Petition to Attorney General of Massachusetts regarding Smart Meter Program “Opt Out” Rights

Enforce The Energy Policy Act of 2005 allowing hardwired meters if requested.


Massachusetts residents go to this link to sign the petition:  It is easy and quick, type name and address and click sign.


I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and the Commissioner of the Department of Public Utilities.

Enforce The Energy Act of 2005 allowing hardwired meters if requested.

The Energy Act of 2005 states that the Smart Meter Program is not a mandate. Smart meters include any all wireless meters that transmit microwave radiation.
Citizens have a right to Opt out of the Smart Meter Program.   Our rights have been violated.   The State and Utilities have installed these meters without the legal consent of the residents of Massachusetts.   They have ignored demands from residents to remove the meters.   Many residents would rather have meters hardwired to the land lines, a much safer and environmentally friendly alternative.

Citizens across the country are experiencing negative health issues as a result of the meters’ microwave radiation. Symptoms range from insomnia, headaches, nervous tension, heart palpitations, skin conditions to name a few.   Also Considering the security breach this technology presents, interference it can cause to people with medical implants, along with false claims of energy savings; this technology adds no benefit to the consumer.

Because of these problems, there is mass opposition and support for alternatives.

Never in the history of mankind have all living things been exposed to microwave radiation levels pulsing 24 hours a day non stop and with no way to escape the biological interference.

Our Human Rights are being violated.   We have a right to the peace and protection of our well-being in our own home and the advocacy of the State to ensure this is enforced on our behalf.

Citizens of Massachusetts must not allow this untested, unsafe technology into our communities.   Please sign and distribute this petition to friends, family and coworkers.



[Your name]

Steps to Remove a Wireless or Smart Meter:

 1.  Locate your utility company’s Terms and Conditions of Distribution Service.
The MDPU has copies.
You can go to The Energy and Environmental Affairs site at and do a search
or you can locate these documents by googling the key words:
Service documents, Terms and Conditions of Service, Customer Rights, etc…
For National Grid it was found by googling Terms and Conditions of Service, and was found on the National Grid website under Service documents, after googling National Grid.
2.   Once you have the document, read it carefully to locate your rights about removing or requesting a new meter.
i.e.,  National Grid allows customers to request a change in meter when customers request such changes in writing. National Grid’s Terms of Service state the company will replace the meter within 30 days of such request.
3.   Whether or not your company has such a clause allowing you to make a request in writing, send a written request to your utility company, with your account number and address, asking them to replace your wireless meter with an analog meter that has no radio frequency transmitters, no chips, and no wireless capacity. Keep a copy for your records.
4.   Send a demand letter to your company regarding your wish to have the right to opt out of the smart meter program as per the US Energy and Policy Act of 2005, as per the demand letter format provided by Jerry Day at   In this letter, make a demand that your utility company remove the current wireless meter and replace it with a meter that has no radio frequency transmitters, no chips, and no wireless capacity.  Notarize the letter, keep the original and send a copy to the Utility and a copy to your PUC.
5.   If/When the company sends you a letter saying that they will either not replace the meter or that you will have to wait until they can accommodate you, send another letter requesting that the meter be replaced within 30 days or you will replace the meter yourself with an analog meter that you can purchase on your own from Jerry Day @
6.   Whether or not the company responds, when 30 days have passed, call the company to let them know you are ready to replace the meter, and that you have an analog meter in your possession and you wish one of their technicians to come out to install it.   They will probably tell you that you cannot do that, but tell them on the phone that you will give the company 1 week from the date you called to come out and do the exchange.   Keep a log of the phone call and who you spoke with at the company.
7.   Whether or not the company responds, send a complaint to the Department of Public Utilities on The Energy and Environmental Affairs site @ and do a search for online complaint form.  In your complaint, be sure to outline all of the steps you have taken to have the meter replaced, and the letters you have sent, phone calls you have made, give dates and names of people you spoke to.  Inform DPU that you will replace the meter yourself unless the utility company makes a plan to do so within the next week. Let DPU know that the meter you have purchased has been tested by the manufacturer and has been deemed to be safe and appropriate (this will be true) and you feel the company has failed to respond to your requests in the past, which you believe is a violation of your customer rights.  Let DPU know you believe the company has violated your rights as per Chapter 93A, fraud and deception.  Try to cite as many references from your company’s Terms and Conditions of Service that apply in your case, where the company did not abide by its terms of service or denied your requests, including failure to respond, or denying prompt service. Ask DPU to forward this complaint to the utility company, and email the content of the complaint to your utility company. You can do this by cutting and pasting it into an email.
8.   In most cases, the DPU will not authorize electric companies to terminate service unless a customer has failed to pay a bill.   So continue to pay your bills on time.
If the company threatens to terminate service, remind the company that you have paid your bills and that they will have no reasonable basis to terminate service should you change the meter yourself.   Give them permission to come to test the meter themselves, but let them know the manufacturer has already deemed it to be safe and appropriate.   Let them know you would prefer the company to change the meter but that you will do what you need to do to remove the meter yourself if the company refuses to comply with your request. Ask the company to inform you of your rights to a hearing in such cases.   Tell them you will expect to receive this information immediately.
9.   Send all copies of your correspondence with the utility companies to the DPU, via complaint forms online or by mail. Let your company know you are doing so.
10.   If still no response from the utility company, be prepared to replace the meter yourself. It is VERY EASY TO DO.  See Jerry Day @
11.   Contact the Department of Public Utilities and request a hearing.
This is a website that has a tool for tracking symptoms after a smart meter is installed:

Find a Local Group

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1.49.56 PMBelow is a list of individuals and organizations working to oppose ‘smart’ meters and raise awareness of wireless health impacts around the world. Inclusion is based solely on our common goal of stopping ‘smart’ meters, and does not imply  endorsement of all political perspectives represented.

We are a growing movement, thanks to you! If you can’t find your area on this list- we can help you start your own Stop Smart Meters! group where you live.  Also, if you have any changes to the information below go to drop us  a line:


Link to database:



Smart Grid
An Explanation For The Layman  or  How Smart Grid Will Affect Your Life by Victor Nixon

EXCERPT: Page 3 of 27

2.1.2 Since 2006 reported incidences have been steadily growing worldwide of a persistent, unstoppable, diesel engine-type noise suddenly appearing in people’s lives. Reports from individuals around the world indicate that, at times, these emissions appear to be sufficiently powerful to shake the ground.
2.1.3 To add to these individual’s distress this noise appears to be coming from everywhere at once 24/7 with no particular direction of origin, always louder indoors. Exhaustion and many other symptoms follow seemingly endless sleepless nights.
2.1.4 The second factor causing anguish is that individuals hearing this noise find that they seem to be alone with their problem. Everyone they ask cannot hear it.
2.1.5 Many of these people, in their frustration, contact government agencies and are told that they probably have Tinnitus and should see a medical doctor. A visit to an MD usually does not diagnose Tinnitus
2.1.6 This noise ranges in volume from a background hum through to a running truck outside your window. Many people also report symptoms of abdominal and/or chest pain accompanying this noise’s presence. There are those that also suffer from severe emotional distress manifesting itself as trepidation, revulsion, nervousness, and dread, among others. People around the globe tell of suddenly feeling exhausted when exposed to these emissions.
2.1.7 There is a correlation between sub-items 2.1.2 and 2.1.6 and human reaction to infrasound:

If you are hearing tinnitus like symptoms and or constant noise as described in the “Hum” descriptors please follow the link below to submit your testimonial.



  1. Worcester, Massachusetts speaks out against Smart Meter Program and Pilot proposed by National Grid. Why is Governor Patrick in such a hurry along with the DPU, when the Pilot Program has not been completed? Could it be they did not expect the opposition the State is receiving from its citizens?
    Why do they even need a pilot program when this technology is already failing across the country. The Health complaints are mounting daily. the lies and misleading statements are being refuted by the studies and by the researchers, doctors, scientists who are speaking out against this dangerous technology being forced on the public.

    The utilities and industry supporters don’t need to be educated to the facts and the truth. They know what we know and will continue to lie to the public, just like the Tobacco Industry got away with, until the health issues were overwhelming obvious. We cannot afford to make the same mistake, at the expense of our loved ones. There is nothing polite or kind about what they are doing to us. You have a right to be angry and even enraged at the corruption and inhumanity of the culture of thinking in the corporate take over of our government. The Corporate government is intimidating those who could help us, into submission by threatening their reputations and livelihoods.

    Why do you think the media is not covering RF/Emf and smart meter issues? Do you ever see this discussed in the news? There are small pockets of cable stations and independent reporters trying to get the word out, as well as the activists volunteering their time to help those who are ill and those who are still uninformed. Our public radio station in Albany, NY will not even touch this. What about the poor individuals who are electro-hyper sensitive and are not properly diagnosed by their medical practitioners, because they don’t recognize that the illness did not come before RF exposure, but it came because of the exposure to RF. RF exposure puts everyone at risk. It does not discriminate. Listen to the council person in this video clip, who puffed up his chest and raised his voice to defend the honor and integrity of a faceless corporation, National Grid and then compare the substance of what he is spewing with the souls of the individuals testifying about their nightmare living with this pollution. We simply cannot allow this poison in our environment.

  2. Smart Meter “Malfunction” Causes Pennsylvania Apartment Building Fire

    Posted on February 14, 2014

    A fast-moving apartment building fire occurred on Thursday, February 6, 2014, in Bensalem, Pennsylvania when at least one smart meter exploded and caught fire. Thirty (30) residents were displaced by the ensuing blaze at Bensalem’s Thunder Hollow apartments. Sixteen (16) apartments were affected. One firefighter was injured. According to the Bucks County Courier Times, the Bensalem Battalion Chief Robert Sponheimer said the fire started in a utility meter in an outside shed that housed electrical meters. He also said “residents reported hearing a loud bang, then losing power Thursday evening. Within minutes they saw smoke pouring out of the shed. The fire
    then spread to the building and its roof.”

  3. Medical Advisory: Wi-Fi & Children’s Health
    April 2013

    International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) Classified “Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields” “emitted by wireless communication devices” as Type 2B Possible Carcinogen (possible cancer risk to humans). The WHO report concluded that “additional research is important”; and advised the public, particularly young adults and children, to “take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure”. As affirmed by Dr. Robert Baan of IARC, this classification 2B, possibly carcinogenic, is not limited to cellphone radiation, it “holds for all types of radiation within the radiofrequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum, including the radiation emitted by base-station antennas, radio/TV towers, radar, Wi-Fi, smart meters, etc.”
    Other commonly-known carcinogens under 2B classification include Lead, DDT, HIV, Methyl Mercury, Chloroform, Diesel Engine Exhaust etc. Group 1 Carcinogenic to humans Group 2A Probably carcinogenic to humans Group 2B Possibly carcinogenic to humans Group 3 Not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans Group 4 Probably not carcinogenic to humans

  4. Marilynne Martin 420 Cerromar Ct. Unit #162 Venice, FL 34293 941-244-0783
    Ms. Carlotta S. Stauffer
    Florida Public Service Commission Commission Clerk
    2540 Shumard Oak Boulevard
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0850

    February 4, 2014

    Re: Docket No. 130223-EI, Petition for a Formal Evidentiary Proceeding

    Petitioner Marilynne Martin resides in a condominium and owns an end unit, which has 10 meters, banked directly behind her bedroom wall. Up until January 12, 2014 she was able to retain all analog meters through much duress and inconvenience as she is the only full-time resident in her building and the installation process occurred when neighbors were up north and difficult to contact. Since January 12, 2014 two neighbor’s meters were replaced with smart meters and she now has lost the use of her master bedroom for sleeping purposes. Ms. Martin refuses to consent to the
    installation of smart meters primarily due to her belief that there are negative long-term health effects to sleeping behind an active communication network and she does not consent to her detailed usage data being unnecessarily collected. Petitioner Shari Anker resides with her mother and co-owner of the residence Petitioner Patricia Denunzio. Ms. Anker is disabled living on Social Security Disability Insurance. Her disability began in 1998 and is for multiple chemical sensitivity that is affected by the pulsed Radio Frequency Radiation (“RFR”) emitted by smart meters. She became very ill when a smart meter was installed on a neighbor’s home and did not improve until it was removed.She is under treatment by an immunologist, who is documenting (with blood profiles) her decline in health since the smart meters were installed in her neighborhood. Since she is on a fixed income, she is unable to afford the fees for her meter and her neighbor’s meter and
    is unable to move. She refuses to consent to the installation of a smart meter for health reasons and requests a zone of safety from the neighbor’s meter.

    To read full 63 page comment click on Document 00583-14

  5. SGA Conference, Parliament House, Canberra, 5th March 2014

    SGA’s first conference for 2014 will concentrate on our smart grid future and what is needed to make it happen. We have an opportunity to discuss this with key politicians, both within the conference setting as well as in an informal way, during cocktails and the diner.
    We have keynote speaker confirmations from:
    •Hon Ian Macfarlane, Minister for Industry
    •Hon Gary Gray, Shadow Minister for Resources and Energy
    •Hon Senator Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens

    The Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt, Shadow Minister for the Environment Mark Butler and Senator Stephen Conroy have all marked the event in their diaries and we can expect some of them as well as some of their advisers and senior bureaucrats.
    Furthermore, there will be two panel sessions following expert presentations, one on the vision and strategies for a smart technology future and the other on the key trends and developments in our fast moving industry.

    Full info at:

  6. Here’s an excerpt from a letter I sent to Tom Wheeler of the FCC today.

    “I live in a single-family home in Ann Arbor Michigan, close to power lines and a transformer. Since the installation of the smart metering system in our neighborhood — which uses a mesh network of communications, wireless signal boosters, and cell relay devices — our house has acquired a set of loud and irritating noises. These include: a lower-pitched ringing noise, a very high frequency noise, and an intermittent pinging or signal. My teenage children and I hear these noises constantly. The noise disrupts our sleep and at times when it is louder causes headaches. We feel uncomfortable in our home. I have recorded the noise in my home using a simple Snowball microphone and laptop, and have found frequencies up to 20 kHz (the limit of the recording device). Complaints filed with the utility and my state public service commission have not resulted in any action. We have “opted-out” of the smart meter program for a fee, which reduced but did not eliminate the noise in our home. Prior to opting-out, the noise was so loud that it was torturous. I am requesting an investigation by the FCC of this complaint. If the smart grid technology is found to induce noise in very high frequencies in entire neighborhoods, those high frequencies will be disruptive to human health whether they are directly perceived by the public or not.”*

    It’s unwise — perhaps foolish — to blanket the entire population with very high frequency sound. This is tantamount to torture for some individuals, and sets off a chain of very negative health impacts for many people.

    *Update 12-14-2013: Here is the FCC’s reply to my complaint. Is this a tacit admission of interference by the smart meter? See below:

    Dec 12 (2 days ago)

    to me

    You are receiving this email in response to your inquiry to the FCC.

    Dear Consumer,

    Smart meters record the consumption of electricity, natural gas, or water as delivered to consumers and transmit the information wirelessly back to utility companies for monitoring and billing purposes. Smart meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the utility’s central monitoring system. Some smart meters are also designed to transmit real-time information to the consumer and to collect information from the consumer’s appliances, although these features are generally not yet available.

    Smart meters typically operate in the 900 megahertz or 2.4 gigahertz frequency range. Frequencies near 2.4 GHz are where many Wi-Fi devices operate. Frequencies near 900 MHz are commonly used by cordless (not cellular) telephones. Operation in these frequency bands does not require a license from the FCC but does require equipment certification. Because a license is not required, no interference protection is afforded. Peak power levels of up to 1 watt are permitted for unlicensed devices, but most devices transmit infrequently, so the average power is less. Smart Meters generally transmit for no more than a few seconds each hour.

    Smart meter transmitters are tested for compliance with FCC rules addressing interference and safety. Data from smart meter testing can be accessed through the FCC’s Equipment Authorization web page at Access to the data for specific models of smart meters requires knowledge of the FCC ID which may be shown on the meter or available from the utility or manufacturer.

    Thank You

    Representative Number : TSR58



    If a noise is made up of only one frequency alone, it is called a pure tone noise.

    When it consists of a spectrum of different frequencies with various sound pressures, it is a broad-band noise. Pitch is the subjective perception of a tone that enables the observer to identify the tone. The rate of energy imparted to the sound wave by the sound source is called sound power and is measured in watts (W). When the sound power radiates away from the source in the form of a sound wave, the energy transmit-
    ted through a unit area of the imaginary surface perpendi- cular to its path is the sound intensity. This is measured in watts per square meter (W/m2). Both the frequency spectrum and the intensity of a noise are important for assessing its adverse health effects.

    • Noise Pollution Affects Coral Reef Fish

      Human noise pollution can lead fish away from good habitats.

      October 7, 2011

      Research on the Great Barrier Reef suggests that noise pollution can lead fish away from good habitats. Fish larvae, after developing in the plankton for weeks at sea, rely on sounds from fish, shrimp and sea urchins to lead them back home to their coral reefs. Exposure to noise pollution from ships, wind farms adn oil prospecting can cause fish to be attracted to the wrong sounds.

      Steve Simpson, Ph.D., from the University of Bristol’s School of Biological Sciences, and his research team collected baby damselfish as they were returning to the reefs. The team put them in tanks with underwater speakers playing natural reef noise or a synthesized mix of pure tones. The next night, the fish were put in tubes with natural and artificial sounds playing at each end — the fish could swim toward the natural or artificial sounds. All of the fish seemed attracted to the reef noises, but only the fish exposed to the tone mix swam toward it. This suggests that fish can learn a new sound, can discriminate between sounds and can become attracted to sounds that may lead them to their demise.

      Reference: “Human Noise Pollution in Ocean Can Lead Fish Away from Good Habitats and Off to Their Death.” August 13, 2010.”
      Journal Reference:
      1.Stephen D. Simpson, Mark G. Meekan, Nicholas J. Larsen, Robert D. McCauley, and Andrew Jeffs. Behavioral plasticity in larval reef fish: orientation is influenced by recent acoustic experiences. Behavioral Ecology, 2010; 21 (5): 1098 DOI: 10.1093/beheco/arq117

  8. EMFs & Dirty Electricity INVISIBLE THREAT The Link Between Wireless Radiation and a Host of Serious Illnesses by Frank Clegg – See more at:


    The longtime president of Microsoft Canada is now our country’s leading advocate for wireless radiation safety. Vitality invited high tech leader Frank Clegg, now CEO of the new non-profit organization, Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST), to update our readers on what Canada is (or is not) doing to protect your health, and what you can do in this election year to protect yourself and your children. Here is a report on his research and conclusions. – See more at:

  9. Published on Jan 31, 2014

    Matthias Moser est électro-sensible depuis 21 ans. Il ne peut pas dormir dans une maison raccordée au réseau électrique, ni rester à proximité d’antennes relais ou de lignes à haute tension. Il dort dehors sous quelques planches, au froid, il souffre, sa santé se détériore toujours un peu plus. Je l’ai rencontré cet après-midi. Il y a urgence. Nous devons agir. Nous ne pouvons laisser un de nos contemporains souffrir autant et ne pas avoir des conditions de vie décente. J’en appelle à votre bon coeur, votre soutien. Nous avons besoin d’argent pour construire dans une zone blanche une petite cabane en bois isolée pour Matthias. Contactez notre association “Les ateliers du coeur” au 03 89 81 83 22 ou par mail Merci

    English translation:
    Matthias Moser is electro-sensitive 21 years. He can not sleep in a house connected to the mains, or remain close to antennas or high-voltage lines. He sleeps outside under some boards, cold, he suffers, his health still deteriorates further. I met this afternoon. There is urgency. We must act. We can not let one of our contemporaries suffer so much and do not have decent living conditions. I appeal to your good heart, your support. We need money to build in a white box a small wooden hut isolated Matthias. Contact our association “Workshops of the heart” to 03 89 81 83 22 or by email Thanks

  10. S, Silvia Silvia S| | Add to Contacts Edit Contact
    Today, Tuesday, Feb 4 03:08 AM | Show Details | View source reply-to

    The Noise in my home..

    I definitely hear the high frequency electrical noise inside my home. I removed my opt-our smart meter and replaced with an analog meter and my symptoms improved from the same day… But there still is a high frequency electrical noise inside my home. It is bothersome and annoying,

    I want to get rid of this noise. But how? The power company is so ignorant regarding our issues, its all about profits to them.

    I live in Michigan.
    Silvia S
    Westland, MI. 48185

  11. Part 2: So how does it affect me? By victor Nixon

    2.0 BPL Explained

    2.1 This document explains the origin of a global phenomenon known as “The Hum” in terms that can be understood by a non-technical individual. It examines and explains the Smart Grid backbone communications system; Broadband over Power Lines (BPL); its impact on the individual person from a physiological perspective. That is, the effects of BPL-derived emissions on a person’s physical and mental state.

    The electrical power industry has, for more than 40 years, attempted to increase the overall throughput or transfer speeds of data signals on the overhead power lines. In the 1970’s it was Bristol, England that was the focus of attention regarding the ominous “Hum”, it is a classic example: Then followed Taos, New Mexico; Kokomo, Michigan; and a slew of other locations worldwide.

    Every one of these projects was ultimately terminated as the emissions were unpredictable and widespread. The equipment was de-energized, and removed; the emissions disappeared and the “Mysterious Worldwide Hum” remained mysterious. One of the latest cases is Windsor, Ontario, just across the Rouge River from Detroit, Michigan. Their emissions and noise were blamed on railroad cars on Zug Island which have been in operation for over 100 years. Between Zug Island and Windsor is a large Smart Grid/BPL control center.

    This time around, on a global scale, it appears that the copious amounts of money that can and are being made from BPL/B-PLC implementation is worth the risk of massive damage to populations (human and otherwise), the food chain, and entire ecosystems worldwide.

    BPL is sometimes referred to as Broadband Power Line Communication (B-PLC), or its USA FCC (Federal Communications Commission) roll-out moniker: Access BPL.

    2.1.2 Since 2006 reported incidences have been steadily growing worldwide of a persistent, unstoppable, diesel engine-type noise suddenly appearing in people’s lives. Reports from individuals around the world indicate that, at times, these emissions appear to be sufficiently powerful to shake the ground.

    2.1.3 To add to these individual’s distress this noise appears to be coming from everywhere at once 24/7 with no particular direction of origin, always louder indoors. Exhaustion and many other symptoms follow seemingly endless sleepless nights.

    2.1.4 The second factor causing anguish is that individuals hearing this noise find that they seem to be alone with their problem. Everyone that they ask cannot hear it.

    2.1.5 Many of these people, in their frustration, contact government agencies and are told that they probably have Tinnitus and should see a medical doctor. A visit to an MD usually does not diagnose Tinnitus

    2.1.6 This noise ranges in volume from a background hum through to a running truck outside your window. Many people also report symptoms of abdominal and/or chest pain accompanying this noise’s presence. There are those that also suffer from severe emotional distress manifesting itself as trepidation, revulsion, nervousness, and dread, among others. People around the globe tell of suddenly feeling exhausted when exposed to these emissions.

    2.1.7 There is a correlation between sub-items 2.1.2 and 2.1.6 and human reaction to infrasound:

  12. Half of users abandon Australian smart meter trial

    By Andrew Colley on Jan 30, 2014 6:14 AM (2 days ago)
    Filed under Networking
    Audit questions price tag for under-subscribed retail program.

    The Australian Government’s $100 million intelligent energy grid trial has blown its budget and failed to meet key objectives, the national auditor has found.

    The Smart Grid, Smart City Program, which has been shuffled among no less than four administrative departments since its establishment in 2009, is due to publish its findings within months.

    more at….,half-of-users-abandon-smart-meter-trial.aspx?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=editors_picks

  13. Please note: this comment submission is under the umbrella of the January 24th extension granted by Alison Lackey, Hearing Officer on January 15, 2014.

    Date Jan 23, 2014

    To: Mark Marini, Secretary Department of Public Utilities One South Street, 5 th floor Boston, Massachusetts 02110
    From: Nancy Fallaw 53 Reed Lane Duxbury MA 02332
    RE: DPU Docket 12-76-A,
    December 23, 2013
    Investigation by the Department of Public Utilities on its own motion in to Modernization of the Electric Grid

    To this date I hear a ringing (a high pitched noise all the time – which varies in intensity and in differing tonal sounds that are all high pitched tones). College students that I know hear this high pitched ringing sound all the time.
    In Duxbury I am currently living with a microwave-emitting meter that emits RF 24/7 on my electricity and have requested that it be removed. To date, I have received no response from NSTAR as to my request, not even an acknowledgement to the certified letter that I sent them.
    This total lack of response from NSTAR demonstrates that customers, like myself, are and have been actively questioning the effects of RF on their health without much success. In response to the statement, in the DPU 12- 76-A on page 31, “Judging from other proceedings, it is possible that some electricity customers will question the effects of RF on their health,” It is abundantly clear that the public has been and is questioning the effects of RF on its’ health!

    To read all the public comments go to and type in the box 12-76

  14. Arizona utility caught lying about the power flux density of smart meters.
    The smart meters measured microwatts per square centimeter (uW/cm2) 38,900uW/cm2 and the cell tower measured 1800uW/cm2 with an HF 35C

    • APS is lying about the intensity of their “smart” meter transmissions.
      In my letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission (below) there is a Youtube link to video proof of their lying. The video shows APS “smart” meters transmitting at over 400% stronger than APS claims, and about 20 times stronger than cell towers at 30 yards.

      As I ask in the letter, “If APS is lying intentionally, one must ask why. If APS is lying unintentionally then isn’t the public being placed at risk by a monopoly utility so inept that they do not even understand the technology they are using?”

      As I establish in the letter — and most unfortunately for Arizonans — the ACC’s lackadaisical and negligent approach to regulating has become such an established pattern, and the ACC’s indifference to the repeated lying of utilities so routine, that I now see the ACC as complicit in those lies, and as willing accomplices in fraud.

      Warren Woodward
      55 Ross Circle
      Sedona, Arizona 86336
      928 204 6434

      January 29, 2014

      Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)
      Docket Control Center
      1200 West Washington Street
      Phoenix, Arizona 85007

      Re: Docket # E-00000C-11-0328


      I caught APS lying about the microwave transmissions of their “smart” meters early last year. I brought it to your attention and, characteristically, you did absolutely nothing.

      If you see it, will you believe it and do something about it now? Search Youtube for my name and APS Caught Lying [] and you will see APS “smart” meters broadcasting at over 400% more than the intensity claimed by APS in their dishonest and fraudulent “Myth vs Fact” sheet that APS sends to ratepayers and displays at their website (here: ).

      In their “Myth vs Fact” sheet, APS claims their “smart” meters transmit microwaves at a strength of .0009 milliwatts per centimeter squared at 10 feet away. In my video you will see APS meters transmitting at .00389 milliwatts per centimeter squared. My equipment measures in microwatts per meter squared. The 38,900 microwatts per meter squared that I recorded in the video converts to .00389 milliwatts per centimeter squared. I suspect that APS uses milliwatts per centimeter squared because the numbers then seem much smaller and therefore give the impression of being less threatening. In any case, APS is lying — and by 432%. I proved it.

      In the video, note also the comparison with cell towers and that the APS “smart” meters are 20 times the intensity of being about 30 yards away from some major cell towers.

      The same questions I posed in my recent letter to you in which I exposed Navopache Electric lying about their “smart” meter transmissions apply in this instance as well. []

      If “smart” meter microwave radiation is no big deal, why are utilities nationwide — including APS — lying about it?

      Why are the monopoly utilities allowed to lie and deceive the public?

      How can ratepayers be expected to make informed decisions if their utility is allowed to lie to them?

      If APS is lying intentionally, one must ask why. If APS is lying unintentionally then isn’t the public being placed at risk by a monopoly utility so inept that they do not even understand the technology they are using? In either case, an immediate, thorough investigation by you is called for. In either case – and at the very least – shouldn’t APS be required to tell the truth about their “smart” meter transmissions with the same vigor and zeal with which they lied about their “smart” meter transmissions?

      Why haven’t you gotten a microwave analyzer and checked up on these false utility claims like I have been insisting you do for over two years?

      Why am I doing the work and research you should be doing with your multimillion dollar budget and hired help?

      When are you going to actually regulate instead of vegetate?

      Over the last two and a half years I have caught APS lying about almost all other aspects of their “smart” meters and you’ve done nothing. For example, the lies told in APS’s extortion fee request for those ratepayers who refuse a ‘smart” meter are almost too numerous to count. In that request APS is so completely dishonest they even sliced and diced a quote from a 2007 ACC decision to make the quote suit their purpose. []

      I have brought all that and more to your attention, yet you remain complacent and allow this mendacious company to perpetuate a fraud. Again, why is this monopoly is allowed to lie and deceive the public?

      Is it because of the money APS funneled (and lied about) to the election campaigns of ACC commissioners Bob Burns, Susan Smith and Bob Stump? []

      The Arizona Republic also caught APS lying about the funding of APS’s solar net metering negative advertising campaign. []. Your response was to reward the liars with a new fee from solar customers. Disgraceful!
      Commissioner Bob Burns asked the players involved in the solar net metering issue, including APS, for information about their advertising spending amounts. But no one he asked was under oath! Imagine – he must have expected serial liars to suddenly volunteer the truth. In my opinion, Burns’ “investigation” was strictly for show.And just like at previous ACC “smart” meter meetings, no one was under oath at the recent solar net metering meeting. Without formal hearings in which companies are under oath, companies can — and have — lied with impunity.

      Commissioners, your lackadaisical and negligent approach to regulating is such an established pattern – especially when APS is involved – that I no longer see it as inadvertent. Your indifference to the repeated lying of utilities has become routine. So I now see you as complicit in those lies, and as willing accomplices in fraud.


      Warren Woodward
      Cc: Governor Jan Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne

  15. Memory function – humans

    Research by Maier et al. (2004), investigated the effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields (902 MHz pulsed at 217 Hz) on cognitive processes in humans. They discovered 9 out of 11 participants (81.8%) demonstrated worse results in auditory discrimination performance upon RF(microwave exposure as compared to control conditions (p =0.0105).

    Smart Meters communicate in the 902MHz spectrum 24 hours a day, everyday.

    Neurological and Behavioral Evidence Dr. Lai
    Appendix 9-A
    NEUROLOGICAL EFFECTS OF RADIOFREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION in “Advances in Electromagnetic Fields in Living Systems, Vol. 1,” J.C. Lin (ed.), Plenum Press, New York. (1994) pp. 27-88
    Henry Lai, Ph.D. Department of Pharmacology and Center for Bioengineering University of Washington Seattle, WA 98195

    Prepared for the BioInitiative Working Group July 2007

    Electrophysiology of Auditory Effect of Pulsed RFR
    Electrophysiological methods have also been used to study the pulsed RFR-induced auditory effects in animals. The effect was first systemically studied in humans by Frey [1961] and has been reviewed by Chou et al. [1982a] and Lin [1978]. Evoked potential responses were recorded in the eighth cranial nerve, medial geniculate nucleus, and the primary auditory cortex (three components of the auditory system) in cats exposed to pulsed 2450-MHz RFR. These evoked responses were eliminated after damaging the cochlea [Taylor and Ashleman, 1974]. Guy et al. [1975] studied the threshold of evoked responses in the medial geniculate nucleus in the cat in response to pulsed RFR while background noise (50-15000 Hz, 60-80 dB) was used to interfere with the response. They reported that background noise did not significantly affect the threshold to the RFR response, but caused a large increase in threshold to sound stimulus applied to the ear. The authors speculated that RFR interacts with the high frequency component of the auditory response system. In the study, evoked potentials in brain sites other than those of the auditory system were also recorded during pulsed RFR stimulation. Chou et al. [1975] confirmed the peripheral site of the auditory effect generation. They recorded cochlear microphonics in the guinea pig inner ear during stimulation with 918-MHz pulsed RFR. The response was similar in characteristics to the cochlear microphonics generated by a click. These data were further supplemented by the finding that the middle-ear was not involved in the pulsed RFR-induced auditory responses, since destruction of the middle ear did not abolish the RFR-induced evoked potential in the brainstem [Chou and Galambos, 1979]. Experiments [Chou and Guy, 1979b] studying the threshold of RFR auditory effect in guinea pigs using the brainstem auditory evoked responses showed that the threshold for pulses with pulse width less than 30 µs was related to the incident energy per pulse, and for larger duration pulses it was related to the peak power. In another study Chou et al. [1985b] measured the intensity-response relationship of brainstem auditory evoked response in rats exposed to 2450-MHz pulsed RFR (10 pps) of different intensities and pulse widths (1-10 µs) in a circularly polarized waveguide. They also confirmed in the rat that the response is dependent on the energy per pulse and independent of the pulse width (up to 10 µs in this experiment). Lebovitz and Seaman [1977a,b] recorded responses from single auditory neurons in the auditory nerve of the cat in response to 915-MHz pulsed RFR. Responses are similar to those elicited by acoustic stimuli. Seaman and Lebovitz [1987; 1989] also recorded in the cat the responses of single neurons in the cochlear nucleus, a relay nucleus in the auditory system, to pulsed 915-MHz RFR applied to the head of the animal. The threshold of response to RFR pulses was determined and found to be low (SAR response threshold determined at the midline
    Neurological and Behavioral Evidence Dr. Lai
    of the brain stem, where the cochlear nucleus is located, was 11.1 mW/g/pulse corresponding to a specific absorption threshold of 0.6 µJ/g/pulse.)

  16. HEARING DATE: March 6, 2013
    TRANSCRIPT REFERENCE: Volume 4, Page 631, Line 2 to Page 665 Line 14
    REQUESTOR: David Aaron, CSTS
    WITNESS: Dr. William Bailey and Dr. Yakov Shkolnikov

    QUESTION: Mr. Aaron requests that Dr. Bailey provide any study reviewed for the Exponent Report that considered the long term chronic effects of the specific modulation of the AMI meter, considering that the modulation has been around for several decades.1

    Abstract Whether radiofrequency (RF) fields are carcinogenic is controversial; epidemiological data have been inconclusive and animal tests limited. The aim of the present study was to determine whether long-term exposure to pulse-
    Page 8
    FortisBC Inc. Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project – Project No. 3698682 UNDERTAKING NO. 5
    modulated RF fields similar to those used in digital mobile telecommunications would increase the incidence of lymphoma in E mu-Pim1 transgenic mice, which are moderately predisposed to develop lymphoma spontaneously. One hundred female E mu-Pim1 mice were sham-exposed and 101 were exposed for two 30- min periods per day for up to 18 months to plane-wave fields of 900 MHz with a pulse repetition frequency of 217 Hz and a pulse width of 0.6 ms. Incident power densities were 2.6-13 W/m2 and specific absorption rates were 0.008-4.2 W/kg, averaging 0.13-1.4 W/kg. Lymphoma risk was found to be significantly higher in the exposed mice than in the controls (OR = 2.4. P = 0.006, 95% CI = 1.3-4.5). Follicular lymphomas were the major contributor to the increased tumor incidence. Thus long-term intermittent exposure to RF fields can enhance the probability that mice carrying a lymphomagenic oncogene will develop lymphomas. We suggest that such genetically cancer-prone mice provide an experimental system for more detailed assessment of dose-response relationships for risk of cancer after RF-field exposure.


    MASSACHUSETTS PUBLIC COMMENTS AGAINST SMART METER PROGRAM (and type into the box 12-76. All the public comments are still being posted to site)

  18. Please read below: This item substantiates and supports the earlier work by Dr. Dimitris Panagopoulos of Greece. This type of corroboration is scientific evidence that EMF radiation breaks our DNA.

    Send to us from John Weigel, independent jounalist

    Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields cause DNA strand breaks in normal cells.

    Mihai CT, Rotinberg P, Brinza F, Vochita G.



    Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields aren’t considered as a real carcinogenic agent despite the fact that some studies have showed impairment of the DNA integrity in different cells lines. The aim of this study was evaluation of the late effects of a 100 Hz and 5.6 mT electromagnetic field, applied continuously or discontinuously, on the DNA integrity of Vero cells assessed by alkaline Comet assay and by cell cycle analysis. Normal Vero cells were exposed to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (100 Hz, 5.6 mT) for 45 minutes. The Comet assay and cell cycle analysis were performed 48 hours after the treatment.


    Exposed samples presented an increase of the number of cells with high damaged DNA as compared with non-exposed cells. Quantitative evaluation of the comet assay showed a significantly (<0.001) increase of the tail lengths, of the quantity of DNA in tail and of Olive tail moments, respectively. Cell cycle analysis showed an increase of the frequency of the cells in S phase, proving the occurrence of single strand breaks. The most probable mechanism of induction of the registered effects is the production of different types of reactive oxygen species.


    The analysis of the registered comet indices and of cell cycle showed that extremely low frequency electromagnetic field of 100 Hz and 5.6 mT had a genotoxic impact on Vero cells.

  19. Comments on Modernization of Grid and mandated smart meters in Massachusetts ordered by Obama’s “bestie” Gov. Patrick

    Click on link and type in docket 12-76 in the search box to view Comments being submitted regarding Governor Patrick’s Mandate Orders to modernize the grid to include smart metering across the State of Massachusetts………Glad you are leaving bud! You had to leave us with one last horrific, bad decision. If this is not stopped your legacy will be one that rivals that of Hitler’s. Not for you and your cronies who will profit though. you are not welcome in the Berkshires. You have burned your bridge here.

  20. From Science Recorder
    Massive cyberattack linked to at least one refrigerator
    “Smart” appliances have been transformed into “thingbots” to launch large-scale cyberattacks.
    Saturday, January 18, 2014

  21. Great testimony from citizens of Worcester, MA Sorry, national Grid we don’t want your dumb meters in our city. One citizen said it clearly, “What gives you the right to think you know what is best for me?”

  22. Smart Meters Cause Illegal Interference
    by Chatham-Kent Radio League

    This implementation is unwise for a number of reasons.

    Much consumer equipment exists in this band. Early tests indicate that most of this equipment suffers from detrimental performance in areas where Smart Meters are installed. Most of these consumers are not aware that they are receiving interference from all the Smart Meters within range of their equipment. In many cases, the interference, which causes random loud pops or clicks, renders the devices completely useless to the consumer. Chatham-Kent Hydro is aware that these devices will be negatively impacted, and states,

    “900 MHZ telephones and baby monitors can be interfered with by the Smart Meter network. Our vendor has done testing in the area and they report that the devices ability to filter out the interference varies greatly from supplier to supplier. Some phones work perfectly fine while others report short “popping sounds” every minute or so. This interference is, although undesirable, within the realm of acceptable performance for devices operating in the 900-928 MHZ band.”

    Technically, there is absolutely no way for any analog radio device to “filter out” this interference since it is co-channel interference and not a design deficiency. In other words, the undesired Smart Meter signal overpowers the desired signal on the same frequency, and there’s no filter or other technology that could eliminate it. The occurrence of interference is much more frequent than once “every minute or so” as stated. In one recent sample, over one hundred “pops” were documented in a single minute, and this kind of intensity is observed throughout much of the day and night. There were very few times where the intensity dropped to the level claimed by Hydro. The problem with Chatham-Kent Hydro’s assurance that this is “acceptable performance for devices operating in the 900-928 MHZ band” is that it is ILLEGAL to cause this interference in the first place. Industry Canada requires all equipment operating under RSS-210 to cause no
    interference to other users, including licence-exempt users.

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