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We have published this blog for victims who are hearing a constant noise inside as well as outside.  I am coining the term, “SMART GRID SYNDROME” WHEN REFERRING TO THE SYMPTOMS WE ARE EXPERIENCING.  WE ARE ALL EXPOSED  TO THE EMR NOISE AND RADIATION, RESULTING IN THE EMISSIONS OF THE GLOBAL SMART GRID NETWORK.  After visiting forums and  reading several blogs related to this particular noise(s), we found that people, in general, are seeking answers as to what is happening to them and are desperate for the truth.   One blog was consistent with the descriptors of what we have been describing to the State of Massachusetts.  We have confirmed it is a microwave pulsation accompanied by   “pure tones”,  illegal in our State of  Massachusetts. The Regulations were adopted from the EPA  who studied pure tone noise and in 1972 determined it to be a noxious air pollutant, thus being a human health hazard.  Whether proven to be a pure tone or not; it is a nuisance and it is trespassing on and in to your home and the source is the utilities who are leaking carcinogenic microwave frequencies they are injecting through power lines for the Smart Grid communication layer of the global network.  The power lines were designed to transmit electricity.  They are using broadband, Dsl, Wi-Fi, wired, unwired, Sat, cell; whatever they choose to use because they have many options on how to operate the Smart Grid Network.  The noise is a by-product of the Radio Frequency interference, radiation and dirty power riding on the wires and radiating through every outlet in to your home, school and workplace.  The constant pounding of these modulated pulsed signals is biologically invasive to all who are exposed to it and produce serious negative symptoms. Thousands of Medical studies prove this a Public Health Hazard.

DEFINITION OF NOISE   “Noise is an unwanted or objectionable sound”   VERY IMPORTANT!!  When trying to explain this NOISE be aware that the ignorant, be them experts, professionals or not, the noise is incorrectly defined  if it is described as just a sound.  IT IS AN UNWANTED OR OBJECTIONABLE SOUND.  MUSIC IS SOUND, EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN HEAR IS A SOUND.  THIS is a noise from hell, manmade, radio frequency signals that are leaking into our air causing them to bounce, reflect, enabling them to be heard in  the human hearing range.  These are illegal pure tones (pure tones are extremely rare and not normally found in our environment) and damage  hearing with prolonged exposure.  This is an unprecedented event that has never occurred  for, historically, mankind has never before lived with wireless/bio active microwaves leaking in the air.  How could anyone even fathom such a disaster and that we would be expected to live and be perpetually exposed to this hazardous pollution in our daily lives, 24 hours, day and night, against our will, without permission, with no way to escape it?  The dismissal  of our pleas for help and evidence by our local, State and Federal Governments,  the lack of empathy and desire to do anything about it,  even by victims who are aware and suffering from this technology, is unconscionable.  Without  personal responsibility there will be no resolution or  accountability of the crimes being perpetrated on our Society.  Sickness and death is inevitably the result of doing nothing.

Cause of the Hum (evidence in the forensic fingerprint at top of page)

Our research/investigation has been ongoing since 2006 when the Utilities turned on the Global Smart Grid Network in our town.  The reason for the investigation is due to the Constant noise being heard in our home and around our town.  We have conclusive forensic evidence that ponts to the 902-928MHz unlicensed frequency band being used across the country and Canada to operating the mesh communication layer of the Global Smart Grid Network.  The ARRL in the U.S. and Canada have filed numerous complaints siting the utilities are violating the FCC part 15 rules.  This links our evidence of the 217Hz, which is the audible illegal pure tone measured as per the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.  Our evidence proves a constant tone in our environment, man-made, not allowed in our air as per the EPA  Clean Air Act, which were adopted by Massachusetts in 1990.  The 217Hz is a demodulated pulsed frequency transmitting in concert with 902-928MHz spectrum for communication with the Smart meters.  Our 1/3 octave measurements taken as per MAdep protocol was confirmed by an acoustic engineer revealing the 217Hz is an illegal pure tone, (pulsing also occurs at 8.34Hz)it is in exceedence of the MA Noise pollution Laws. The expert stated the frequency is within human hearing range and would cause a disturbance, especially at night.   We also have the affidavit of A certified Forensic Audio engineer who also confirmed the constant noise is the 217Hz, a modulating pulse.  The measurements taken at our home, 5 miles away from our home and during a major power outage were all identical fingerprints. This is the evidence the Massachusetts Regulatory agencies have in their possession and have blatantly ignored and dismissed by closing the investigation for the 3rd time!  The MA Department of Environmental Protection would not hire their own expert to do overnight pure tone measurements.  They would not include the FCC in the investigation.  They deferred to the utilities to do the overnight pure tone studies.  The utility, National Grid, botched the overnight testing, both, in our home and outside where they placed the meters.  The MA Department of Environment Protection, Department of Public Health and the Department of Public Utilities did not come back to do the overnight pure tone testing as per their testing design.  Instead, they closed our case with no reasonable explanation.

National Grid, USA and other utilities across the country “turned on” in 2006- the 2 way communication fixed and wired AMI network.  Nationl Grid uses the Landis GYR TS-2 AMI technology.  THIS IS WHEN THE CONSTANT NOISE STARTED RADIATING IN OUR AIR;  Carried by the interconnected power grid; turning the wires into one big continuous antenna and electromagnetic weapon!!!  This must be stopped.  Time for our engineers, professionals, experts to pay attention to the biggest death weapon directed at the entire population while assaulting us with NOISE, DIRTY ELECTRICITY 24/7.

Latest research in Germany points to mobile communication radio waves (base station antennas) as source of the hum. The hum is not caused by the cell phones themselves but by the emissions of the base stations (antennas) transported over the air interface.
The low frequent pulsing and modulations of the signals lead to acoustic resonance in buildings.

Bees are frequency-sensitive, like all living organisms: TIMELINE OF THE BEES, BATS BIRDS DEMISE IS LATE 2006=EARLY 2007.  THE TIME LINE IS EXACTLY THE TIME NATIONAL GRID TURNED ON THEIR PERSONAL WIRELESS MESH NETWORK LAYER FOR THE SMART GRID IN OUR TOWN ON MT WILCOX.  LATE FULL/EARLY WINTER THE NOISE BEGAN AND THE NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS AS WELL DUE TO THE PULSED SIGNAL FROM THE BASE STATION TRANSMITTING THE 217Hz. There was and is no other cell tower within 5 miles of our home, so this explains why our cell phone works if you face it toward the north in the direction of Mt. Wilcox.  The Antenna, data collector, tower, what ever they choose to call it is filed under the FCC as Personal Mobile.  There is nothing personal about it.  The end user is not the public. It is for corporate use.  Why aren’t these antennas under investigation by the FCC.  They are in violation of the FCC Part 15.   National Grid and all utilities using this wireless protocol is in violation of the clean air act.  They are radiating EMR noise pollution that is harming all living things.

Read an excerpt below: There may indeed be more than one ‘hum’, but since bees are so sensitive to particular frequencies, this is a worthwhile route for research, especially if hives resonate in response to the now all-pervasive EM fields. This is why the HUM we are describing in not related to The Historic HUM Mystery. As stated many times in research studies Hum typically occurs in regional clusters, and rarely within large metropolitan areas. Here is the link to read the full report. The Modern Day Hum we have time lined since 2006 is being heard everywhere, not in pockets, clusters or regions. Our registry of people who are hearing the noise we describe are located all across the United States and World. Cities, rural, urban and the like all can hear the Noise we describe and it is a current timeline. The pockets or clusters of the hum, some explained and some still left a mystery could be related to electromagnetic inference and the emissions could have been radiating on the power lines as well, but the reason this is ubiquitous is because of the pulsed RF signals of the wireless devices being employed by the PLC mesh layer of the Global Automated metering infrastructure, which all or most of the population is exposed to.

Our Recordings identify both the hum and the drone:

It is interesting to reflect that many people complain of ‘the hum’, relating electromagnetic sources with an apparently acoustic phenomenon.  GSM mobile phone systems produce a structural pulse frequency of 217Hz; pulsing also occurs at 8.34Hz.  The 8.34Hz is the source of the droning drum-like very low frequency vibration.  I hear both simultaneously 24/7.  You may  hear one or the other or both.

[Excerpt from]
 SMD Note: Smart meters utilize a 912 MHz frequency and emit pulsed rf radiation 24/7, with full body exposures at up to 160x that of cell phones (Hirsch, 2011). This is an example of thousands of studies that show this is dangerous to the public health. 


P Esmekaya MA et al, (December 2010) Pulse modulated 900 MHz radiation induces hypothyroidism and apoptosis in thyroid cells: a light, electron microscopy and immunohistochemical study, Int J Radiat Biol. 2010 Dec;86(12):1106-16. Epub 2010 Sep 1

In the present study we investigated the possible histopathological effects of pulse modulated Radiofrequency (RF) fields on the thyroid gland using light microscopy, electron microscopy and immunohistochemical methods. Two months old male Wistar rats were exposed to a 900 MHz pulse-modulated RF radiation at a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 1.35 Watt/kg for 20 min/day for three weeks. The RF signals were pulse modulated by rectangular pulses with a repetition frequency of 217 Hz and a duty cycle of 1:8 (pulse width 0.576 ms). To assess thyroid endocrine disruption and estimate the degree of the pathology of the gland, we analysed structural alterations in follicular and colloidal diameters and areas, colloid content of the follicles, and height of the follicular epithelium. Apoptosis was confirmed by Transmission Electron Microscopy and assessing the activites of an initiator (caspase-9) and an effector (caspase-3) caspases that are important markers of cells undergoing apoptosis. Morphological analyses revealed hypothyrophy of the gland in the 900 MHz RF exposure group. The results indicated that thyroid hormone secretion was inhibited by the RF radiation. In addition, we also observed formation of apoptotic bodies and increased caspase-3 and caspase-9 activities in thyroid cells of the rats that were exposed to modulated RF fields. The overall findings indicated that whole body exposure to pulse-modulated RF radiation that is similar to that emitted by global system for mobile communications (GSM) mobile phones can cause pathological changes in the thyroid gland by altering the gland structure and enhancing caspase-dependent pathways of apoptosis.
entire article for individual use:

Beyond ear perception, the radiation is also otherwise physically noticed by humans. Reasons that speak for mobile communication as source of the hum:
- correlations between peoples´ reports of first hearing the hum and the setup of antennas in their neighborhood, clearly demonstrable in small towns and villages; increase of the phenomenon parallels setup of antennas;
- physical complaints of hum sufferers are the same as the symptoms that are reported for radio wave sickness
- measurements show artificial signals in the ELF-range; qualitative signal analyses show characteristics of portable radio technology (pulsing, modulation)
- effects of radiation by mobile radio waves on human brain waves in the ELF-range have already been medically proven.

ELF frequencies in mobile communication technology as cause of the hum?

Many people are not aware of the fact that – besides RF frequencies – also low frequencies (ELF frequencies) play an important role in mobile communication technology. This is not only the case with regard to the cell phones (as has been focussed in most publications), but also with regard to the so-called “base stations”.
Low frequencies are used in two techniques: in signal pulsing and in wave modulation.  Our audio also points to an audible bass tone resonance also being heard by victims.

The descriptions that are consistently reaffirmed by victims across the country as well as the world are:

1. Constant noise  2. Humming  3.Buzzing  4. Oscillating pulse  5. Thudding, thumping, rumbling resonance 6. Sounds like a motor idling outside my house 7. can hear it during power outage  8. disturbs sleep  9. unnerving  10. checked all mechanical functions in the home  11. called the utilities; they did nothing 12. Can hear it outside  13. Can hear it sitting with the car turned off.  14. Started hearing it around 2006 to present  15. pressure in the ears and head  16. Not tinnitus 17. Have to sleep with a fan, music, tv to mask the noise; even though I have to listen to another noise than that insidious noise.  18. I can not relax listening to it.  19. Some people hear it some don’t  20. I am afraid to talk about it because people will think I am crazy  21. I have never had trouble sleeping before this noise started  22.  Some mention power lines, microwave  transmitters, cell towers, gas lines, water lines as a theory.  23.  Siren  24. high pitch frequency 25. CAN HEAR IT DURING A POWER OUTAGE.  26.  The noise is present 24 hours a day.

This is to name a few of the descriptors of hearing the Noise.  The Symptoms of the ill effects of being exposed to this noise and radiation pollution are as follows, but not limited to:

Headaches, heart palpitations , vertigo, insomnia, nose bleeds, muscle aches, nervous tension, irritability, anger, feeling not in control of your environment, alienated and not understood, loss of concentration, tired, feeling your body is buzzing, hissing and ringing in the ears from the very high radio frequencies in the Microwave spectrum; radiating in the air and on riding on the power-lines through every outlet of public and private buildings.

Low frequency noise annoyance and stress  (from Noise and Health 2004 Volume 6 Issue 23 Page: 59-72 HG Leventhall

Stresses may be grouped into three broad types: cataclysmic stress, personal stress and background stress. Cataclysmic stress includes widespread and devastating physical events. Personal stress includes bereavements and other personal tragedies. Cataclysmic and personal stresses are evident occurrences, which are met with sympathy and support, whilst their impacts normally reduce with time. Background stresses are persistent events, which may become routine elements of our life. Constant low-frequency noise has been classified as a background stressor (Benton, 1997; Benton and Leventhall, 1994). Whilst it is acceptable, under the effects of cataclysmic and personal stress, to withdraw from coping with normal daily demands, this is not permitted for low level background stresses. Inadequate reserves of coping ability then leads to the development of stress symptoms. In this way, chronic psychophysiological damage may result from long-term exposure to low-level low-frequency noise.

Changes in behavior also follow from long­ term exposure to low-frequency noise. Those exposed may adopt protective strategies, such as sleeping in their garage if the noise is less disturbing there. Or they may sleep elsewhere,  returning to their own homes only during the day.  Victims over time, may undergo character changes, particularly in relation to social orientation, consistent with their failure to recruit support and agreement from the regulatory authority that they do have a genuine noise problem. Their families, and the investigating officer, may also become part of their problem. The claim that their “lives have been ruined” by the noise is not an exaggeration, although their reaction to the noise might have been modifiable at an earlier stage.

Comments on Health, Human Rights, Environmental and Security Concerns With regard to the FortisBC Inc. Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project, Project No.3698682:     (referencing the bio-active 217Hz pulsed frequency) Sleep-related fatigue and road accidents  page 34

We have forensic audio evidence proving this is in our environment and ubiquitous throughout our community 24 hours a day. We have identified the noise in several other towns and cities where we have lived and traveled.  We live in a community that does not have cell towers, public sewer, gas lines, industry, major highways.  The only thing we have is Broadband high-speed internet and Wi-Fi and wireless smart meters.  We did not hear this noise until this was rolled out in our town and same follows in the other places we hear the noise.  In our town National Grid is our electric provider.   In 2006 National Grid installed a wireless digital meter on our home without our knowledge or consent.  In order to manage their wireless network it has to be secure so they acquired approval for a secure personal wireless service (a secure server),  in order to communicate and transfer personal information to their central office.  The wireless network within the electric grid is responsible for the constant noise.  The noise began when they connected the wireless smart meter communication mesh layer in our area.  The wireless network is transmitting on the grid even during major outages. This is why it is heard everywhere and ubiquitous in our environment.  This is the Modern day Hum people are wondering about.   It is not a car idling, an air conditioner rattling, highway traffic, industry. We recorded a fingerprint of a pulsed radio frequency, not a power 60Hz sine wave.  It is narrowband, not broadband, it is man made, not something that is natural. To better understand the various ways the modernization or automation of the smart grid is being implemented read:  A Survey of Wireless Communications for the Electric Power System by  BA Akyol H Kirkham, SL Clements,  MD Hadley    January 2010

We have a fingerprint of this noise as a result of retaining a Forensic Audio engineer.  He has confirmed by analyzing recordings of several locations in our town, as well as a recording during a power outage.  The results are identical audio fingerprint.  1/3 octave band testing confirmed a constant noise, the 217Hz, in the 250Hz narrowband, it is a modulating pulse bursting every second with 1/8 second micro bursts.  This is proven science and it has been duplicated and confirmed repeatedly.  The audio recordings have been documented for the past three years, preserved in data form onto CDs.  This evidence, along with our 1/3 octave band results showing illegal pure tones/noise,  power quality results showing dirty electricity/noise, forensic audio results confirming constant noise, witnesses and other residents in our town who have filed noise complaints with the State.  Yet, we are approaching 7 years of willful negligence by  the State and Utilities in not acknowledging their culpability and intentions to clean up the harmful pollution impacting our heath and well-being.   Thousands of health studies prove this is  a public health  hazard; both the acoustic assault and the non-thermal radiation exposure will have a long term health effects.  We are being used for a human experiment.   The long term exposure to the pure tone of the 217Hz can damage the cohlear in the middle ear.  This is why the EPA set pure tone exposure limits for workplaces.  These limits were for 8 hour work shifts.  We are exposed to the 217Hz pure tone 24 hours a day, non stop, every day!!!  Please help us to expose the truth about this deadly technology.  The Smart Grid is not an intelligent technology. It is a ruthless, greedy, sinister, desperate plan, with no regard for human life.  The Radio frequency spread spectrum of the 902MHz-928MHz being used on the mesh layer of Global Smart metering infrastructure  uses the 217Hz demodulated pulsed frequency to to carry its signal 24 hours a day non stop.  This is why it is heard during a power outage as well.

If you are a victim of this noise please contact us by emailing the  The only way we will be able to get attention on this issue, is by proving the pollution is wide-spread.   We are looking for victims to post their location and experience of hearing this noise and include when you started hearing it.  Please leave your testimonials on the Smart Meter testimonial page.  We are also interested in collecting data in your area.   PLEASE, we are only interested personal experiences and nothing that predated Wireless high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi roll-out, Power-line 2 way communication and the wireless digital meter put on our home in September of 2006, without our knowledge or consent.  Our complaints predated our knowledge or awareness of what the smart grid is about.  We have documented complaints to the State and utilities that prove our symptoms we experienced was not pointing to the smart meters at the time.  We knew it was electromagnetic in nature because of the audible harmonics. Our power quality testing pointed to the utility side.  The report prompted The state to open another investigation,  not to our surprise, was all smoke and mirrors.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Noise-induced neurologic disturbances in humans exposed to continuous low frequency tones for durations longer than 15 minutes has involved in some cases the development of immediate and long-term problems affecting brain tissue. The symptoms resembled those of individuals who had suffered minor head injuries. One theory for a causal mechanism is that the prolonged sound exposure resulted in enough mechanical strain to brain tissue to induce an encephalopathy.[14]

Please visit our videos on YouTube:

“I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.  I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and the increase in chemical elements in the environment.”      Dr Robert O. Becker, M.D.  twice nominated for Nobel Prize of this research.

If you would like to donate to our Legal Fund you may send contributions by contacting us                

We need your help to legally force the Massachusetts Regulatory Agencies to do their job and to enforce the laws appropriately. This will set a precedent for your State.  Show your appreciation by donating to the Legal Fund by emailing us at

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  1. WHY ARE WE BEING IGNORED LIKE NOTHING IS HAPPENING TO US? So many unanswered questions that makes you beg to wonder……

    “Hearers” of the EMR (electromagnetic radiation) pollution aptly coined, “Smart Grid Syndrome” which includes those who are being harmed physically as well, are being dismissed and ignored by our Government. We have proven the noise pollution is real and in our air 24 hours a day. The medical profession has acknowledged EHS is a disability caused by the environmental exposure to EMR. So why is nothing being done to stop this proliferation upon all living things? Why do we present all the evidence, experts, victims and the soldiers whom represent government and our pseudo advocacy, exhibit by their words and actions no intention of stopping this death machine that is destroying humans and wildlife? Who are we trying to convince? Why aren’t they worried about their kids and loved ones as well? They are looking at the same studies, listening to the same sufferers, but yet they twist the truth to suit their agenda. We have nothing to gain and everything to lose and I speak in the present tense that the harm is happening now and not something projected into the future. It is only going to be more devastating the longer the majority waits and does nothing.
    I saw a news story on the Today Show about Alzheimer’s. The government acknowledges their concern for Alzheimer’s. With 5% of the global population inflicted by this disease; costing our government 1 trillion dollars a year for care. Ignorance and misinformation about “hearer” sufferers is an excuse to ignore and dismiss the problem; minimizing the fact that 5% of the population worldwide is inflicted! This is not so minimal when you do the math. It is over 35 million victims being ignored and dismissed. Same percentage as people with Alzheimer’s. Our disadvantage is that we can’t forget and that we are suffering physically and emotionally, daily, by the EMR pollution. We can’t forget that we are acoustically being traumatized without relief, 24 hours a day in our homes, workplaces, schools etc. Why is the government and medical community ignorant and unyielding? Why do they try to discredit victims by categorizing them as mentally unstable when science and evidence says otherwise? The sickness and disability will cost the tax payers another trillion dollars to care for those injured by EMR pollution. Alzheimer’s has been linked to electro pollution as well.
    EMR is holding over 35 million victims captive and many more will be impacted by the constant exposure and accumulative effect of the polluted environment people have no choice but to live in.

    The AMI (automated metering infrastructure) they so wrongly and arrogantly named the Smart Grid is a military grade weapon directed where it is turned on at everyone exposed . Using pulsed RF frequencies proven by the military to be biologically harmful. Why then are we using this military weapon grade technology?
    The machine proliferating the modernization of the global grid using frequencies that potentially harm humans and wildlife is not a random thoughtless act. It is intentional and done with knowledge of the dangers this presents. Why then, is this being rolled out like a military take over of our towns, schools, cities infiltrating and polluting our environments with deadly pulsed signals penetrating our brains and body 24 hours a day. Nonstop. The transmission is always on even during a power outage. You cannot protect yourself or your family. You can’t move to escape. You can’t shield to escape. You cannot question or complain because it will not be taken seriously.

    Why does the Government want to make people sick? Why do they want to pulse RF signals through the power lines into our homes? Why do they ignore the harm it is doing to our wildlife? The H.ES.E. report studies detail the harm it is doing to our birds, bats, fish and honeybees.

    It is time for you to look around you ask yourself these questions. There is nothing polite or benign about the governments’ intentions here. They are not naïve; as many would like to believe. We are only privy to what they want us to know or what is not in their absolute power to censor.

    We have the truth because regardless of all the static surrounding what is proven or not proven; the government cannot hide the truth of what people are going through. I want to call you every expletive known to man; to display the loathing and disgust I feel for an entity who is a collective coward, who is the lowest of life form. Show your ugly presence, so we can fight on even ground. We know it is not President Obama!

    Who are we fighting? Why are you afraid of the truth?


  3. Electromagnetic Noise, the Invisible Pollution
    Authored by Dennis Roberson Vice Provost and Research Professor Illinois Institute of Technology
    Last Updated: 12:00 5 April 2004

    This white paper has presented a potentially severe problem which may inflict increasing damage to our wireless infrastructure in terms of the dramatic reduction in both the quality and availability of capabilities and services, and in terms of the unanticipated expense to attempt to remedy this decline. Given the fact that this infrastructure increasingly affects all aspects of our daily lives, from public safety and emergency services, to medical care, to education, communications, and pleasure, the threat represented in the paper may have dramatic, wide spread human impact. To address these issues the paper proposes a broad based research agenda to be pursued in multiple research centers across the United States and potentially the world to first understand the nature and extent of the current issues, and specifically the rate of increase in the electromagnetic noise floor and related interference temperature. It is hoped that through the pursuit of this agenda, the current noise pollution issue will be fully understood enabling appropriate actions to be taken to both preserve and enhance our wireless infrastructure thereby enhancing the quality of life for the peoples of this planet for years to come.

  4. To:
    President of the United States
    U.S. Senate
    U.S. House of Representatives

    April 1, 2014

    I am signing this petition because I am adversely affected by the Global AMI (automated metering infrastructure) for the following reason(s):
    1. I hear the ongoing noise pollution 24/7 causing deleterious effects.
    2. I am experiencing physical symptoms impacting my daily life and ability to function in my daily life.
    3. and/or I do not want to be exposed to harmful, unhealthy, EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) pollution. I demand my government to halt these emissions immediately and mitigate the public Health hazard causing deliberate illness and increased mortality to humans and wildlife.

    To Read full letter and sign:

  5. Published on Jan 11, 2014

    Mobiles ‘cooking the brain’; brain tumors become children’s number one killer illness; and leaked industry memo admits ‘wargaming’ the science. Seek truth from facts with former senior White House adviser Devra Davis, Storyleak editor Anthony Gucciardi, ‘cell phone survivor’ Bret Bocook, Microwave News editor Louis Slesin, top radiation biologist Dariusz Leszczynski, and Ellie Marks, whose husband Alan’s suing the industry for his brain tumor.

    There may be something in the international trade laws exposing an international company such as National Grid to “acts of terrorism”, by selling a product that is harming Americans wildlife. All affiliates, sub contractors, vendors would be subject to violation of the same laws. So what is our own Government guilty of, since they are providing the stimulus money, funding the AMI infrastructure, aka “smart grid” which emissions are radiating “Dirty Electricity”, exceeding FCC radiation limits, causing suffering and chronic illnesses and death of Humans, animals and wildlife as result. The negligence whether intentional or not is a crime.

    Excerpt from link below:

    National Grid is an international energy delivery company. In the U.S., National Grid delivers electricity to approximately 3.3 million customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island, and manages the electricity network on Long Island under an agreement with the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA). It is the largest distributor of natural gas in the northeastern U.S., serving approximately 3.4 million customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island. National Grid also owns over 4,000 megawatts of contracted electricity generation that provides power to over one million LIPA customers.

  7. Swiss teleco acknowledges RF dangers in 2003 patent application

    April 1, 2014 in -Mailing List, Cell phone news, Cell Phone Towers by EMFacts.

    The below document was discovered by New Zealand Lawyer Sue Grey during a document search. I do not have a url for the document yet but can subscribers send Sue’s document if requested.

    Sue Grey states: Possibly a good invention but look what Swisscom (a Swiss Telco) admits in terms of the biological and genotoxic effects of RF EMR (at least to the patents office, if not to the public generally).

    Here’s a translation of a Swiss Telecom patient application for an invention to reduce radiation levels. It dates from 2003.

    Pub. No.: WO/2004/075583 International Application No.: PCT/CH2003/000138
    Publication Date: 02.09.2004 International Filing Date: 24.02.2003
    Chapter 2 Demand Filed: 24.09.2004
    H04W 52/02 (2009.01), H04W 88/08 (2009.01)

    Reduction of Electrosmog in Wireless Local Networks

    This invention relates to a method and system for reduction of electrosmog in wireless local area networks (WLAN), one or more mobile network units communicating with a base station by means of radio frequency signals in a wireless local area network, which base station amplifies the radio frequency signals of the mobile network unit and/or connects the wireless local area network to a wired fixed network by means of bridge functions. In particular, the invention relates to a method and system in which a WLAN comprises a plurality of access points with differing transmission cells.

    The influence of electrosmog on the human body is a known problem. The health risk from mobile radio transmitters, handys and DECT telephones has been an explosive subject among the general public at least since the enormous breakthrough in mobile radio technology in the 1990s. To meet the concerns of science from the legislative side, the permissible limit values have thus been lowered several times, and technology has been increasingly focused on this problem. The risk of damage to health through electrosmog has also become better understood as a result of more recent and improved studies. When, for example, human blood cells are irradiated with electromagnetic fields, clear damage to hereditary material has been demonstrated and there have been indications of an increased cancer risk (
    Thus it has been possible to show that mobile radio radiation can cause damage to genetic material, in particular in human white blood cells, whereby both the DNA itself is damaged and the number of chromosomes changed. This mutation can consequently lead to increased cancer risk. In particular, it could also be shown that this destruction is not dependent upon temperature increases, i.e. is non-thermal. Based on the scientific studies in the field, and owing to increasing pressure from the public, especially in the industrialized countries, epidemiological studies have been systematized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the last few years, such as e.g. the currently running WHO Interphone Project, in order to be able to assess more precisely the health risks from electrosmog and work out corresponding guidelines.

    Read full document at:

  8. Major insurance firm, Swiss Re, warns of large losses from “unforeseen consequences” of electromagnetic frequencies
    31 March 2014 at 7:55pm |

    A leading Fortune 500 insurance firm has warned the industry that “unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fields” could lead to a raft of claims and significant liability losses.

    View the Swiss Re SONAR Report (PDF)
    Big telecom and Big utilities have a joint venture of convincing the world that low-level chronic microwave radiation exposure is safe – even when thousands of independent peer-reviewed studies say it is not.

    In its SONAR Emerging Risks report, 2013, which covers risks that could “impact the insurance industry in the future”, the Emerging Risks team at Swiss Re categorises the impact of health claims related to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as “high”. It acknowledges recent reports of courts ruling in favour of claimants who have experienced health damage from mobile phones, and also says that anxiety over risks related to EMFs is “on the rise”.

    The document states that whilst the majority of the topics covered in its pages were of “medium impact”, health issues associated with EMFs sit in the highest impact category. Other topics discussed include the dangers of cyber attacks, power blackouts, workplace safety and Big Data – all of which are exacerbated and/or added to by the ill-conceived “smart” metering programmes.

    Swiss Re, the reinsurance firm behind the report, defines Emerging Risks as “newly developing or changing risks that are difficult to quantify and could have a major impact on society and insurance industry”. By placing EMFs in the “High” potential impact-zone, it is suggesting that there may be potentially “high financial, reputational and/or regulatory impacts or significant stakeholder concern” in the next 10 years or more.

    • Swiss Re SONAR Emerging risk insights

      Unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fieldsThe ubiquity of electromagnetic fields (EMF) raises concerns about 
      potential implications for human health, in particular with regard to the use of mobile phones, power lines or antennas for broadcasting. Over
       the last decade, the spread of wireless devices has accelerated 
      enormously. The convergence of mobile phones with  computer technology has led to the proliferation of new and emerging
       technologies. This development has increased exposure to electromagnetic fields, the health impacts  of which remain unknown.
      Anxiety over the potential risks related to EMF has risen. Studies are difficult to conduct, since time trend studies are inconsistent due to the still rather recent proliferation of wireless technology. The WHO has classified extremely low frequency magnetic fields and radiofrequency
       electromagnetic fields, such as radition emitted by cell phones, as  potentially carcinogenic to humans (Class 2B carcinogen). Furthermore, a recent ruling by an Italian court suggested a link between mobile phone radiation and human health impairment. Overall, however, 
      scientific studies are still inconclusive regarding possible adverse 
      health effects of EMF.If a direct link between EMF and human health
       problems were established, it would open doors for new claims and 
      could ultimately lead to large losses under product  liability covers. Liability rates would likely rise.

      Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
      Mythenquai 50/60 P.O. Box 8022 
      Zurich Switzerland

      Telephone +41 43 285 2121 Fax +41 43 285 2999

  9. DESIGN OF DOMESTIC POWER LINE CARRIER COMMUNICATION MHM Rikaz, NR Landerz, T Shantharahavan, S Jeyagopikrishna SUPERVISED BY: Dr. JP Karunadasa Department of Electrical Engineering
    4. POWER LINE CARRIER CHALLENGES Power lines and their associated networks are not designed for communication use. They are hostile environments that make the accurate propagation of communication signals difficult. Two of the biggest problems faced in using power lines for communications are excessive noise levels and cable attenuation. Noise levels are often excessive, and cable attenuation at the frequencies of interest is often very large. The most common causes of excessive noise in a domestic situation are the various household devices and office equipment connected to the network. Noise and disturbances on the power network include over voltages, under voltages, frequency variations and so on. However, the most harmful noise for PLCC applications is that superimposed on a power line. Switching devices such as light dimmers, induction motors in many common appliances and high-frequency noise caused by computer monitors and televisions often causes such superimposed noise.

  10. Urgent! Take Action – Preserve Telephone Access

    Please Distribute Widely!
    Even if you already commented, please read on. If there are points that you wish you had included, you can file an additional comment or a reply as well.

    I know that there may seem to be a lot of proceedings to comment in, but please take the time to submit a comment. Your comments build the basis of a legally actionable record. Without them, this ordeal will never end. Below is the link to the FCC public notice about the first trial to eliminate landline phone service as we know it. If you read through it, you will find that AT&T is seeking permission to do a trial to first voluntarily and eventually to force customers to transition to wireless or U-verse. Please let the Commission know what you think of this plan. Some points you may want to include are listed below. Please expand them by illustrating the hardships you personally will suffer if forced to give up your existing landline service, include documentation if possible.

    A template for your comment to can be found at: .

    Thank you,



    GN Docket Nos. 12-353 and 13-5

    Comment Date:

    March 31, 2014
    Reply Comment Date:

    April 10, 2014

    You can submit your input during either the Comment period or the Reply period at

    To read all the info and instructions, go to:

  11. Parents and children protest a burger King cell tower in New Mexico

  12. Health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and Smart Meters, and strategies to reduce potential harm.
    Wednesday, November 20, 2013

    Everything You Wanted to Know about Cell Phone Radiation

    The FCC received more than 900 submissions regarding its cell phone radiation regulations. These documents reveal what we know about wireless radiation health effects, and why we need to strengthen regulations and provide precautionary warnings to the public.
    In response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) request for input regarding its radiofrequency radiation regulations adopted in 1996, individuals and organizations submitted thousands of documents, testimonials, research papers and scientific publications that are now available to the media and to the public.

    These documents reveal what we know about wireless radiation health effects, and why we need to strengthen regulations and provide precautionary warnings to the public.

    Although fifteen countries have issued precautionary health warnings about cell phone radiation and recommendations on how to reduce risks, the wireless industry in the U.S. has opposed precautionary warnings and wants to weaken our radiation standards instead of strengthen them.

  13. U.S. Dept. of Interior attacks FCC regarding Adverse Impact of Cell Tower Radiation on Wildlife

    March 25, 2014 in -Mailing List, Miscellaneous by EMFacts

    The Department of Interior charges that the FCC standards for cell phone radiation are outmoded and no longer applicable as they do not adequately protect wildlife.

    PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 24, 2014 – BERKELEY, Calif. — The Director of the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance of the United States Department of the Interior sent a letter to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the Department of Commerce that addresses the Interior Department’s concern that cell tower radiation has had negative impacts on the health of migratory birds and other wildlife.

    The Interior Department accused the Federal government of employing outdated radiation standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a Federal agency with no expertise in health. The standards are no longer applicable because they control only for overheating and do not protect organisms from the adverse effects of exposure to the low-intensity radiation produced by cell phones and cell towers:

    “the electromagnetic radiation standards used by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) continue to be based on thermal heating, a criterion now nearly 30 years out of date and inapplicable today.”

    The Department criticized the Federal government’s proposed procedures for placement and operation of communication towers, and called for “independent, third-party peer-reviewed studies” in the U.S. to examine the effects of cell tower radiation on “migratory birds and other trust species.”

    More information is available at:

    Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.
    School of Public Health
    University of California, Berkeley

  14. Wireless Industry Kills Cell Phone Radiation Bill

    Topanga, CA — (SBWIRE) — 03/21/2014 –

    After landslide votes in both the house (83-56 in favor) and senate (21-14 in favor) of LD 1013, The Wireless Information Act’s historic passage was reversed, thanks to fast, furious and aggressive lobbying by the wireless industry, who filled the halls of the State House yesterday to ensure the bills failure to be enacted, which required a final vote in the House. In a 77 – 60 vote, the bill was reversed that morning.

    The wireless industry’s influence on possible health notification risks of their products has haunted the bill’s ability to pass from it’s inception nearly 5 years ago.

    This year, Representative Barry Hobbins, former AT@T attorney, sat as House Chair of the Energy, Utility and Technology Committee, where the bill was heard. Rep. Hobbins is well known to favor of the industry’s position. Despite Rep. Hobbins and attorney General Janet Mills efforts to quash the bill, it miraculously passed out of the committee with a 6-6 vote. “I think it’s about money in politics,” says Rep. Andrea Boland, author of the bill.

    Rep. Boland summarized as saying, “The issue was transparency and accountability. The industry fought to not let the public know what was in their manuals regarding RF radiation exposure. All manuals tell users to keep the phones at a distance from their heads and bodies but this industry won’t say openly not to hold devices against head and body. The industry was arguing against transparency and accountability and scaring off the legislators who had formally voted for it. It is deceitful.”

    Read full story:!topic/protecting-people-from-electrosmog/u3IvNLb6CAE

  15. Category Smart Meter News Updates

    Smart Meter News



    March 19, 2014

    Massachusetts Department of Utilities following the orders of our Government to mandate smart meters throughout the state as well as modernize and update the Power Grid enabling the Global Smart Grid Network. What does this mean to defenseless citizens of the planet? It means we will be prisoners of a blanket of proven lethal, microwave frequencies 24 hours a day; with no way to shield or defend ourselves from the assault generating from the wireless/fixed, mesh communication layer of the GLOBAL SMART GRID NETWORK.

    I have completed my second round comments for the DPU Docket 12-76. The evidence is in attachment files. The same evidence the State Regulatory Agencies have had in their possession going as far back 2007, when we filed our initial complaints about the noise impacting us in our home 24 hours a day. The complaints and detailed documentation preceded our knowledge of a smart meter or the technology. Our utility company, National Grid, came to our home and placed an Itron/ Centron wireless meter on our home in September of 2006. The FCC Id number was ID SK 9CIA. This was the same time line National Grid was approved to transmit a personal cellular mobile service in order to manage the data from the smart meters in our town. In 2006 they installed several repeaters on the poles and our town now had Wi-Fi. The same year, 2006 National Grid partnered with Hunt Technologies and turned on the power-line 2 way communication called GYR TS2 technology. All part of the AMI infrastructure. This is when the “illegal pure tones” invaded our home, property, town. Our awareness of the noise awakened us to the fact that this was not just happening on our property because we heard it everywhere we visited as well. We realized that this is why we were being stonewalled at every turn by the Government and State agencies. We uncovered a problem because we were motivated and continue to be, because of the relentless torture of being assaulted by the audible constant noise that we can’t escape and because of this our lives have been turned upside down. The upside of all this is that we have gathered evidence of the noise pollution deemed illegal and a health hazard by the EPA and by our State. (Any source creating a “pure tone” condition is illegal in Massachusetts), evidence of the dirty electricity. These are illegal emissions; being ignored by our State and Government. This is happening all over the world.

    Take the time to view our evidence; you can access it at: Type into the box: 12-76 and it will take you to the filings. Open the filing by Sandra Chianfoni and its attachments will contain the evidence. Distribute widely. We must not allow this technology in our environment. There are solutions to gain control. Our governments know they can not pull this off if the public is properly educated and made aware of the dangers of this technology. We are not victims if we take control of our lives, but this can only happen collective. The submission may not appear for another week or so, for they have to process the information before posting it.

    I received an email this morning that says it all:

    My father lived through the Mussolini’s years back in Italy; he
    told me : Peter, even an idiot like Mussolini would not have done this (
    imposing this “grid”on people).
    What has happened to people here ? Have we
    lost our senses ?
    I have met many people here with the same symptoms you have
    described; we have not been able to pin point the cause in a way that could be
    stopped in the courts, and politicians look the other way, they wash their hands
    and say: “Not my fault, not my problem, not my jurisdiction, look elsewhere”.
    So, we run in circles like chickens in a cage with nowhere to go, just sit and
    suffer. Something is really wrong in all this.
    All I can do is do my best
    within the civic limits that I have at my disposal, and let God take care of the
    rest. And, He will do that for sure and very well.

    Keep well,

  16. National Grid, USA and other utilities across the country “turned on” in 2006- the 2 way communication fixed and wired TS2 Landis-GYR AMI (mesh layer) network. THIS IS WHEN THE CONSTANT NOISE STARTED RADIATING IN OUR AIR. Carried by the interconnected power grid; turning the wires into one big continuous antenna and electromagnetic weapon!!! This must be stopped. Time for our engineers, professionals, experts to pay attention to the biggest death weapon directed at the entire population while assaulting us with NOISE, DIRTY ELECTRICITY 24/7.



    Hunt Technologies Will Showcase New AMI Systems and Functionality at Autovation

    Oct 16, 2006 – Landis+Gyr Group
    Landis+Gyr Group

    Landis+Gyr Group
    Hunt Technologies, a global leader in advanced metering and energy efficiency technologies for electric, water and gas, will launch exciting additions to its complete set of advanced metering solutions at Autovation 2006. Among the highlights will be presentations on StatSignal, Hunt’s dynamic two-way RF mesh network solution, streaming interval data from Hunt’s TS2 power line carrier AMI system, and the advanced data management solution Command Center™ MDM. “These new systems and capabilities further our ability to deliver a total advanced metering solution from the meter to the utility office by implementing the best-fit technology for each application,” said Dave Gervenak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hunt. StatSignal’s technology creates an auto-intelligent routing mesh network that adjusts to various RF environments, creating higher system performance and reliability receiving hourly and sub-hourly billing, power quality, and event data . Another benefit is the system’s scalability and accessibility, features that will be further enhanced with the planned integration into Hunt’s Command Center data management system. “StatSignal is the first RF mesh network to demonstrate true auto-intelligent routing of data, plug-and-play deployment and true two-way data acquisition and control,” said Elden Grace, StatSignal System Marketing Manager. “Furthermore, the integration with Command Center will make Hunt the first AMI solutions provider to offer a single software platform for both RF mesh and power line carrier (PLC) technologies.” Hunt will also introduce streaming interval data functionality for TS2 system users. Streaming data provides a continuous flow of selected data, as opposed to batches of data received from traditional hourly interval data. The function will not be limited to kWh values. Utilities will be able to choose what data value to stream, and the function can be turned on and off at each endpoint. “Streaming data will be both accurate and reliable. We’ve been able to add this feature while retaining the daily standard packet that protects billing data integrity and allows time of use and critical peak pricing to be calculated at the endpoint,” said Al Swanson, Hunt’s Senior Product Manager. This feature will improve interaction with utility customers and allow display of customer usage on an Internet portal within one to two hours. It will also enable efficient energy management by providing operations and engineering personnel with the tools to better regulate voltage, predict pending system peak periods and conduct more efficient load balancing studies. In addition, visitors to Hunt’s Autovation booth (#325) will be able to view demonstrations of Command Center MDM, an enhanced version of Command Center that will include full application integration and utilize a data warehouse for increased scalability and faster reporting. Information will also be available about prepaid metering, outage management, software systems integration and best-fit technologies for any deployment scenario. Hunt Technologies’ advanced metering portfolio includes the TS1 one-way PLC system, TS2 two-way PLC advanced system, AirPoint™ mobile AMR modules, and StatSignal two-way RF mesh AMI solution. About Hunt Technologies, Inc. Hunt Technologies uses innovative technology to provide the widest range of options for utilities seeking AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) solutions. Hunt provides power line carrier and RF-technology for monitoring electric, water and gas meters. Based in central Minnesota, Hunt develops and supports hardware and software for 500 utilities worldwide. For more information on Hunt

    Technologies, visit

    Landis+Gyr Group

  17. Web Links for ARRL Technical Papers
    FCC BPL Notice of Inquiry Filings
    BPL Feed Method Analysis

    Fields Near Large Radiators

    Power Lines as Antennas

    Calculated Impact of BPL Signals on Amateur Radio

    Exhibit A: Summary of ARRL Studies of BPL Field Trial Areas

    FCC BPL Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Filings
    Exhibit A: (Metavox testing in Emmaus and Whitehall, PA)

    Exhibits B-E:

    Exhibit B: PLC/HF compatibility: Written by Dr. David Cohen. This paper outlines the reasons to base interference assessment on a reasonable value of I/N (interference to noise) and the reasons that BPL operating at the FCC limits would be tens of dB higher than that. It cites several peer-reviewed papers published in various IEEE publications.
    Exhibit C: Extrapolation, point sources vs line sources
    Exhibit D: Proposed test methods
    Exhibit E: Amateur Service protection requirements, mobile measurements. This filing, written by various ARRL staff, outlines the levels of noise that can be expected during HF operation and a reasonable protection requirement for such operation. This paper references the ITU-R P372-8 document, outlining the median values of man-made noise in residential environments and how the noise levels permitted under Part 15 rules are tens of dB greater than the present median levels of man-made noise. This premise was supported by measurements of man-made noise in typical residential environments.

  18. December 5, 2013

    U-M researchers highlight hazards of noise pollution

    By Laurel Thomas Gnagey
    ​Michigan News

    Topic: Health & Medicine, Research

    As the nation continues to focus on health care prevention through reform, one cause of serious illness and even death gets ignored — environmental noise pollution.

    Researchers at the School of Public Health and the Network for Public Health Law say the problem not only takes its toll on hearing, but contributes to heart disease, hypertension, sleep disturbances, stress, learning problems and even injuries.

    “I can’t think of any other environmental hazard that affects so many people and yet is so ignored,” said Rick Neitzel, assistant professor of environmental science.

    In an article published Thursday in Environmental Health Perspectives, Neitzel and colleague Monica Hammer lay out a case for federal, state and local officials to address the issue that impacts an estimated 104 million people exposed at levels loud enough to cause serious noise-related health problems.

    “Everyone complains about noise, yet we do virtually nothing about it in this country,” Neitzel said. “Noise is really up there in terms of health problems it causes, but it gets no attention — especially compared to other common exposures such as air pollution.

    “There are a lot of assumptions that noise exposure is self-inflicted, which is often not the case. We’d like to have people see connections beyond hearing loss and expand the conversation.”

    In the article, Neitzel and Hammer call for noise to be included in the federal public health agenda and suggest ways state and local governments can then use the law to enact their own prevention measures to cover any shortfalls. The researchers point out that Congress has not considered the subject of noise in more than 30 years.

    Included in their recommendations for the U.S. National Prevention Strategy, an organization representing 17 federal agencies responsible for prevention goals under the Affordable Care Act, are suggestions that the NPS:

    • Exert noise control through direct regulation, setting maximum emissions levels.

    • Require emissions disclosure on products, such as children’s toys.

    • Improve information dissemination about the dangers of noise.

    • Conduct more research to fully understand the impact of noise on the population.

    The researchers also suggest ways states and local governments could fill the gaps:

    • Enact regulations on sources of noise that aren’t covered by the Environmental Protection Agency or other federal agencies.

    • Adopt procurement policies to reduce community noise caused by construction, emergency vehicles and maintenance equipment.

    • Take steps to build or renovate housing that protects people from noise.

    The EPA has recommended limits over a 24-hour period for noise exposure in residential areas of 55 A-weighted decibels (dBA) to protect the public from all adverse health effects, and 70 dBA to prevent hearing loss.

    People are exposed to noise levels beyond these recommendations, often due to a cumulative effect from road and rail traffic, air transportation, occupational and industrial activities, amplified music, recreational activities and firearms.

    Neitzel’s recent research includes a 2012 study showing that 90 percent of New York City urban mass transit riders may be at risk of some permanent, irreversible noise-induced hearing loss caused by train and occupational noises and Mp3 player use.

    “Evidence shows that people exposed to unwanted noise develop a learned helplessness response. We end up believing that there is nothing that can be done to change our environment, when in fact there are many options available to us,” said Hammer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Visiting Attorney at the Network for Public Health Law Mid-States Region at U-M.

    “Right now with the move to a national comprehensive health system, it pays to focus on prevention. If you only look at it from a monetary standpoint, we can save dollars in the long term and keep people healthy and living longer.”

  19. California, Valley Vista School Irradiating Children 40X Higher than FCC Maximum Exposure Limits!!!

    Website documenting the evidence including letter to the school board, parents letters to OSHA

    Classroom RF/EMF Counter Based on FCC/OSHA-Approved Calculations
    The Cisco 4410N WAP has been irradiating teachers and children in the classroom, pictured below, every minute of every school day — for no educational benefit. The RF/EMF microwave radiation levels in this classroom exceed federal safety guidelines many times, every day, based on total cumulative radiation exposure. This cumulative calculation method was confirmed by senior FCC and OSHA engineers. In August 2013, these engineers analyzed the radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF/EMF) measurement in this classroom and agreed that the math driving the animation, below, is correct. See the totals below.

    Please note, the calculated totals exclude radiation from any wireless devices in use in the classroom. Actual totals could be 25x-30x higher when students are using wirelessly-connected iPads, Chromebooks or laptops. Similar RF/EMF total cumulative exposure levels can be calculated for any classroom in the school district, using information provided by California Public Information Requests, accurate RF/EMF measurements and these FCC-and-OSHA-approved calculations.

    • California, Valley Vista School Irradiating Children 40X Higher than FCC Maximum Exposure Limits!!!


      Key Events/Activities in 2013

      Feb 21 Mtg. w/Mr. Rose & Mr. Cole re: evidence of RF/EMF health effects
      Mar 5 Email from Mr. Rose: despite evidence, PCSD will expand wi-fi
      Mar 6 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz re: school tour
      Mar 25 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz re: scientific evidence of RF/EMF health effects
      Apr 15 Mtg. w/Mr. Bolman re: scientific evidence of RF/EMF health effects
      Apr 22 Email from Mr. Bolman: despite evidence, PCSD will expand wi-fi
      May 14 Presentation to Valley Vista School Council re: dangers of wi-fi
      May 14 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: dangers of wi-fi
      May 28 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: other countries removing wi-fi
      June 11 PCSD Brd. Mtg.: spoke about dangers and high cost of tech plan
      Dangerous 2013-2018 Technology Plan approved 3-0 by School Board.
      June 21 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz re: non-consent to expose children to RF/EMF
      June 25 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: opposing bylaw change
      June 26 PCSD refuses to measure RF/EMF in MCCV kindergarten room
      June 26 Mr. Bolman sends letter telling us to find another school/district
      July 16 MCCV Principal Carvey refuses to turn off WAP in kindergarten room
      Aug 6 PCSD communicates it installed 10 WAPS on Valley Vista campus
      Aug 7-19 Mr. Bolman/Ms. Kleinholz illegally block access to public records
      Aug 20 Mr. Bolman releases report of RESIG magnetic field metering
      Aug 21 Filed non-consent for exposing children to RF/EMF at Valley Vista
      Aug 22 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz: metered 17,500 µW/m² in VV kindergarten room
      Sept 10 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: metering & FCC/OSHA analysis
      Nov 6 Presentation at Mary Collins at Cherry Valley School
      Nov 12 PCSD Brd. Mtg. public comment re: negligence of board members
      Nov 22 Mtg. w/Ms. Kleinholz re: reasons for not turning off WAP in kindergarten.
      She provided no reasons and refused to discuss the matter.
      Dec 11 Launch of web site:

      What Has The School Board Done Since 6/11/13?

      The School Board members are accountable, yet there is no evidence they have made any progress on addressing the important RF/EMF health and safety issues. What are they waiting for?

  20. NIH announces recruitment for clinical trial to test new tinnitus treatment device
    “Tinnitus affects nearly 24 million adult Americans,” said James F. Battey, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., director of the NIDCD. “It is also the number one service-connected disability for returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    “Tinnitus affects nearly 24 million adult Americans,” said James F. Battey, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., director of the NIDCD. “It is also the number one service-connected disability for returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. The kind of nervous system stimuli used in this study has already been shown to safely and effectively help people with epilepsy or depression. This therapy could offer a profoundly better way to treat tinnitus.”

    Most cases of chronic tinnitus are preceded by a loss of hearing as the result of damage to the inner ear from aging, injury, or long-term exposure to loud noise. When sensory cells in the inner ear are damaged, the resulting hearing loss changes some of the signals sent from the ear to neurons in the auditory cortex of the brain. (SANDAURA NOTATION- ‘PURE TONE’ EXPOSURE CAUSES TINNITUS AND HEARING LOSS AS WELL. A PURE TONE IS A SINGLE FREQUENCY MEASURED TO BE IN THE ENVIRONMENT 90% OF THE ITME WHICH LIMIT WORKERS EXPOSURE IN AN 8 HOUR SHIFT. THE NOISE POLLUTION IN OUR CURRENT ENVIRONMENT WE ARE EXPOSED TO 100% OF THE TIME!) Scientists still haven’t agreed upon what happens to create the illusion of sound when there is none, but the therapy being tested in this new clinical trial attempts to ameliorate the phantom sound of tinnitus by going to its source – the brain.

    Note – The military personel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan were probably exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation from communications equipment, radar and antennas on bases. This may give a clue to the cause of their tinnitus.

    Many people who suffer from electro hypersensitivity also suffer from tinnitus.

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