver and the power mains. This circuitry provides surge and line transient protection in addition to blocking the low frequency, 50Hz/60Hz AC mains signal.

  17. Brian Thiesen: Technical Facts and Political Agenda of Smart Meters

    Public Forum in Enderby BC on Smart Meters and the Wireless Industry


    Baraboo, WI bullies great-grandmother about Smart Meters
    Audrey, a smart and courageous grandmother in Baraboo, Wisconsin, may be compared to Rosa Parks, as she is taking a stand against municipal smart water meters due to concerns about health, privacy, and civil rights. It appears Audrey is being disgracefully bullied by her municipal water district in Baraboo, WI, and by the town Mayor, Mike Palm, who she turned to for help – but reportedly, Mayor Palm quickly became sarcastic, lied about an extension for Audrey, and is insisting that she have the smart water meter installed on her property, or have her water shut off . For an elderly person, this may be considered a death threat.

    We urge you to watch the short YouTube interview with Audrey, read the articles below, and contact Mayor Mike Palm and WI media to express your opinion about how he and the city of Baraboo are treating Audrey. Baraboo is described on its website as being “a great place to live, work, and play”. Obviously, this is not true for great-grandmothers who stand up for their rights – then Baraboo officials become hostile, intimidating, and we think, abusive. For a woman at Audrey’s age (80), this could be putting her life at risk – to upset her this much, threaten her, and to intend to actually shut off her water (which is likely illegal if she’s current on her payments). We also think that senior abuse (threat to her life and health, emotional abuse) and (age and medical) discrimination, both by the city government, their water district, and its officials, may be involved. Live in Baraboo (or any other place with smart meters and no opt-out)? Would you want to? We give Baraboo city officials, including Mayor Palm, an “F” for human rights, environmental health, and its treatment of senior citizens. We say, “Bravo” to Audrey, for her intellect, courage, and convictions! We intend to help by making Audrey a national “poster-child” for governmental smart meter abuse of seniors.

    Mayor Mike Palm, City of Baraboo, Wisconsin



    National Day of Action Against Smart Meters: October 4, 2012 – Nationwide USA

    Georgia Location – 6410 Hwy 140, Adairsville, GA 30103. Call 770-769-9126 for details

    The Wireless Radiation Protection Coalition- a newly formed national coalition seeking protection from and elimination of electromagnetic radiation hazards and cybersecurity threats- is calling for a National Day of Action October 4th Against “Smart” Meters being deployed by utility companies. A wave of demonstrations around the country will be held during the culmination of ” GridWeek” a ”smart” grid conference in Washington, DC – October 2-4, 2012.

    The Coalition- comprised of wireless radiation safety experts, advocates, individuals, and organizations, will be a voice at the U.S. national level for the public’s health, safety, privacy, freedom from surveillance, and for the natural environment from the many adverse effects of wireless radiation products and infrastructures.

    The Coalition will collaborate to plan programs and events that address the adverse effects of radiofrequency/microwave radiation from a variety of sources such as Wi-Fi, cordless and cell phones, ‘smart’ meters and their grid, laptops, tablets, ereaders, baby monitors, and infrastructure antennas. We welcome other organizations and individuals to join us (see below).

    The GridWeek conference in Washington DC is the ‘must-attend gathering’ for the smart grid industry and will include global electric-industry representatives, government officials and vendors at the Washington, DC Convention Center. The industry has a problem though. Public opposition to the smart grid is growing after widespread reports of privacy violations, house fires, and health effects followed smart meter installations in California and elsewhere. Now the public and elected officials want answers!

    We call on anyone outraged by the various problems with smart meters to join us in front of the Convention Center and send the powerful message: “Stop Smart Meters NOW!”

    We understand many of you won’t be able to travel to Washington, DC. Instead, we encourage you to participate by planning a ‘smart’ meter opposition event on October 4 in your area and location of choice. Please contact us for assistance. The more groups that participate, the more effective we’ll be. At this point, the following organizations will demonstrate:

    Organization / Location

    Center for Safer Wireless / Washington, DC Convention Center

    Maryland Smart Meter Awareness / Washington, DC Convention Center

    Naperville Smart Meter Awareness / Naperville, IL

    Stop Smart Meters! / California

    Maine Smart Meter Safety Coalition / Maine

    Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety / Santa Fe, NM

    Florida Coalition for Health Against Smart Meters / Florida

    W4AR / Lansing, MI

    Underground Records / Adairsville, GA 30103

    We want loads of groups to join in so we can show how strong our movement is across America!

  20. California Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (CCSSM) Publishes ‘Smart’ Grid Educational Brochure- Copies Now Available
    Posted on September 4, 2012 by onthelevelblog

    The California Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (CCSSM) is a new, non-partisan group of organizations and individuals helping to coordinate statewide efforts to inform residents about the risks of “smart” meters and the “smart” grid.

    The first project of the coalition has been to produce a professionally designed brochure presenting the truth about the “smart” meter rollout, available for free pdf download in either color or black and white. Color, 4-fold brochures are available by mail order (see below).

  21. Fire Concerns Lead PECO To Halt Smart Meter Installations

  22. Newfoundland Smart Meters rolled out without announcement!!!!!

    Smart meters were installed in Newfoundland without any public announcement. When people asked about the new meters being installed, they were misinformed.

    Please help get word to the media, the public of Newfoundland about the many problems, and about the Human Rights class action lawsuit being brought against BC Hydro on behalf of persons with EHS.

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