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We began this story winter or 2006 in MA, trying to bring attention to serious problem of disruptive and noxious noise due to DSL/wireless transmissions conducted across utility lines. Despite the backing of scientists and researchers, and reams and reams of studies and papers pointing to this phenomenon, we continue to live day after day with this same  noise caused by what we thought at the time  DSL transmitting on dirty power lines. The noise is obvious all through the town, and in many towns where the ambient background noise levels are quieter than large cities. Since we began this fight three years ago in MA, we have also lodged complaints in New York State, as we have homes in that State. We filed with New York State Public Utilities Commission and Attorney General’s office because of noise we found at our homes outside of Albany and Manchester, NY. The Commission has contacted Verizon, Albany, Windstream Communications, Rochester, National Grid, Albany and RG&E of Rochester, NY.  We have been working with the power quality engineer, Dave Shields since September 09. Unfortunately, Unlike National Grid, RG&E have been very cooperative, but when we filed a complaint#001760 with the New York Public Utility Commission Mr. Shields was given orders not to speak to us or answer any more questions. RG&E refused to put in writing or comment on the issues that were revealed in the testing regarding the power quality.  The technician who accompanied Mr. Shields, Mark Randolph, heard the noise, both while the power was on in my parents home and after he disconnected the neutral and turned off the main.  I asked for them to perform this test so that they would not try to point at the trouble as being inside the home instead of outside and coming in, as it is doing. They tested outside and the results prove there is serious harmonic distortion on the system. I am hearing from people everyday who are becoming aware of the noise and are very troubled by it. Like us, they have investigated to no avail and the noise continues even during power outages, wakes them from deep slumber, and causes other irritations throughout the day. Likewise, they do not know what to do about it.  We returned to do a test with RG&E and Windstream. They disconnected their wires to my parents home, as well as a neighbor down the street, (on different transformer and different phone service provider). We already knew what the outcome would be.  The noise was still present in both homes. This only proved that the noise is not coming from anything inside the homes.  It did not prove that the utilities were not responsible because the transmission on all the lines all around us were still on transmitting. Mr. Shields was not present for we were told he took an early retirement and Mark Randolph was on vacation.  So we were unable to speak with them again.

Despite the comfort in knowing RG&E have confirmed there is a noise problem, I have yet to receive any opinion or comments regarding the technical results in the form of graphs, waveforms, reports. The corporate office of RG&E called and said they are having a corporate conference to go over all the notes and reports, and will get back to me with feedback.  They closed the case!  Stonewalled again.  The New York Attorney General’s office never responded to our letters regarding this matter.  The Public Utilities Commissioner’s office, didn’t argue our conclusions that the DSL/Wi-Fi is the source and the cause of the Radio frequency interference on the power lines, but instead were quite agreeable, saying that no one should have to live with this in their environment.  When we looked up our case number#001760 we saw that the case was closed in February by RG&E, without notice to us. This did not make any sense since we were in the middle of coordinating the test for April 22nd! We contacted the Commissioner’s Secretary to inform them of this. They forwarded the copy of our letter to Arthur Kruppenbacher and a few days later I received a hostile email stating that he was closing the case #001760. The same day I received a phone call from the commissioner’s office assuring us that they would continue to investigate and hold the utility accountable, if they are causing the disturbance.  We thought they reopened it when they assigned it to another field agent Bob Calhoun, but we were mistaken because they instead believed RG&E when they reported no issues or problems are their end.   The State refused to do any RF/microwave investigation.

The response from the State and Utilities in NY has been somewhat more receptive, but since the Commission has contacted RG&E to  on the complaint; RG&E spokesperson, Arthur Kruppenbacher; has contacted us to state We will not be providing additional analysis of data, doing additional testing, or making contacts with other utilities since the testing we have done to date has not shown any substantiation of additional work. This is the same response we have gotten in MA when they are asked to be more transparent and request that testing be more comprehensive. Our issues in Massachusetts have an additional complication in that some of the noise was being generated by a neighbor’s 25KVA pad mounted transformer. There is thudding and a low, almost infrasound rumbling, from that transformer all day long and all night long, as well.  National Grid not only refuses to remove the transformer from the ground and place it on a pole, they have refused to check for possible cable breaks, knowing that the transformer caught fire, several years back. Additionally, they refuse to conduct the proper pure tone/noise testing to help identify and mitigate the problem. They have ignored suggestions from the maker of the transformer itself, and have contaminated testing by covering microphones with plastic wrap and then denying they had any results from one of the overnight meters. This is all true and documented, and sounds like a strange sci-fi novel, but it is sadly true.

Our days for the past four years have been filled with searching for and speaking with experts, researching possible solutions, emailing power quality engineers and physicist who are more likely to discuss this problem with some degree of intelligence, and having to hold our tongues with engineers who don’t know the first thing about transmission of noise. All the while, this incessant noise is pounding in our brains, with the torture intensified at night because of the siren pure tones and rumbling thudding resonance when the signals are conducted across the power lines which act as antennae, carrying the noise far and wide. Add to this the fact that lawyers “versed” in environmental concerns have to start at square one, meanwhile charging up to $500 per hour to learn from us about the issue, while they are bombarded by power company reps who tell them we are nuts.

The air in our town, and probably yours, too, is thick with harmonics and pure tones, due to wireless technology, DSL/Wi-Fi  and microwave towers as well as Smart Grid infrastructure,  erected and installed to create a super highway of invisible carcinogenic radio frequencies. Children play on playgrounds and on baseball fields while pure tones provide a nauseating background melody, blending eerily with the sounds of chirping birds and wind through the trees.  Bike riders and Appalachian trail hikers wonder what that ringing and buzzing is.  Dozens of witnesses have heard the noxious tones and have wanted to shorten their visit to our town, and our homes.  They report that their heads fill with pressure and they wake up repeatedly, feeling nauseous, anxious and overheated. As the visitors leave, they offer condolences, some writing letters to the Department of Environmental Protection, begging them to help end this torture for us. But to no avail. The authority and regulatory agencies won’t come out here, or anywhere in Massachusetts to do any effective testing, and then they allow the utilities to drag their feet for years, pretending interest, while all the while putting up road block after road block, so that no regulatory tests ever get done.

We have most recently confirmed evidence by a certified audio forensic engineer that we do have a constant audio noise that is pulsing. It is definitely man-made, has microwave characteristics.  It is bursting every second with a 1/8 second microburst.  The dominant frequency is 217Hz.  This frequency has been researched with published studies and considered to be a cause of DNA strand breakage in the brain.  This is in our air 24/7 non stop. See the evidence posted on the blog.  Recently, an FCC engineer in Washington asked to see the noise plot results from our expert.  He saw the consistent noise plots in three different recorded environments and said it is a red flag and can’t understand how they all can have the exact fingerprint of noise.  Yes!  He sees it and has never experience anything like this before because never in the history of mankind have we all been exposed to  deadly microwave frequencies.  It is new to us all even the experts.  The noise is a by-product of the leakage that is radiating in our air everywhere. Our Electric Power Grid is one continuous antenna  leaking the noise and illegal emissions(Dirty Electricity into every home. We know the truth and have confirmed it with physical evidence.  We are confident that in a matter of time the crack we have made with be cracked wide open and the people culpable for this Mass genocide and believe me, it will be, will be held accountable.  Does it mean we will not have our wireless technology available, NO, it means that Utility Companies and all affiliates will have to spend the billions of Blood money they are making while compromising our well-being, to fix the illegal and deadly emissions.  If this will take a Federal Class Action suit then so be it.

Every morning I wake exhausted and not with joy for the new day and all the wonderful possibilities it has to offer.  I pick up the phone and start calling again for help that doesn’t come.  It is like “Ground Hogs Day” The same hell just repeats itself over and over and over and this has been the routine for over 3 years now.  No wonder the second home owners in our neighborhood rarely come here. Time will never be able to replace the year we have lost on this problem.   I fear the stress of what we are involuntarily being subjected to will manifest in illness; that will become more evident in the near future.  We are living on reserves with the constitutions inherited from our strong family genes, but how long will that last?

How can human beings turn their back at people who are suffering?  I have cried on the phone and have cried in frustration and anger at Barbara Kwetz, Bob Knorr, the governor’s office, Christine O’toole at the Department of Public Utilities, Karen Robinson complaint mgr. for DTC and DPU, our town, our Senator Ben Downing, and our Rep “Smitty” Pignatelli.  We sat with Pignatelli in his office for an hour and brought evidence and recordings for him to hear.  He was an electrician contractor before going into wasting space in government.  After our meeting he promised to get back to us, but he never.  After our meeting he would not call us back or respond to our emails.  He just disappeared, just like all the rest of the cowards who are not doing their jobs.

>  In a  YOUTUBE ENTRY I wrote:> 1 23 10 Cheryl Wenning from Verizon Corporate office left us a voice message stating there is nothing they can do to assist us. They are at the mercy of the State; they will do anything the State requires them to do!  The State has been playing the same game stating that the Utilities are not cooperating and blame the utilities for the delay. The State has failed to protect us, thereby causing serious, irreversible health risks to me, my family, my animals and our community.  This is inexcusable.

We urge anyone who has any interest in helping rectify this global issue, to contact your Attorney General’s Office to complain about the impact of DSL/Wi-fi and all microwave wireless technology including “Smart Grid” infrastructure.  United we can pressure the “power” companies to install the necessary protections to end the infiltration of dangerous contaminants into our lives. We have the right to a safe and hazard free environment.

It has been 7 months to the day since the testing without a report.   There is no common sense excuse for repeated delays and incompetence on the part of the State.  The utilities are another story; they will get away with what the regulatory agencies allow them to.

UPDATE: 11 11 11 The State of Massachusetts sent the final Report via email on 11 01 2011.  The State closed the investigation.  We are reviewing the reports and will be making a statement in response to address the many flaws in the report.  It is bogus and without merit; they did not address the issues blatantly ignoring the evidence of microwave RF induced noise and radiation pollution leaking everywhere in our environment thereby allowing the biggest enironmental hazard in the history of our plaent.  We will continue to pursue those accountable  for the poison they are emitting into our air.  An Attorney who is on the side of the truth was quoted as saying “What is happening to us is sinister!”  We have requested the public records from all agencies involved in the investigation. We  will proceed and do what is necessary to expose the collusion, cover up by the Government/ State/Utilities.


In a rural area where transmitter dishes are used to deliver the signal to wireless gateways the resulting power line emissions levels are far higher. The scan on the left tops out at 50d8, the scan on the right tops out at >90d8. Incidences interharmonics are similar in number, frequency position, and shape.
The reason for this increase is due to the fact that the power lines act as dipoles. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) ‘describe any straight conductor as an antenna, a dipole. Here the power lines act as receiving antennae for the BPL wireless transmissions and add to the BPL power levels already in the power lines. Thus, more power= more emissions. The scan on the right, taken in Monterey, Massachusetts, shows an emission level of >40KW in the

Proof of Hum on Power lines and the Source of World Wide Public Health Hazard

Proof of Hum on Power lines and the Source of World Wide Public Health Hazard


This is not going to remain neglected much longer. Victims who hear this torture in their own environments are searching for answers across the country. This is evident by the search terms used in finding our blog as seen below.

If you would like to donate to our Legal Fund please contact us.

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Have YOU heard the HUM?  This is a personal story of how Massachusetts Regulatory Agencies Abused their power

Boil the Frog Slowly with Sandra Chianfoni
Boil the Frog Slowly with Sandra Chianfoni
Sandra Chianfoni – Environmental EMR Research/investigator and Advocate, has investigated the noise pollution known as “The HUM”, which is exposing the public worldwide to this health hazard. Have…


  1. US Air Force RF review in 1988 acknowledges non-thermal biological effects

    September 9, 2014 in -Mailing List, DECT, Wi-FI, and WLAN wireless systems and health, Publications by EMFacts

    From Joel Moskowitz

    Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review

    Scott M. Bolen. Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review. Rome Laboratory. Air Force Material Command. Griffiss Air Force Base, NY. June, 1988.


    The study of human exposure to radiofrequency/microwave radiation has been the subject of widespread investigation and analysis. It is known that electromagnetic radiation has a biological effect on human tissue. An attempt has been made by researchers to quantify the effects of radiation on the human body and to set guidelines for safe exposure levels. A review of the pertinent findings is presented along with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recommended safety standard (C95.1-1982) and the United States Air Force permissible exposure limit for RF/MW radiation (AFOSH Standard 161-9, 12 February 1987). An overview of research that was conducted in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe is also included in this report.


    In selecting a measure for the dose of RF/MW radiation, it was recognized that the SAR does not encompass all of the important factors necessary to determine safe exposure levels. The modulation frequency and peak power of the incident EM field should also be considered. Some of the investigators warned that extra care should be taken by persons that are subjected to pulsed EM fields or by fields that are modulated near the whole-body resonance frequency [9] (p. 17)

    Soviet Union & Eastern European Standards

    The RF/MW radiation exposure standards prescribed in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe are more conservative than standards adopted by countries in the West [31, [8], [11]. In the Soviet Union, permissible exposure levels for whole-body irradiation are specified for various time intervals. RF/MW radiation exposures may not exceed 0.01 mW/cm2 for 3 hours/day, 0.1 mW/cm2 for 2 hours/day, and 1.0 mW/cm2 for 15-20 minutes provided that safety goggles be worn [3]. Czechoslovakia has recommended a maximum exposure level of 0.025 mW/cm2 for an average working day [8].

    Investigators in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe have placed a great emphasis on the non-thermal effects of biological exposure to RF/MW radiation. They contend that electromagnetic interactions with the bio-electrical and biochemical functions of the body constitute a more serious health risk than effects from thermal heating. Nonthermal disruptions have been observed to occur at power density levels that are much lower than are necessary to induce thermal effects. Soviet researchers have attributed alterations in the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system to the non-thermal effect of low level RF/MW radiation exposure [3], [8].

    The U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare [3] reports that the differing standards put forth by the East and West may be attributed to philosophical differences in basic research. Soviet investigators were intent on examining the effect of RF/MW radiation on the conditioned reflex response of living organisms whereas their counterparts in the West do not view this effect as an appropriate endpoint to research [3]. Recently, however, researchers in the West have sought to account for non-thermal effects in modern permissible RF/MW radiation exposure standards [9].


    Exposure to RF/MW radiation is known to have a biological effect on living organisms. Research conducted over the past 30 years has provided a basis for understanding the effect of irradiation of biological materials. Experimental evidence has shown that exposure to low intensity radiation can have a profound effect on biological processes. The nonthermal effects of RF/MW radiation exposure are becoming important measures of biological interaction with EM fields. Modem RF/MW radiation protection guides have sought to account for the effects of low level radiation exposure. Adherence to the ANSI Standard [9] should provide protection against harmful thermal effects and help to minimize the interaction of EM fields with the biological processes of the human body [9]. It is essentially the absorption of RF/MW energy that causes stress and trauma to biological systems. The greatest amount of energy will be absorbed when the incident radiation is emitted at the resonance frequency of biological material [9], [22]. In this regard, RF/MW radiation emitted at non-resonant frequencies should be absorbed to the greatest extent when the radiating mode is a pulsed signal. The generation of such signals creates transient responses that will match the resonant frequencies of biological materials.

    Non-resonant pulsed RF/MW radiation may be more harmful to living organisms than CW [continuous wave] radiation emitted at non-resonant frequencies

    Joel’s comment: The above review demonstrates that the U.S. Air Force understood the risks of exposure to non-thermal levels of microwave radiation in 1988. Yet in 1996, the FCC adopted regulatory standards created by industry and the military that failed to protect the public from these non-thermal risks. Eighteen years later the same inadequate standards persist. These standards not only fail to protect users from non-thermal exposure to microwave radiation, they do not protect users from the greater risks observed in this 1988 US Air Force review of the science from exposure to the pulsed signals later utilized by cell phone and Wi-Fi technologies.

    Meanwhile In the past few decades, almost every society on the planet has become dependent upon microwave radiation for communication. It’s no wonder that the experts who studied the effects of microwave radiation for decades and witnessed the gross negligence and malfeasance exhibited by governments to address the health and safety risks of microwave technologies, are pessimistic that we will ever control this environmental toxin.

    Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.
    Director, Center for Family and Community Health
    School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley

    Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

    News Releases:
    Twitter: @berkeleyprc

  2. FCC ignoring danger?
    Barry Manz- April 12, 2013

    Significant number of rooftop antenna sites owned primarily by wireless carriers exceed FCC public and occupational exposure limits, make it impossible for workers to avoid standing in front of antennas, and are inadequately posted with warnings and barriers. The people who measure RF radiation levels at broadcast and wireless sites have known this for years. Now a lot more people are getting the message, and it’s put the FCC (already smarting from the LightSquared debacle) in the position of trying to explain why it isn’t enforcing its own rules in the case of wireless carriers, all the while regularly nicking broadcasters for trivial infractions like not announcing their call sign at the top of the hour. Not a single fine has been levied by FCC against a wireless carrier for exceeding the limits.

    The issue came to light last month when a group called the EM Radiation Policy Group
    sent out a press release announcing the results of work it had conducted to “unimpeachably” show that these problems exist, that the FCC ignores them, and that perhaps, just perhaps, it was because wireless carriers are good customers. That is, wireless carriers have added tens of billions of dollars to federal government coffers by buying the one thing the FCC has to offer: spectrum.

    To provide proof of their accusations, the group paid a veteran RF radiation measurement specialist to test rooftop sites in 23 states, quickly finding more than 100 that were exceeding the limits (among other things) by up to 600%. It has posted videos on YouTube and its own Web site of rooftop installations, screen shots of instruments showing RF levels up to 600% above the standard, voice conversations with the FCC and wireless carriers, and the results of the group’s efforts to address the more than 100 complaints it has filed concerning specific sites (none of which, according to the group, the FCC has ever responded to). Some of the conversations would actually be funny if the issue wasn’t about safety.

    The issue of whether or not non-ionizing radiation causes brain tumors, cancer, changes genetic structures, and a host other maladies has been around for decades and remains as contentious, politically charged, and odious as ever. The answer to the issue is that there is no answer, as “proof” would take long-term studies in man. The only undisputed fact is that microwave energy causes tissue heating, as anyone who owns a microwave oven can attest.

    But that’s not the real issue here, which is that the FCC has rules and it doesn’t enforce them or enforces them selectively. These rules are designed to ensure that workers and the public are not exposed to high levels of RF radiation. The public and workers must be warned of and restricted from access to sites at which RF radiation levels are present. Every entity whose transmission equipment or industrial environment in which RF energy is present must ensure RF safety is maintained. The rules are extremely detailed largely agree with those of national and international standards bodies.

    “Coincidentally”, the FCC on March 29 published a First Report and Order, Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, and Notice of Inquiry stating its intention to review its rules covering exposure limits to RF emissions from radio transmitters. The review is an effort to ensure FCC rules comply with the agency’s “environmental responsibilities and requirements,” and ensure that the public is protected from adverse effects of RF exposure. One goal is to reevaluate test methods and another is to essentially determine whether the cost of complying with the rules is commensurate with the perceived danger. However, even if the commission overhauls some of its rules, it won’t make any difference if it cannot or will not enforce them.

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    The FCC: Corrupt, Sanctimonious, and Technocratic
    FCC lets wireless network ruin GPS reception

    About the Author
    Barry Manz is president of Manz Communications, Inc., which he founded in 1987 as a technical media relations agency. Since then the company worked with more than 90 companies in the RF and microwave, defense, semiconductor, general electronics, lightwave, and automotive markets. Manz Communications creates articles for print and online trade publications, as well as white papers, application notes, symposium papers, technical references guides, and Web content. Barry Manz is also a contributing editor for the Journal of Electronic Defense, editor of Military Microwave Digest, co-founder of MilCOTS Digest magazine, and was editor in chief of Microwaves & RF magazine.

    April 20th, 2013

    On April 20th, 2013 the International congress of Potenza Picena
    entitled “Radar, radiofrequency and health risk”, reached the
    following conclusions:
     radars use pulsed radiofrequency that causes characteristic
    biological effects which are more invasive than non pulsed EMF;
     radiofrequency can cause structural changes in enzymes with time
    reactions of nanoseconds, while the pulsed radiofrequencies emitted by
    radars occur every milliseconds, thus suggesting that for every
    pulsing event several enzymatic changes occur;
     the pulsed signals can induce significant modifications on DNA
    regulations as an effect of the methylation of the genome;
     scientific literature concludes that biological/health effects can
    occur at low intensity exposure and chronic exposure can make a living
    organism more susceptible to the effect of the EMFs;
     ICEMS monograph (Eur. J. Oncol., 2010) concludes that there are non
    thermal mechanisms of action of EMF (including RF) on the living
     experiments on cell cultured in residential areas in Potenza Picena
    showed that the radar signal activates apoptosis for short exposures
    and cell survival signal after 24 hours of exposure;
     preliminary results of animal experiments show that radiofrequency
    is a co-carcinogenic agent;
     radiofrequency induces oxidative stress processes in tissues and
    living organisms;
     different epidemiological studies show that there is a significant
    increase of health risks on the people exposed to pulsed
    radiofrequency and more studies need to be done to conclude especially
    about pulsed radiofrequency;
     scientific literature suggests that for EMF the precautionary
    principle should be internationally adopted;
    Thus, stricter safety standards for EMF needs to be adopted by
    governments and public health agencies because the existing ones are
    obsolete and they are not based on recent literature about biological
    According to the precautionary principle RF sources should be reduced
    as low as possible because at now it is not possible to establish a
    safe limit under which no biological effects can be observed.
    RF sources should be kept far from residential areas. For pulsed RF
    sources, such radars and Wi-Max antennas, the distance from the EMF
    source should be even greater because they cause more biologically
    effects than non pulsed signals.
    Wi-Fi should not be placed in schools and in public areas since they
    have characteristics of pulsed signals.
    The precautionary principle suggests to use special caution for the
    younger people and for susceptible such as those with Electromagnetic
    Hyper Sensitivity a condition growing in modern societies that makes
    people sick for exposure to EMF even at low level of intensity.
    Massimo Scalia
    Eleonora Miranda
    Mario Barteri
    Ian Marc Bonapace
    Henry Lai
    Livio Giuliani
    Fiorenzo Marinelli
    Olle Johansson
    Michela Padovani
    Nesrin Seyhan
    Maurizio Fontana
    Örjan Hallberg

  4. Andre Fauteux, Publisher/Editor
    La Maison du 21e siecle magazine

    On 2012-10-23 à 17:41, andrew michrowski wrote :

    > Dear André Fauteux,
    > There is a rapidly rising increase-of-background-electromagnetic-signals phenomena. I am going to discuss this in a national conference in a few weeks’ time. Our network of associates has been, first by global monitoring of satellite emissions in the 1970s, then “listening to” special satellite regional path fly-bys. These emissions induce reflections from the planet (that is, a quantum increase of signals by way of response, up to millions of new signals. These “signatures” are helpful for scientists to determine the physics of features – such as locations of oil, gas, water, minerals down to the levels of layers of such & simple spying). In some fly-bys, equipment monitoring extremely low frequency and some of higher frequency burned, exploded or simply fused due to the overload of signals responding from ground and below-ground level, causing considerable damages of the labs of our scientific colleagues worldwide.
    Another wave of massive increases of signals in many environments, such as along the Quebec-Windsor corridor came with cellphones, microwave ovens, transportation guidance systems, communications, and their imprints along some HV lines, pipelines and the like. With MDs and specialists, we have been able to report on some general population effects associated with intensified electromagnetic signals per cubic meter. In the case of electromagnetic interference, elevated signals/cubic meters presents overloading of facilities that are trying to communicate with each other, causing a type of “jamming effect” in some spectra used for commercial and military operations.

    Now, further waves have come with M2M (machine to machine) infrastructure, which includes incredible increase of “bubbles or clouds of electromagnetic signal concentrations” near-to very large cluster of human and other biological populations on a very nuclear living scale of rooms, row housing, neighbours. These “bubbles or clouds” can be relatively fixed or floating around in response to the interferometry of signals from all manner of directions (x,y,z) – horizontal, vertical, below, above, sideways, – reflected for now thousands of surrounding emitters, in many different frequencies. So far, my best way of spotting these bubbles is with electrostatic meters and magnetometers, when they show fluctuations and variations of charges when normally they would have read a single measurement – just like you do not expect to see a compass showing hundreds of different “magnetic North” in a short time frame.
    The newly introduced Essentia EMR (which see the whole wide spectrum from about 1 to about 100 billion cycles directionally in toto) – whose measurement evidence was accepted by TAQ Quebec administrative tribunal in the Granby case when it was shown that some Hydro Québec high voltage lines also carry massive wireless-technology-associated microwave power transmissions, at Health Canada Safety Code 6 level of concern for microwave spectrum missions. There is the case where I have seen (through several locations) Entire suburbs (Ottawa South, for example) where there are so many reflected (ricocheted signals + their “noise of harmonics and other residuals) that one can spot clouds as long as several meters long and about meters in diameter in response to SMART meters communicating through the trespass of living zones to their Neighbourhood Area Network (NAN) contact. At the same time, this area of the City, which represents about 1/10th of the city is subject to emissions from the airport & its navigational aides emissions, the two Canadian forces bases which are extremely active in microwaves, a national “silicon valley” emplacement, and tens of thousands wealthy residents who are enthused users of wireless systems. These “bubbles / clouds” pop up in instruments as rapid rises & falls of electrostatics (0.02 kV/1′ to 15,000 – 100,000 kV/1″, where 1 kV/1″ equals to approximately 400 V/cm) and magneto statics, at certain above-ground locations, un-associated with activity in appliances, wiring, furnishing, surfaces.
    For example, when the signals are concentrated above the head of sensitive individuals, they are felt / perceived as if an aircraft were flying above and emitting downward. At the same time one can even “hear” the plasma with the Alasdair Philips “electrosmog” detector that reports by audio pulsing / amplitude “noise” modulated microwave radiation. And, one can observe with the newly designed Essentia EMR as rise in ambient full-spectrum electromagnetic power (from about 2 to 6 micro Watt/cm2 to 80 micro Watt/cm2 indoors), and fluctuations on electrostatic and magnetometers. When the suburb is all transmitting, for example, in parallel signals to NAN M2M contact, not only are their clouds inside the residences but also an overcloud at about 2.5 meters and above in streets, and above boundary layers of rooftops where the noise can increase from reasonable background levels of below 0.05 microWatt/cm2 to 400 microWatt/cm2 in ambient air.

    Clearly the impact of SMART meter networks is phenomenal, especially when they are clustered together, inducing Doppler effects for long distances, sometime hundred of meters in series of clusters, reflections, generation of “noise” and probably thousands of new signals/cubic meter. Even in Montreal, next to the University of Montreal’s many high-tech faculties and thousands of cellphones + wireless tablets + the Mount Royal Park’s Antenna Farm, one rarely captures anything even near 10 micro Watt/cm2 even at heights to 10 to 20 meters above ground! The earthing study shows that: in such circumstances results in the immediate decrease of skin conductance indicating a rapid activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and corresponding deactivation of the sympathetic nervous system.

    The immediate increase in skin conductance at cessation of signalling (& re-grounding) indicates an opposite effect. Increased respiratory rate, stabilization of blood oxygenation, and the slight rise in heart pulse rate suggests the start of a metabolic healing response necessitating an increase in oxygen consumption. The sensitive individuals we know, when undergoing such bodily changes become quite intruded and concerns over body events they cannot control consciously! Something similar can be happening inside schools & hospitals and other institutional buildings where WiFi + many wireless devices are interlocked and liable to generate here and there a condensed cloud of signals and resultant reflective phenomena.

    Of course, without instruments to detect such SMART-induced events, most outside observers would assume some psychological or psychiatric disorder on the part of residents! Such events explain also explosions, failure of electronic devices (including smoke detectors) and other electromagnetic interference incidents (EMI).

    The utilities are only beginning to use applications that are possible with their transmissions to and from meters to indoor devices and chips so we are only applying less than 10% of what is to come from these meters within 3 to 5 years.And some meters “speak for” up 5,000 other meters before transmitting to a more central data gatherer.

    All this just to advise you and your friends that “shielding”, opting for payment for non-SMART meters, is in many cases a lost cause. It is directly involving hundreds of millions of homes and indoor spaces worldwide without their knowledge, less even their consent – and not even reviews by parliamentary-level bodies. What may be necessary is rationalization of the problematics involved.

    There is a need for widespread resolution of many legal, human rights, health, commercial issues. It is a little bit like when we moved on the planet from the horse and buggy age to the cars and trains. We had to develop traffic, safety, parking, people and freight movement concepts and measures. Now we are in the “wild, wild, wild West” of smarting & hurting wounds from electromagnetic shooters gone drunk and rowdy from the rush of “gold” in their eyes!

    Andrew Michrowski

  5. SMART METER HEALTH COMPLAINTS The following reports were collected by the EMF Safety Network ( ******************************************** In May of 2010 they installed a RF Smart Meter. Between then and June 2011, I had made four trips to an ER for heart palpitations, tinnitus, extreme fatigue with mental confusion and inability to sleep. On top of being able to accomplish damn little due to the symptoms, the electric bills topped $200 per month when we didn’t add an appliance or use more of what we had. In each ambulance ride, the symptoms went away after 30 minutes out of this Smart Meter Neighborhood. Then the symptoms returned within a day. June 2011, I demanded they remove the smart meter because I was being over-charged. They replaced the RF Smart Meter with a hardwired digital Smart Meter in an attempt to placate me. And I am still being overcharged. The symptoms are a little less severe, but they still exist and are very hard to accommodate in any capacity. Especially the headaches that I’ve never had until a Smart Meter was installed. John N., New Mexico _____________________________________ My name is Donald Newsom. I have an account with PG&E in my home. My desk is on the other side of the wall from the smart meter. I am 42 and in excellent health. However, since this was put on our home without any permission I have had severe headaches and my right eye is twitching now uncontrollably. This doesn’t happen when I am away from my home (although now the problems are severe enough they are becoming constant). I believe it’s the smart meter. I have phoned them twice to have someone remove it but they will not. On 10/18/2011 I called PG&E and they transferred me to Angel in Sacramento with the Smart Meter Department. I told Angel that my eye is twitching badly and that my headaches are getting severe. He took my information down and said he’d have someone get in touch with me. I told him I tried this once before, where PG&E said they would have a supervisor call me back, but when they did call 5 days later they hung up immediately after I picked up the receiver – which was 2 rings in. I saw it was PG&E via my caller ID. They did not call back. Thus, Angel told me he would have someone get in touch with me over the next week. I hope so… as I am now demanding this be removed. I would like to have this smart meter removed. I have 3 adults living here and 4 children all under 13 years of age. PG&E did not allow us to opt out and put the meter on our home while we were away. It seemed to us very sneaky. How can a company put something on my home that may harm me and my children, and then not remove it when I tell them the harm it is now causing? I am hoping someone needs to come out and remove this from our home and put back the old style meter, or turns off the transmitter I am so sensitive to. My body is now feeling very sick, I have headaches constantly and my eye may need surgery to stop the twitching. Further, we work where we live and home school our kids … so we are getting much exposure to the RF Transmissions and would like it to stop. How can we accomplish this? Donald Newsom, Butte County CA _____________________________________ I have very disturbing symptoms after living for a year and a half sandwiched between 30 gas smart meters on one side and 30 electric smart meters on the other side. I also have wi-fi router and wi-fi radio which are probably part of the problem. I am toasted by inability to sleep more than 4-5 hours and even those hours occur randomly so as to say my sleep patterns schedules are all out of whack. I have intermitant vertigo. I think I am getting cooked by meters in my location because I get unexplainable, VERY uncomfortable sweats that come upon me out of nowhere feeling like I am being heated up from the inside out, they make me feel very unbalanced and really mad as I usually evacuate my apt and go outside before I take a shower to try to feel good. My facial skin also has dried and aged and wrinkled beyond recognition. Most replies to my inquiries say I must move from this apt a.s.a.p. That is not an easy job. Where am I going to be safe? NO wi-fi recommended or maybe wi-fi will invade another neighborhood after I relocate there. Also getting away from the stupid smart meters they are everywhere here now. I know moving off the grid and living with solar power is ideal but that is not likely at this time. I cannot really start living in my car and spend my time at the park or whatever others report such as staying away from their homes as much as possible. MS, Humboldt County ______________________________________ Edison installed a new smart meter yesterday. I did not sleep last night. There is something going on in my head and body. I have ringing in my ears at a very high pitch. Like a dog whistle or crystal in some electronic device whistling. It is creating some sort of electric waves from my ear area to my body that is very uncomfortable. It is making me sick. It is like a chill but not quit. I am having a hard time describing it. I called Edison right away and they tell me there is nothing they can do for me. But they say things like we care and have a nice day while I tell them I am being harmed as we speak. The people at the Edison company are not trained in electromagnetic radiation or electronics and challenge me that I am not having the reaction that I am having. I begged them to remove the meter and it is still whistling away in my head. No concern to Edison that it is killing me. It makes it hard to think. My brain is slowly shutting down. It is a real wake up call to me since I have worked in the electronic field (Research and development for Hughes aircraft, Semens etc.) I know about EMF and have heard of these things happening but it was always on an intellectual level since I had no personal reaction in the past. At least not like this. Now I know! It is real bad and I am considering getting an ice chest and just turning off the electricity to the house but this produces many other problems I don’t know how to get around. I want to change to another electric company but Edison says you can’t do that now. What can I do. I can’t take this for very long. Is there a class action suit against the smart meter yet? Allan B., So. CA _______________________________________ I have had severe headaches since a Smart Meter was installed on my house. When I leave to visit my Mom in a place where there are no Smart Meters, my headaches subside. As soon as I come home, the headaches return. I have been getting 15 – 18 severe headaches per month for approximately a year now. The days the headache is not severe, it is still present. This is severely affecting the quality of my life and my ability to work. I am barely hanging in there. I don’t know how much more I can take. When the subcontractor working for PG&E came to install the meter, I told him I did not want one. He said I had no choice in the matter and installed the meter anyway. Despite my health complaints, PG&E will not comply with my request to remove the meter. My request to purchase my own anolog meter, have it installed by an electrician, and return their meter to them was also denied. I cannot believe this is happening in this country!! This is absolutely criminal!! Lisa Miller, Novato CA _______________________________________ This is becoming such a critical issue all over the globe, including my soon-to-be “former home” of 23 years: the city of Burbank, CA. I am being forced to leave the city that I have loved living in, where I have friends and family and community ties. The place that I thought of as a safe and friendly haven. I began to experience severe health affects within 5 hours of the installation of 4 GE Trilliant smart meters on my small apartment complex on 7/28/2011. Headaches, nausea, insomnia, feelings of agitation and irritability, and difficulty concentrating have made it necessary for me to leave my home. My symptoms resolve within about 30 minutes going to a meterless area. I have been living out of my car since 8/2/2011, stopping in the evenings at the homes of people who are able to let me sleep for the night. My life has been turned upside down. I knew nothing of smart meters until the onset of my symptoms, but I do know for sure that the effects are real. Five out five residents who were polled in my complex (out of 6 total residents who live here full time) have shared that they are having similar physical symptoms. A woman in the building next door has reported that she is unable to sleep in her bedroom. She didn’t know she had a bank of 8 meters installed in the basement directly below her bedroom. I have sought remedy through contacting Burbank Water and Power. Initially I was told it would be too expensive to restore my analog meter by Ron Davis, Chairman of BWP. Another board member suggested I just move out of Burbank. In a bizarre twist, I received a phone call from BWP a month after I spoke about the problem offering me a new refrigerator (free) to replace my “old” refrigerator. This is peculiar, given that my refrigerator is only one year old. I then received another call from BWP suggesting that I might have a problem with a carbon monoxide leak. Given that my carbon monoxide meter reads zero and given that I feel ill in other people’s homes in Burbank, I hardly think that this is feasible. BWP employees have suggested that I am reacting to my neighbors’ WIFI. While this may be true, I have lived quite comfortably with my neighbors’ WIFI until the day the meters were installed. They also suggested that I might be having a problem with the new paint in my apartment (it’s a year old) or the new carpet (it’s 15 years old). Other helpful suggestions included the idea that something new is in bloom and/or there might be some construction going on around me. I contacted Judge Yip-Kikugawa, telling her of my plight. I received a terse message back from one of her assistants stating that the CPUC has “zero authority” over BWP and a suggestion that I present my complaints to my City Council. I took the suggestion and tearfully told the Mayor of Burbank and the Council at a meeting in early August. The response was underwhelming, save for that of Dr. David Gordon. After public comments were made, Ron Davis was allowed to take the floor for several minutes, during which he stated that the meters are “safer than safe” and that BWP is working with each concerned citizen to resolve their issues. I do not feel that BWP’s effort with me come close to solving my problem. I am losing my home and they are offering me a new refrigerator. I am desperately saddened by the situation and am seeking a place to go that is not too far distant from my elderly mother and from the community I have lived in all my life… This must be STOPPED. Civil rights, human rights, and the future of the planet could very well turn on this issue. Dramatic? Yes! True? Absolutely. SG, Burbank, CA _____________________________________ Since PG&E put in their ‘smartmeter’ (oxymoron), I wake up with a headache every day and I am always tired no matter how much sleep I get. I have been depressed, lethargic and forgetful. I have so much trouble thinking clearly, it interferes with my daily functioning. I have gone to several doctors about the symptoms, but nothing has helped. I didn’t realize how much the meter had been affecting me until I went away for a vacation and all of my ‘illnesses’ were gone. Now that I am home, all of my “symptoms” are back. On top of everything, SMUD came out to try to install one of the meters, too. I told them I didn’t want one. As the men were leaving, I heard one of them say, “She is going to get one anyway.” This is absolutely criminal! Michelle, Sacramento _____________________________________ From Dec 2010 to April 2011 four ‘smart meters’ were installed within 20 feet of our bed. Since that time we’ve experienced headaches, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations and insomnia, ONLY when we sleep in our bed in this house. We’ve had SDG&E out on several occasions and have requested to opt-out of the ‘smart meters’ and return to analog. The SDG&E reps say that there is NO alternative to the ‘smart meters’! Also our city block’s main grid ‘smart meter’ is located in front of our home, so short of moving, we don’t know what to do! Friends in Northern Calif. tell us that PG&E offers an ‘opt out’ program for their customers. Plus many cities there have chosen not to have ‘smart meters’ at all. Why can’t SDG&E give us that same option in Southern Calif? At least with cell phones, microwave ovens and computers, we have the choice to buy them or not, and when to turn them off. What about all the families with small children who live in apartments or condos with hundreds of ‘smart meters’ in banks of adjoining bedroom walls? We should all have a choice with our metering system, especially since so many are having health issues with the ‘smart meters’, and the long term effects of microwave exposure are still unknown. Not long ago we were told that high tension power lines were safe, but over time statistics have shown that the incidence of several types of illnesses, including cancer, is much higher for people living beneath those wires. We can all only hope that you, (our California Public Utilities Commission) will step in and create a state wide free opt-out program soon, or maybe this is something to be put on the ballot and let the residents of California decide for ourselves? Vicki, San Diego _______________________________________ Submitted on 2011/09/01 at 9:03 am I live in Perris CA in an apartment complex that also has swap the old analog meters for smart meters. The meters are directly outside of my bedroom wall. Eversince these smart meters were installed every night while trying to sleep I can hear this buzzing, humming sound that gives me horrible migraine headaches n heart palpitations. I wake up feeling tired, nauseas and not well rested whatsoever due to all the disturbance this smart meter brings upon not only myself but also my little four year old daughter that sleeps with me every night. I know that these smart meters are a big health risk because of all the symptoms my daughter and I have been experiencing since they were installed. I really wish that this issue can be seriously investigated because I know that I’am not the only person experiencing the same issues and our electric company should be held accountable. I hope this matter gets resolved quickly before people become more seriously ill. We need our old analog meters back!!!!! Thanks, Julie Reynoso ______________________________________ I currently have a 4 bedroom house that I can only use two bedrooms of due to the radiation being emitted from your smart meters. My daughter had the classic symptoms from having slept in the room adjacent to the meter for 9 months before I realized that her problems coincided with the installation of the meters. I have had the radiation levels measured in her room and she was getting dosed with high levels of MW radiation every couple of minutes all night long for nine months. I need my home to be a safe haven, my daughter needs her room back, give me the option to protect my family from microwave radiation. electrosmog21 on youtube. Paul, CA ______________________________________ “My health has been effected since my neighborhood had smart meters installed. I have trouble sleeping, often only sleeping a couple of hours each night. I feel this is a giant experiment on the population.” Anon. _______________________________________ An open letter to SDG&E, Smart Meter Complaint Department I have made three prior telephone requests advising SDGE of the serious side effects concerning my health since the installation of the smart meter device at my home. Three different individuals came out to my house on three separate occasions, all armed with the same propaganda, the same zero concern for my health or the safety of my home. I was told, “I don’t know. You are the only one that has complained.” (A false statement.) I was also told, “The smart meter is not causing any problems to your home.” (Another false statement.) I am a 49-year-old woman and I have never before experienced any of these problems in either this home, or any other home that I have lived in, prior to the smart meter installation. I came home one day after work, and they had just finished installing my smart meter. I did not think anything of it. I had received a notice a few weeks prior, indicating that a smart meter was going to be installed. That same evening I awoke between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, with ringing in my ears, dizziness, tingling at the upper part of my head that turned into a headache and then nausea. There was also a horrible feeling of uneasiness that I had never experienced before and that prevents me from going back to sleep at night — every night. One of my dogs awoke at the same time, wandering the hallways whining and crying. This dog refuses to sleep inside at night now, as the pulsed radiation also makes him sick. This dog had slept at the foot of my bed since the day I brought him home until the night the smart meter was installed. I have numerous friends and family who will testify to this, if called to do so. The same scenario occurs whenever I sleep in my home, a home that I worked six or seven days a week for most of my life to be able to afford, and now you, the utility company, is FORCING PULSED RADIATION where I live and sleep, which if you do your homework and read the numerous articles that have been published by scientists who were not paid off by a utility company, you will see that radiation causes cancer and I will not stand for a cancer causing device to be attached to my home. I was gone for two weeks on two occasions over the summer, and I sleep fine whenever I am away from my home. I was in Peru for two weeks without these problems and also in Alaska, where I had no trouble sleeping, no trouble concentrating, no dizziness, no ringing in my ears, no tingling at the upper part of my head that turned into headaches. I also have noticed a strange humming and buzzing in my home around the appliances, coming from the computer, and around all the intercom panels in my home. I’ve had three people out from SDGE and they all heard the humming and buzzing and told me to turn the intercom down all the way and then I would not hear it. I asked them, “How do you explain this? This humming and buzzing was not ever here before the smart meter installation? My kitchen appliances never hummed and buzzed before the smart meter installation.” I told them, “I don’t think my house is safe. This is not normal.” And I just got the blank stare, the “I don’t know what to tell you, “ and the “No, I cannot remove the smart meter.” I begged them to return my house and home which I loved back to normal, to please, please remove the smart meter and install the old analog meter that worked just fine and that I never had a problem with. The blank stare and the, “No, I cannot do that,” was the only answer I could get out of these people. I asked one of the gentlemen what his job was at SDGE, as it appeared he had no training as an electrician and was not capable of answering any of my questions. He told me, “Well, my job is to handle questions from people like you.” I then replied, “I thought you said I was the only one that complained.” Of course, he quickly departed after that. We all know that if he had told me anything different, he would have lost his job. I want the same remedy that Northern Californians have received. I pay my utility bills just like they do and I want to be treated with the same remedy that [they] received: IMMEDIATE REMOVAL OF MY SMART METER AND REMOVAL OF SMART METERS SURROUNDING MY HOME. How can the utility commission and the utility companies treat Southern Californians who are being made sick by smart meters any different than customers in Northern California? They cannot. This is a formal request for removal of the smart meter illegally attached to my home and to the homes around me. Copies of this letter are going out to as many people, organizations, and government agencies as I can send it to, so you can’t drop this one in the trash and say you never got my letter. Sincerely, Richard and Diane XXXXXXXXXXX ________________________________________ The following letter was sent to the CPUC judge overseeing the ‘Smart’ Meter proceeding: Your Honor, I am writing from the city of Burbank, in Southern California. On July 28, 2011 Burbank Water and Power, the municipal utility company that “serves” my home city, installed a bank of four GE/Trilliant smart meters on the side of the small fourplex in which I live. Approximately four hours after the installation was complete I developed a band-like headache that was unresponsive to medication. The next morning I awoke with the headache and slight nausea. I thought I might be coming down with the flu. However, after I was away from my apartment, I noticed that these symptoms resolved — only to return when I was back in my apartment for about 4 hours. This pattern continued for the next three days. I began to have trouble sleeping and difficulty concentrating. I also experienced some transient heart palpitations. Prior to this I knew nothing about smart meters and had no idea that they could impact human health. I am devastated by these developments. My current residence has been a haven for me — until the meters went in. In an almost nightmarish scenario the place that I call home is now off-limits for me. This is particularly problematic because I am disabled and rely upon Section 8 rental subsidies in order to survive. I cannot move within my home city because every building is slated to receive the meters by the end of 2011. I have spent the past 22 days living out of my car, finding shelter at various friends’ homes in the evening. The temperatures in Southern California have been in the high 90s and over. I am exhausted, frightened, and do not know where to turn. I have spoken to the board of BWP at a public meeting. The best they could come up with is the suggestion that I move into another city. This is problematic because the closest city to me is Los Angeles. To transfer my housing voucher to Los Angeles is a Sysephian task. The housing authority in Los Angeles (HACLA) is a poorly-run, huge bureaucracy that has been known to cause tenants to lose their housing vouchers through mismanagement. I have called five different telephone numbers to try to get some guidelines about transferring — all to no avail. Meanwhile I struggle to keep my health and my life together. I take anti-seizure medication and my medication schedule has been disrupted by the random and brutal way I am living right now. This is so very wrong. I have been displaced from my home of 23 years due to the installation of the meters. To be sure, I am currently in the minority of people who are known as electrosensitive but I do not believe that I should not I be subjected to the suffering and losses that are my current reality. If I were physically challenged and needed a wheelchair would I be thrown out of my home? I think not — there are laws that protect against this. Why, then, should I be denied the fundamental right of a home — a home that I have been healthy and happy in until the meters were foisted upon me? Where can I go? My 84-year-old mother lives 10 minutes from me and I believe that it is my duty and right to remain close to her in the event that she needs to call upon me for assistance. As a disabled woman (I’ve had four brain surgeries), life is difficult enough without being displaced by a technology that I have neither asked for nor consented to. I consider myself to be a resourceful and strong person, but I am feeling overwhelmed by what I am facing: illness and homelessness. I am college-educated and have a middle-class background but even this does not equip me to deal with my current challenges caused directly by the smart meters. I believe that the utility companies have relied upon poorly-designed studies conducted by organizations (CCST and EPRI) that have ties to the communications industry, the utility companies, and that have financial interests in the smart grid infrastructure. I do not think that a thoroughgoing study into health consequences has been performed by either of these entities. The non-thermal effects of non-ionizing radiation (especially pulsed RF) has NOT been studied by these so-called “impartial” organizations. I think it is an outrageous and tragic turn of events that is affecting me and many other people. I have heard three of my neighbors (young people with no history of electrosensitivity) complain of headaches and insomnia since the meters were installed — and they weren’t even aware that they had received them! I am absolutely sure I am not alone in my suffering. Your Honor, I ask you to take into account my situation when you consider what is being perpetrated upon the citizens of California. This cannot continue. I may be collateral damage — it’s too late for me. But, please, think about the population and countless numbers of people who are having their lives upset and threatened by these dangerous devices. I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but I do believe what my body is telling me. This is real, this is true, and it should not be allowed to continue. Thank you for consideration. Sincerely, Ms. Shane Gregory, Burbank, CA ______________________________________ from: July 26, 2010 Dear Barbara Boxer: I’m currently living in a corner of my house the size of a single bed surrounded by aluminum foil. This blocks the Wi-Fi from my neighbors’ houses and ambient EMF. The Wi-Fi fields and other EMF make me sick. I’ve spent the last eight months extremely ill and spend much of my days in state parks where there is no Wi-Fi or electricity. I’ve had to stop working. There have been nights at 10:30 pm, when I’ve been driving around, looking for a place I could sleep with no Wi-Fi, and there was no place to go. If Smart Meters are not stopped, there’ll be no place for me to be. European countries have standards for health for EMF safety. America does not. I may be a canary in a gold mine but I’m an early warning sign for everybody else. All our bodies are delicate, organic bioelectrical systems and not made to be constantly bathed in the electrical frequencies that Wi-Fi and Smart Meters put out. It’s so toxic, and this needs to be addressed so that I can come out from behind the foil screen. There’s been no place to turn. Society has had nothing to offer me in terms of help. This is an urgent and life-threatening issue. Please act on behalf of the well-being of your constituents. Sincerely, J One year later, Aug. 19, 2011: Recently I tried to spend the night in a neighborhood that had Smart Meters, in a home that was on the delay list and did not have one. After 8 hours, I was so ill I had to drive out of there at 2:30 in the morning. If I had stayed for another 10 hours, I would have been vomiting and convulsing. An opt-out plan is not a viable solution for health concerns. Smart Meters should not be put in until the health issues are resolved. J _______________________________________ Driven Out by Power Line (PLC) Signals Jack (not his real name) has been sensitive to wireless transmitters for well over a decade. For that reason he stays away from the cities. He and his girlfriend spend their winters in Arizona, and the summers in eastern Washington State. In the spring of 2011, they traveled to their rented house in eastern Washington. When he arrived, he could immediately feel something had changed. It was as if a cell tower had been erected nearby, but he could not find one. It was unlikely to be the neighbors, since they lived on a large lot and he could still feel it when he drove some distance away. It seemed to be everywhere. Jack’s girlfriend stayed in the house while Jack drove back down to Arizona. After asking around, they found out that the local utility had swapped out all of the electrical meters over the winter. The new smart meters communicate with the utility’s computers by sending signals through the power line back to the substation. This is called power line communication (PLC) and is mostly used in rural areas. The specific system used is called TWACS. This system works by transmitting pulses 120 times a second. Each pulse contains a brief signal of higher frequencies. Since all meters share a common wire, only one meter in the area can transmit at a time. Each household meter can transmit for only a few minutes each day, or even only once for several days. The pulses travel for many miles and back feed into all houses on the grid. It makes no difference whether it is the meter on one’s own house that transmits, or one on another house. There is a constant stream of pulses on all wires throughout the house. The household wiring, as well as the power lines along the streets, are all turned into unintentional antennas. The signal is not very powerful, but the antennas are huge and everywhere. Jack came back up to eastern Washington a month later, but he had to camp in the back yard. The pulses bother him even fifty feet (15 meters) from the house, with the power line 150 feet (50 meters) on the other side of the house. The house is rented. The couple decided not to bother complaining to the landlord and the utility company. Even if they got the old meter back it would not help. There is no way to stop the pulses coming from the outside. Instead, the couple will soon move away to an area without his menace. [Anon.] _______________________________________ My name is Diane Nagby and I and my pets are also a victim of the Smart Meter. Dizziness, ringing in my ears, insomnia, nausea, rapid heart beat. I had none of these problems prior to the installation of the Smart Meter. I came home from work and they had just finished installing the Smart Meter. That very night my animals started acting agitated. There is a constant feeling of uneasiness in my household now and at night a loud buzzing/humming noise takes place, which was never present prior to the installation of the Smart Meter. It is just plain old common sense that should tell us any amount of radiation in our household is NOT going to be good for us. A friend of mine that lives in Upland, California experienced a stroke just days after her Smart Meter was installed. How many people have to die, have their homes burned down (because the Smart Meter has been proven to be a fire hazard in some houses), get sick, watch their animals suffer, as I have, before we stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. ________________________________________ Until moving to the current rental I did not have the problems I am getting. I work from home and did not get constant exposure to a Smart Meter, as I did not permit one to be installed on my own property, and then after it was sold I lived in an apartment building that refused the installation of Smart Meters. Frankly when the electrical shocks in my body began at random I didn’t connect the dots to a smart Meter issue. When my vision, recently corrected with a new eye glass prescription began to not focus at random times I didn’t connect it to Smart Meters. Even without my glasses at random times I am unable to clear my vision, as if I just woke from a very deep sleep and am still groggy or am drugged…nope, no drugs either. The fogginess and random electrical shocks go away when I am away from this house. I just learned this morning that there is a ‘stupid’ meter installed on my bedroom wall. I say stupid because proper studies were not done to assure the safety of the equipment…made where…China! and we know how safety conscious that is. My body is very sensitive to electrical fields, and I demand that CA which normally is so environmentally conscious, take responsibility for these meters and put a stop to them. Make the electric companies and their investors swallow the cost and not allowed to pass it on to customers. We didn’t ask for this fake improvement. Carol Church, Placer County CA ________________________________________ On Dec. 31st, 2010, approx. 22 smart meters were installed in our building. They are directly under our apartment. On Jan. 26, 2011, my husband, while sleeping, suffered a tonic clonic seizure. All tests came out ok. But he is now on seizure medication. However, I notice that his hands twitch at night when he is asleep. Then more slowly, I began to feel a buzz in my feet that went up my legs and then twitching developed. Never in my life have I had this sensation. While I am away and at work during the day, it goes away and I don’t have these symptoms. Also while in our apartment, especially the bedroom, I get ringing in my ears which I never before have had here. I used to be able to completely relax in my bedroom but now always feel like I’m laying in an electric magnetic field . I was awakened at 3:30 am this morning because of the tingling in my left foot and leg was so strong also I had a racing heart. This is a feeling of something from the outside coming in. When I get up and walk around a little it seems to be a little better but laying down in the bedroom causes the feeling to return. Also in the bedroom I experience the brain fog and can hardly complete a sentence. It’s a very strange sensation. I have none of this at work — only at home and especially in my bedroom. I know we need to move. M. Dawson, Marin County, CA ________________________________________ “This is a health issue,” Pauline Holeton said. “I’m sensitive to electromagnetic fields. I got a smart meter put on my house in November and got it taken out in January. I told them I would take a chainsaw and rip it off if they didn’t come out and get it. I now have the old analog meter.” Michigan News story ________________________________________________________ After having a smart meter installed on our home, with out any one ever asking if we wanted one or not, I have terrible headaches every single day. I was never the type who got them. But now it’s a constant. And incidentally every time I’m away from my home for a few hours they go away. More importantly my husband has developed a tumor on the side of his head, on his temple. Upon the Dr. ordering the CT scan they also found a cyst in the posterior portion of his brain. I also fear for my toddler because her room is closest to the smart meter. What effects will or does it have on her? This has to stop. Does body remember the issues with people and PG&E near Bakersfield and Kettlemen City? How many people suffered at PG&E’s hands. They are not a forthright company! I will do everything I can to get this meter removed from my home. Wish me luck. ~ Placer County, Ca. ________________________________________ I am so sick & dying from the smart meters. I was sick before I moved here & became way worse. Several hospital trips and two hospital stays. One in oncology & 1 in trauma dept. I have mercury poisoning from having a lot of silver MERCURY dental fillings (nightmare story) & have had more than my share of radiation for a life time starting 30 years ago when I had Hodgkins disease & then all the years after from EMF exposure. So I could not wait to get out of last building where I fought Sac. city council to stop 6 cell tower panels being put on roof but lost that battle. I learned there were 8 smart meters on my bedroom wall & 20 across the sidewalk plus right out my door is the spa & pool– we knew why I was throwing up blood, heard surging & ringing noises & literally felt & feel like I am being electrocuted. This is the most horrifying nightmare journey I could ever imagined. I fight for my life literally everyday. I am on section 8 for the 1st time & only get SSI which is being cut again. I was told from apt. complex & SHRA that I need a doctors note to be able to move & to get out of here but cannot find a doctor who is educated on this & your regular doctors think your crazy. My lease is up & out of retaliation they want me to pay $150 more to live in this place that is killing me. I am very sick, sad and very ticked off. If someone can tell me who could write me or give me something saying the PGE meters made me really sick & are killing me …Where do people go to get diagnosed & I have no car & no where to run or hide but I wish someone was doing my story of my journey for years now but especially now in case I die I wanted people to be educated on what I have had to learn the hard way full circle 1st hand so they do not have to get sick & die & not know the truth of their illnesses & or death and just handed a pill or poison or cut on unnecessarily…I have no EMF protection yet since I am so poor. Belva, Sacramento CA _________________________________________ I have recently moved to a place with a smart meter. Since I have moved I have experienced, headaches, agitation, dizziness, upset, acid reflux, and ringing at certain periods. I am sure it is the smart meter. I am not sleeping well and do not feel refreshed, the headaches are constant when in or near the home, but gone immediately upon my leaving. I work outside on ranches in rural areas. When I am in these areas I do not experience these side effects. I want this device removed from the side of my home and any within my neighborhood as well. They are not UL approved, they are known to be dangerous and this is illegal and a crime, I will do everything in my power to educate people about this and to stop the installation of these torture devices. D.Holden. CA ____________________________________________ I suffer from EMF sensitivity and although my husband and I were able to prevent PG&E from installing a smart meter (oxymoron) at our home, we are already feeling the ill effects from our neighbors’ “SM” which was installed within 10 feet of our house. My husband and I are both having intermittent heart palpitations and I am suffering from nausea and have intermittent headaches and eye lid spasms that are only on the right side of my head (which happens to be where most of my implanted metal is, including my titanium jaw). I have attached an image to help you understand. I feel so violated, especially when I KNOW they (EMFs) are dangerous. My husband and I have taken every measure we can to at least have a home that we feel can be a sanctuary, and have taken every measure short of installing a faraday cage throughout our house. We have no WIFI in our house, nor do we have cell phones or cordless phones and I have never even owned a microwave oven. We have Stetzer filters on the outlets in every room and we sleep with all electronics unplugged. It is bad enough that I can’t go to many public places without physically suffering from unhealthy levels of EMF enhanced by negative ramifications from WIFI. Peer-reviewed science exists warning of the dangers of SMs, yet PG&E continues to sell the story that serves them. Their short-sighted and greedy “fix” to their past blunders will have long term ramifications that will cripple our already suffering medical system. I’m at a loss, perhaps the masses are ingesting so much fluoride from the toxic water Marin Municipal gives us that the world of WALL-E is closer than we think… “say it ain’t so…” Caroline Kim Jonsson, San Anselmo, CA _________________________________________ I am EMF sensitive, use to live under cell phone tower, had to run away from it. Now the worse nightmare had come true again, the smart meter just right out side and in our living space, in the front, on the back yard and everywhere around us. Try to escape but don’t know where to go, My vertigo is getting worse everyday, not even mention that awful nausea, leg cramp and so on.I work in a commercial kitchen because it is lined with mental walls, I swear to God, every time the radiation come through the wire and lights, it felt like a radiation chamber, we are being slowly cooked, I know people do not want to face it, it is inconvenience truth, but who know among my co-workers many of them whom had prior health concern is now been told need surgery and such, make me wonder how they going to recover from our radiated home, those female co-worker having more emotional break-down and don’t know why, can we make a connection here! Or we are going to pay a huge price for it. Robert Bucher, Sonoma ________________________________________ The smart meter was installed in my neighborhood about a week ago, after it was installed my dogs started going crazy. I have not had a good night sleep since. I tried to figure out anything that could be causing their change in behavior, but the only thing different was the smart meter. They act just like they do when there is a thunder storm or fireworks going off. They are constantly jumping up and down on me acting very nervous and never lying at rest. They act like they hear something and it is very upsetting to them. Can this be possible? Any other complaints from dog owners? PG&E left a flyer saying it has not been activated as of yet??? Would that make a difference to the high frequency? Any help would be appreciated and I will do all I can to help stop this process. M.R. Sonoma County PS. I realized that I also had a problem with my garage door opener. I had my garage open on two different occasions…I was very alarmed and upset because my side door is always opened for the dogs. I heard a loud roar and I couldn’t figure out what it was and upon opening the back door, I saw my garage door was up……lucky my dogs didn’t get out………I didn’t even think of the smart meter until now. This happened twice. I had to unplug it. I now believe the coffee pot was crackling from the electric outlet and not on………….I can’t be sure of the coffee pot because I can’t remember if I saw the green light on or not…but to be awakened in the middle of the night to popping sounds was very unusual. ADMIN note: This person’s meter was removed the very next day after they called PG&E. This is unusual, the majority of people who have complaints are unable to get them removed. ________________________________________ I have been living with a smart meter for only 3 weeks and have been suffering nausea, anxiety, depression and a low grade head ache. Prior to moving into a smart meter vicinity I had none of these symptoms. Smart meters emit pulsed microwave radiation which has been found by numerous studies to be health damaging. I want my smart meter removed but have been told by P G and E that I have no choice in this. I will continue protesting until my meter is removed and the longer I have to wait the more I will spread the word about P G and Es invasion of my privacy, installation of a health damaging device and refusal to remove it. I.W. Menlo Park CA ___________________________________________ I cannot explain nor rationalize what I have experienced in the past few months since PG&E installed a smart meter at my residence. Since February 2012 I have had experienced the following: My Labrador Retriever had a case of old dog vestibular “vertigo”, both my Schipperkes have been diagnosed with diabetes, one now has Cushing’s disease, I myself spent a day in the emergency room with vertigo and almost 3 weeks not being able to work due to the vertigo “ I still have symptoms” and now one of my dogs has an unexplained infection? I have been a licensed electrical contractor since 2004 and have been in the trades since 1993, I have never heard of anything like this nor would I believe a silly device on a pole 15’ from my home could cause such effects. It’s just, could it cause them? I do not see that the device at my home is UL Listed? Has it been tested? I called PG&E and asked to have it removed they said that there would be a fee to remove it and that the power I used from that day on would be charged at the highest rate? How can that be? Why have the PUC if they do not regulate the utility companies? M. F. Sonoma County ___________________________________________ I have been experiencing ringing in my ears at home for the last 5-6 days. I read an article last night about these smart meters causing tinnitus and I realized the ringing began the same time the meter was installed. I did a test today and while I was gone from my home for a few hours I did not have the ringing, yet after I was home for 1 hour my ears began to ring. How do we protect ourselves from this? No one asked if we wanted it, and If I can no longer deal with this problems where am I supposed to go if they are being erected all over the state of Ca? Maybe one by itself is not a problem, but think of how many neighbors you have all around you. That amount of EMF’s have got to become problematic. J.B. ____________________________________________ I have been trying to figure out why my daughter and I have had such intense headaches and now I know. I want my Smart Meter removed. I am the owner of this home and I should have the right to have or not have a unit that puts out so much radiation. I do not and have not ever had wireless internet or any wireless in my home and yet I have it stuck to my wall without knowing it. I’m very electrically sensitive. Since having it installed I have had very intense headaches that nothing helps as well as heart palpitations. I called PG&E today to ask that it be removed and they refused. I also filed a complaint with the CPUC today. We’ll see what happens. E.B. Stockton CA ____________________________________________ While my landlord and housemate and I have temporarily succeeded in preventing PG&E from removing our analog electric meter in favor of a wireless smart meter, my next door neighbor’s landlord thought it would be a fabulous idea to have one installed. This happened about a year back prior to the massive deployment now underway. Soon after the install, I began experiencing piercingly loud high-frequency ringing in my ears and noticeable cognitive impairment. I’ve also become unusually tired whether working at my home office desk, reading, or doing virtually any activity in this house, regardless of having had enough sleep. At first I thought these three symptoms were due to increased doses of Warfarin (generic version of Coumadin), a blood thinner I must take which precisely regulates blood viscosity to support optimum functionality of a mechanical mitral valve embedded in my heart. But, after Judy clued me in on the many dangers of smart meters and told me of the symptoms, I put two and two together and deduced the problems are most likely as a result of the smart meter on my neighbor’s home approximately 25-feet from my living quarters. She has also experienced cognitive impairment since she moved in. Unfortunately for her and her five-year-old son, the meter is outside the wall to the living room area. A. P., Los Osos, CA ___________________________________________ I have been disabled by electrosensitivity for about 5 years, but not to RF, just to ELF (power lines, motors, etc — magnetic fields). But since June of 2010 the area I have been in was thoroughly smart metered, so they have been all around me but not on the house I spend the most time in because we put up No Smart Meter signs. On one side of our house is a parking lot, and on the other was an abandoned house, which is now almost completely remodeled, and this is where the electric smart meter was installed, two weeks ago, just 10 feet away across the driveway, facing our home. I had some hope that I might be able to “live with” a smart meter — after all, so many people are seemingly unaffected. However, when I went to move the trash bins (which sit about 10 feet from it), the first thing I noticed was a headache and stiff neck, and a building up of an awful feeling that included nausea and dizziness. As the days went on, I noticed that it was hard to breathe well, like there was a weight on my chest, and tightness in my chest. I also noticed my heartbeat felt different. There was a feeling of panic, wanting to flee but nowhere to go. The nausea/dizzy feeling remained low-level, with some disorientation and balance problems, flu like symptoms. There were pains to the head that came on like strokes of pain from a whip, being laid deep into my brain. The smart meter seems to be transmitting two different qualities. One is a widespread field that attacks and drains you, and the other is the head pain that comes in sporadic waves and builds up along with a stiff neck and contributes to the draining effect. The pain I believe is from the pulses, which are completely unpredictable and can come several times a minute or there might be 20 minutes with none. The general field has a distinct character of its own, a very NASTY and aggressive character, that creates a sensation so bad that the effect over time is as if there are microscopic teeth constantly gnawing away at you. It is as if, at the most minute level, the cells of your body are being attacked. You become exhausted — you feel like you are under constant siege. The best description I could think of is that when you get away from it and are able to catch your breath and assess how you feel, it is like you have been taking a constant beating at the cellular level. You feel debilitated. I have a piece of very effective shielding cloth and that is really the only thing that made it possible for me to be in the house at all. I have one square-meter of this, which I folded over into a triangle and wore as a head-wrap. I contemplate getting enough of this shielding fabric to make a burka and/or drape over a small tent for a refuge. So I wanted to try to describe what it is like, the “smart meter air”: the air is filled with a kind of jangling, a very, very fine but nasty kind of shredding, grinding dissonance. A.C Alameda County ___________________________________________ A year ago I developed trigeminal neurolgia along with dizziness and weakness. Now I have peripheral neuropathy which includes burning, tingling and numbness. After reading the article in the LA Times about Smart Meters I called SCE to find out when they installed them here. They said May of 2010, a year ago, which coincides with my neuropathy. There are 8 condo’s utilities up against my bedroom wall. There are 8 more in the building close to my only other outside wall. I live in 500 sq. ft. There is no place to get away from being zapped. Please help. A.F. Orange County ___________________________________________ About a month after PG&E installed the smartmeters, my husband and I both started getting headaches, some so severe that sometimes I was getting blurred vision. We both had very loud piercing sounds in our ears. Finally my husband said it sounds like a telephone poll or something buzzing outside all night long. Last Easter, my sister offered to let us stay with her at the Horse Ranch for 2 weeks. First day the headaches went away, and that loud piercing sound in our ears went away overnight. Our sleep went back to normal. The entire time there, we both felt so refreshed from 3 months of agony. Not less than 2 days after we came back, it all started up again. Now I was nervous and my heart also started racing all of a sudden at times. From what all heard, it almost resembled an anxiety attack! Just that weekend at the PG&E office was people gathered about the smartmeters. I was curious and decided to listen in. Well, I was shocked! I just remembered that our smartmeters had been in for 4 months, and two of them were outside our bedroom wall. We immediately decided to switch the bedroom with the living room. In fact, sometimes if my husband leaves the bedroom door open, the whole house becomes infected with that piercing hiss and a pain at the back of your head. We looked for another apartment without a smartmeter, and found one in Santa Cruz. Since then, the only small hiss I heard of the marvelous ocean waves instead of that nagging piercing sounds. How on this precious earth can something so monsterous be allowed to continue?????? Posted by Ruth on EMF Safety Network ___________________________________________ I’m already electrically sensitive. I immediately feel very sick when I try to use a cell phone (and have for years). I feel dizzy in a home that has WiFi and also in banks, airports and places with a lot of radiation. Given this, I do not want (and will vehemently fight the installation of) a smartmeter. My 34 yr old daughter became immediately ill right after a smartmeter was installed on the house she was living in. Her symptoms were all the ones I’ve read about – strange headaches, pain in the ears, dizziness, heart stress and insomnia. She had to move from this house after a few months as she just couldn’t sleep! I cannot express strongly enough how criminal it feels to me that the CPUC has mandated 24/7 radiation into my home without my approval and without proper research on long term health effects. Why should I have to prove that EMF is harmful to me? The CPUC should have to prove that it’s not harmful. I have never seen such violation of our civil liberties and rights!!!! I demand that I have the right to keep my present analog meter with no additional cost! J. S. Lake County ___________________________________________ I am going to take on PG&E starting tomorrow for damaging my health due to the installation of 4 smart meters right outside my bedroom window, and since then my health has been continuously deteriorating. I have insomnia, nightmares, headaches like an ice pick is being jammed in my head, fogginess, blurred vision (and getting worse by the week), tinnitus, and heart palpitations, all of which never existed until the installation of the 4 smart meters last Summer, and gradually getting worse. I moved my bedroom into the living room, of which reduced the effects by half, but that’s not good enough when something that is killing you is still in your home! All of my symptoms are documented by my physician, but he said they are vague and cannot be evidenced as produced by smartmeters. I was a trained Naturopathic Doctor and absolutely know my own body, and every time I leave the house for extended periods of time, all the symptoms miraculously vanish! It has been a 5 month ordeal calling countless times, PG&E, the Smart Meter reps, both of which tell me there is nothing I can do since they claim they cannot remove the smartmeters… PERIOD! In retaliation, last month I gave them a decision to remove the smart meters in 10 days or I would remove them myself. A man called me from the Smart meter office and said the moment I remove even one of the meters, the police will be called and I will be put to jail. So, the only decision they gave me was to sit at home and die. Seriously… I think I have only a few months to live if they leave these meters outside my bedroom window. I spoke to 2 supervisors from Smart Meter company and both told me there is nothing they can do, and that there was going to be a public hearing about other complaints, but don’t know when, said it’s going to be a while… and couldn’t give me any date as to when I can expect a public hearing on the matter. Both confirmed to me on the phone that there is no reported adverse affects due to the smartmeters, and started trying to convince my body on how safe they are! However, because I know all too well here, one supervisor recommended that if I’m not happy where I live that I should just move out! I can’t afford to move out, and why would I want to if I’m very happy here apart from the damaging health due to the meters. This weekend I have finally had enough! I decided to take PG&E to court in a lawsuit. I am in process of locating the attorney as I write this. I am going tomorrow into the office of PG&E and giving them 10 days to remove the smart meters so it will be recorded on my account since jail or death is my only option at this point! So, my constitutional right to health is being outright violated by ELF Wave poisoning with Big Brother in complete control as someone who is slowly torturing and murdering me! PLEASE HELP, in any way you can, and QUICKLY! Please help do something about this before I am murdered by the PG&E company! I feel like my brain is exploding in my head and it’s getting worse by the day! A.S. Sonoma County _________________________________________ I have read in horror the testimonials on this website. My SM was installed at the end of October 2010. Since that time I have developed tinnitus, which is incredibly irritating, bordering on painful. The head of my bed was located on the opposite side of the wall on which the SM is located. I have moved my bed to the other side of the room, but I’m scared to death that it will get worse and that I will experience other symptoms, such as cardiac arrhythmia’s, which would be a disaster as there is a history of an inherited disease, Hypertrophhic Cardiomyopathy, in my family and my sister died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest last year, a common cause of death when you have this disease. I called PG&E in panic, but they are all inculcated with the corporate line that there is no research to support the claims of health problems. If this is true, why are so many of the people writing these testimonials talking about developing tinnitus? Where is the point organization that can fight this monster? Margery Entwisle Mill Valley, CA _________________________________________ Smart Meters were installed in my neighborhood on April 15, 2011. Since then I have had constant ringing in my ears. Smart Meters violate my constitutional right to be safe and secure in my home, 4th Amendment. Smart Meters violate my privacy and my health. This is a KILLER and you know it. S.B. Orange County CA _________________________________________ I’ve had the Smart Meter installed in my home several years ago. I am now wondering if the Smart Meter was the cause of my sudden onset chronic headaches and dizziness, vertigo, that has left me about 25% functional to this day. G.T. Sacramento ____________________________________________ I am VERY ill from the Smart Meters! And I am just putting together all the ways this equipment is ruining my health. This needs to stop NOW! W.T. San Mateo County ___________________________________________ I am (was) a very healthy individual, and have all the past medical information to prove it. In the last year I have been suffering illness that I feel is direclty related to the Smart Meter on my home. The electromagnetic currents are so strong I can feel them and hear them in my home. I now wake with headahces, I have dizzy spells, I’m getting skin rashes and more. I have repeatedly placed complaints with the CPUC and PG&E, to no avail. I have no alternative but to move to a house outside of the PG &E territory. Removing my meter alone won’t solve the problem. My house is at the hub, the terminal, for the neighborhood distrubution and the adjacent neighbor’s meters are on my side of their houses, putting me in direct line of currect for three homes. I want these things removed so I can resume my life, which is on hold. C.L. Yolo County ______________________________________ As an older adult who has been treated with radiation for lymphoma I am opposed to “smart” meters. I also cannot afford an expensive opt out plan. In fact I believe it is discriminatory to impose such fees on people who have legitimate health concerns. B.R. Marin County ____________________________________________ Since December I have been experiencing a terrible condition called Tinnitus. I hear sound in my head 24/7 which at times has left me unable to work or sleep and coincides with the installation of new smart meters on my home. Tinnitus is something I would never wish on anyone, it can drive one crazy. it has affected my work and my life. I want my life back. I demand more research done on health impacts of smart meters before installing them on anyone elses home! H.K. Alameda ________________________________________________________ Yes, I got big headaches, depress, and weak every night until early morning on my bed near smart meter. I can’ think straight out because of smart meter. I don’t feel like to eat because of sick every day. I went to Los Angeles, CA for visiting my sister and feel clear up my mind and restore my heath but I have to go back to my home and come back to sick again. Donna Avent, Taft, CA (Kern County) ________________________________________________________ Though I never was electrically sensitive before, an extreme exposure to Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from just one of PG&E’s digital SmartMeters, (from 10/31/09 to 3/3/10), left me as an electrically sensitive person. Along the way, the experience of dealing with PG&E to take the SmartMeter out was truly creepy. Now, a year after the SmartMeter was removed, 30% of the symptoms still rule my life. Here is the sequence of events: In early December 2009, I began experiencing nights of fitful sleeplessness. I soon had less and less energy in the day time. I began having localized headaches and worried why I was constantly a bit dizzy. In January the dizziness became worse and I began feeling very oddly ‘spaced out’. I began having strange strong cramps in my legs at night that woke me up. My eyes were constantly extremely itchy and incredibly light sensitive, often with strong pains in my right eye. My normal mild tinnitus was far far worse. Also my familiar chest pressure and pains were far more pronounced and far more often. I had no idea these things were related. At first I just felt guilty I had allowed myself to get so out-of-shape that I could not find a solution to the horrible insomnia. By January I had such serious memory problems I often could not remember what I was doing from one minute to the next. I would find myself standing still, staring into space, and vaguely realizing that something must be wrong with me. By February, when speaking, hard as I tried, I could not remember the most common words, and was spelling words phonetically. Also, the stutter I had as a child began to return. By the end of February I realized I was becoming more and more dizzy as the days went by. One day I was so dizzy, I literally could not walk and was actually staggering. Also, by then, I frequently saw in the mirror that my face was Bright Bright Red. And since I had no feeling of being hot, I finally knew something was really very wrong and that the cause was not insomnia. But I had absolutely no idea what the cause could be. It is only because of two purely chance incidents that I discovered the cause was just one SmartMeter seven feet below my bed. In January and again in February a friend using my garage as a theater rehearsal space, twice came upstairs to the apartment to tell me that as a person who rarely got headaches, he could not figure out why lately whenever he was in the garage he would get horrific headaches. But, as it turns out, he had been sitting and standing about ten feet from the SmartMeter. Through this whole experience, there were two ambulance trips to the emergency room for racing heart. Both times at the onset I was in no stress whatever. When the pills that are supposed to slow the heart rate down did not work, I had no choice but to call an ambulance. Both times, at the hospital, my heart checked out just fine. The first time was before the SmartMeter was taken out. The second ambulance trip to the ER was one morning 6 weeks after the SmartMeter was taken out. I had been sitting for a few hours at my desk 25 feet from a power pole. This was the day I realized that even though the SmartMeter had been taken out, it had left me as an electrically sensitive person and I could no longer use that office or enjoy that roof garden as I had for the past 30 years. For this whole past year since the SmartMeter was taken out, I have had to completely interrupt my cultural-exchange business and personal life to only focus on finding ways
  6. YOUR VOICE COUNTS…We have hundreds of people visiting the blog each week. You are finding us because you hear the constant microwave signal leakage radiating from the power grid across the country. The backbone of the smart grid rolled out regardless of the fact that the power grid was not designed to carry radio frequencies. These engineers who write their papers conceptualizing about how B-PLC is possible are bias and have not experienced in a lab the kind of real time environment is impacted by this technology. Using the spectrum of frequencies for the smart grid mesh layer of communication is not viable and not possible with the existing infrastructure of the power grid. This is a deadly game you are playing with our lives. I have heard from individuals who considered suicide rather to endure the daily barrage of electro magnetic noise bombarding their bodies without relief or choice of any relief. If someone smokes you can set rules that you cannot smoke in my home. People do not own their private space because of this leakage; they cannot escape from this microwave weapon transmitting into everyone’s homes.

    What do you say to someone that is in fear that they cannot continue to do their jobs because they are exhausted from the nightly torture perpetrated by you, the utilities and you, the regulatory agencies that aid and abet this activity? We tell them to hang in there because we will get them and that is my promise to you, the greedy morons who have implemented this technology. There are people across the country fighting the utilities about the noise pollution and what do they do? They continue to ignore and dismiss, isolating good people who are trying to seek answers to why this is happening to them. A class action suit is imminent and just over the horizon. This is what I live for now. Yes, instead of enjoying my remaining time on this planet the joy I look forward to seeing the utilities and everyone who is affiliated with this attack on humanity exposed and accountable for the pain and suffering you have wreaked on humanity.

    Deficiency of the Massachusetts Pure Tone Noise Regulation
    By Michael Bahtiarian, INCE Bd. Cert.
    Noise Control Engineering, Billerica, MA
    Presented at the Acoustical Society of America
    157th Meeting in Portland, OR, May 20, 2009
    The State of Massachusetts is not in the business of protecting the health of its citizens. It is in the business of protecting theirs interests. The main excuse that is scripted by all agencies are the words “We do not have the resources” This is not acceptable. Your job is to advocate for the citizens.

    Barbara Kwetz signed the document that adopted the EPA regulations in 1990 regulating pure tones. Pure Tones were determined by the EPA to be an air pollutant. They are not allowed in the air in Massachusetts. THEY ARE ILLEGAL FOR ANY SOURCE TO EMIT PURE TONES. IF THE SOURCE DOES THE LAW IS ENFORCED BY KWETZ’S DEPARTMENT. Kwetz/DEP had noise studies in thier possession in 2007 proving illegal pure tones were in our air in our community. The regional office DEP and Boston DPU closed complaints without a docket number allowing us to proceed with a hearing. When Bob Weller of the FCC emailed DEP commissioner Laurie Burt informing her that he felt there were multiple issue going on our town Burt handed it Kwetz agiain ignoring the evidence. Kwetz turned us over the Dept of Health, Bob Knorr where Kwetz washed her hands of it in her Dept once again wasting our time while we suffer daily being tortured by the microwave radiation and noise. This is blatant abuse of our right to protection under the law.

    We had numerous phone calls/email (double talk) lasting over a year from Kwetz and Knorr. The DEP fact sheet states noise complaints are turned over to Board of Health unless pure tones are found and the source is unknown. We not only had the evidence of pure tones that the DEP in Springfield recognized; we pointed to the only source, the utilities. Our power Quality evidence proved this too. Kwetz played dumb aware of the fact the pure tones were in the studies.You will have a hard time explaining this all away.
    Page 18 of the 36 page report  Deficiency of the Massachusetts Pure Tone Noise Regulation you will see the document Barbara Kwetz signed as ACTING DIRECTOR OF AIR COMPLIANCE. PURE

    The violation of our air quality impacts every citizen where there is microwave wireless transmission. That is pretty much everywhere. It is leaking in our environment 24 hours a day. Believe the ones who hear this torture and the as well as the victims who feel the radiation and are deeply impacted. This technology is deeply flawed and the government cannot ignore it any longer.

    1Umweltanalytik und Baubiologie,
    Meisenburgstrasse 25, D-45133 Essen, Germany
    2Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc.,
    1106 Second Street, Encinitas CA 92024, USA
    The use of DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) cordless phones has been

    The use of DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) cordless phones has been a major health and
    environmental concern in Europe and especially in Germany for years.The biological concern arose from studies
    on HF (high frequency) sources such as GSM cellular phones and towers. Digital cordless phones are also
    available in the USA – marketed as 2.4 GHz digital technology. A digital cordless phone was placed in a
    representative private home in California and HF measurements were conducted at different locations inside,
    using frequency selective spectrum analysis to obtain the cordless phone power densities. The results showed
    that the radiation patterns and levels emitted by the small cordless phone base station are almost identical to the
    DECT technology – also digitally pulsed and permanent microwave radiation. The power density values
    presented for each room inside the home can be compared to average DECT cordless phone radiation exposures
    found in German homes. The maximum power density was found to be over 500,000 μW/m2 at a normally
    encountered distance (about 1 – 2 feet) if the base station is placed on an office desk or bedside table. The
    radiation peak values in the same room are higher than those encountered in proximity to cellular base stations
    located near residential buildings.


  10. The State Regulatory Agencies, Verizon and National Grid came to our town nearly 3 years later, after they formed the Quadruple State/utilities Initiative they showed up with State employees (non expert) to oversee the utilities in testing specific to the protocol design. The utilites had already been here numerous times and reported no issues to the State. The State also came here numerous times and all of them combined never followed the proper protocol for testing for pure tones, but closed our case, nevertheless. it wasn’t until we did our own Dranetz power quality monitoring and found numerous non compliance issues on the part of the electric company, (National Grid) did they decide to form this task force avoiding the language reopening our case or giving us a case number or docket number in which the State refused to issue our complaint.

    I have attached a letter from the Governor promising to move our complaint to the proper agencies, since 2 years had passed without proper action on the part of the utilities or the State. When I followed up by calling Governor Patrick’s office; the aid told me they can’t do anything else and that the invite to contact them was for any other issue other than this one! I could not believe my ears even though at the same time I expected it. Obviously, it was empty words. Then after being told that Barbar Kwetz, from DEP was informing the chain of command all the way up as to the progress of this Initiative plan; the Governor’s office returned a call after saying they would check into what is going on; they responded by saying The DEP and the State is never coming here! This was totally bogus and again proved the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. I told the girl, she is totally misinformed and what she said is wrong and hung up.

    The protocol was not designed to investigate RF/microwave pollution; even when we submitted our forensic proof of a constant noise, modulating pulse in our community; the State refused to incorporate this into their plan. The State did not order National Grid to do complete power quality monitoring as we did and submitted, showing non compliance safety and health issues. All we received from their power quality testing is Voltage readings!! When we ask where the rest of it is, we do not get a response. National Grid failed to complete the proper testing protocol for Pure tone overnight measurements in our home and outside. The meter outside was set up to go on for one minute then go off. it was supposed to record overnight. The meter they set up in our bedroom was programmed for broadband measurements and not set up for pure tone measurements, as described in the protocol.

    The State has acknowledged finding pure tones when they did snap shot testing during the day. But, they are diminishing the fact that they were present! A pure tone is a pure tone is a pure tone. The spokesperson representing the TEAM is not an expert in any of the areas of concern; yet he is arguing with what is clearly stated in the MA Noise Laws? Why, if he works for us, the citizens of the State does he want to argue this evidence? We know and understand how pure tones are a health hazard because we are living with them. We have been exposed to this horror continuously for over 5 years. There is a serious disconnect with the Regulatory Agencies. They are not working on the side of its citizens. It is clear they are on the side of commerce. At every turn they have allowed the utility to call the shots in this investigation.

    Their decision is pending as to what they intend to do here. We are not confident that they will do the right thing. It has been 5 months since they tested and have not shared anything with us that would indicate they are going to hold the utilities accountable to fix these environmental issues.

    UPDATE: October 2011 The State closed the investigation without completing the protocol they designed to test in our town. They did this regardless of the fact they found pure tone noise in their daytime measurements. Kerry Bowie who was the team leader (our contact) of the multi-agency/utilty initiative gave no explanation as to why they ignored forensic evidence repeatedly confirming a constant modulating pulse in our environment that is present throughout the town. The complaints filed by several residents was ignored as well. The State clearly was not interested in getting to the truth or the source which clearly pointed to the electric grid which is leaking radiation noise and dirty electricity caused by the communication layer of the not so smart, Smart Grid Network. The noise was not present in our community until they turned on the PLC (powerline communication) for the wireless meters. A meter was put on our without permission in September of 2006. We were unaware this was on our home when we began hearing the harmonics and noise, as well as physically feeling the impact of the high EMF
    radiation the network sends through the wires to our homes. The timeline points to the power grid as it has redpeated been confirmed by victims across the United States who felt and heard the same effects while unaware that a wireless meter was installed without their consent or knowledge.

    The Environmental crime being perpetrated by those of authority who stand by is a failure to do their jobs, repeated ignoring of enforcing the laws that protect its citizens, lack of due process of the law, collusion, fraud, invasion of privacy, trespassing, nuisance causing stress debilitating health and even death. Those who are accomplices to one of the biggest environment crimes in the History of mankind.

    It is time for the media to report the truth. It is also time for a Federal law suit. The top of the food chain is the D.O.E (department of energy) along with all the affiliates contributing to this devestating and horrific genocide of humans and animals. Victims across the U.S.A., Canada and around the Globe where the Smart Grid Network is being implemented have filed complaints with their utilities and Regulatory Agencies, but have also been met with a dumbed down mentality.
    You can’t have it both ways, meaning if you are going to play with potentially biologically incompatible microwave radio frequencies, you better know when there is a problem and you know that this problem is huge and will require you dipping into your billion dollars of investors profits to fix it; if it can be fixed. The management and skill level required to manage the unending areas where all the connections meet and are capable of leaking radiation, alone, makes Broadband over powerlines an impossible feat. Something engineers have confirmed for decades. This was a deperate attempt to use an aging and inadaquate infrastructure that was designed to deliver electricity and not designed to carry Radio frequencies over uninsulated wires, but they are doing it regardless of the harm it is doing.

    Write a complaint to your State Regulatory agency demanding action and demanding a safer smart grid network.

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